89 Aristotle Essay Topics

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ūüŹÜ Best Essay Topics on Aristotle

  1. Seneca’s Views on Anger Arguments of Aristotle
    Everyone gets annoyed at one time or the other. However, there are some people who are always angry. Both Aristotle and Seneca show that fury leads to varying reactions among different people.
  2. Aristotle’s Views on Ethics
    Ethics for people’s lives viewed in Aristotle’s argument stating that all humans share a certain function in life. This paper will present an objection to Aristotle’s function argument.
  3. Aristotle and Virtue Ethics
    Aristotle holds that virtues originate from actions that human beings perform because one can either be a good or bad person based on actions.
  4. Aristotle Theory About Euthanasia – Ethics
    The paper explains the virtue theory from an Aristotelian perspective and demonstrates how virtuous doctors can use the theory to judge euthanasia patients.
  5. Aristotle’s and Machiavelli’s Views on the Virtue
    This paper aims at discussing the essence of virtue, its goals, and contradictions in terms of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics and Machiavelli’s Prince.
  6. Equality in “The Politics” by Aristotle
    One of the outstanding works that discuss the origins of political life and organization of society is “The Politics” by Aristotle.
  7. Plato and Aristotle Differences
    This paper highlights the main differences between the views of Aristotle and Plato based on their contributions to different subject areas, including science, political theory, and ethics.
  8. Morality in Kant’s, Mill’s, Aristotle’s Philosophies
    This paper compares the positions of Kant, Mill, and Aristotle on the nature of morality and its relationship with reason or intellect, and with feelings.
  9. Plato’s and Aristotle’s Views on Philosophy
    It is worth noting that the two great philosophers Plato and Aristotle had polar views on the essence, and the philosophy in general.
  10. Aristotle’s Involvement in Social Issues
    Aristotle’s philosophy united several approaches and regarded a human being as a multidimensional creature, which accounts for his entirely new look at society.
  11. Aristotle and Aquinas on Happiness
    In his most renowned work, Nicomachean Ethics, the philosopher Aristotle explored the idea of a supreme good of people.
  12. Aristotle and Augustine on Doing Wrong
    Aristotle, the Ancient Greek philosopher who lived in the 4th century BC and was a student of Plato, had a huge intellectual range and was involved in many different branches of science.
  13. Virtue Perception by Aristotle and Today’s Society
    By analyzing Aristotle’s view of virtue, as well as its relevance in today’s society, one may comprehend its critical aspects and crucial impact on humanity.
  14. Aristotle’s Teleological Understanding of Ethics as Virtue in Modern Society
    The described reasoning concerning Aristotle’s teleological understanding of ethics can be seen as a sensible platform for decision-making in the modern context.
  15. Philosophy. Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics
    This paper will discuss and analyze the importance of friendship, virtue, and endurance and the way Aristotle presents these concepts.
  16. Ethics and Morality as Philosophical Concepts: Definitions According to Aristotle, Dante, and Kant
    The work is aimed to tell about enlightenment according to Kant, Aristotle’s theory of ethics, moral philosophy and the arrangement of Dante’s hell and definition of justice.
  17. Citizenship and Civil Disobedience According to Aristotle and Sophocles
    Summarizing Aristotle‚Äôs ideas on this issue and applying them to a well-known play, ‚ÄúAntigone‚ÄĚ by Sophocles, helps bring these concepts of Citizenship into clearer focus.
  18. Kant’s and Aristotle’s Ethical Philosophy
    Kant claims that a person who helps others, with pleasure, from motives of natural sympathy displays no moral worth. It is helpful to take a look at Aristotle.
  19. Aristotle and Plato Works Comparison
    Along with Socrates and Plato, Aristotle is believed to be one of the most ancient Greek philosophers. Being arguably the most educated man of those times, Aristotle had a wide range of interests.
  20. Aristotle’s Ethical Theory and Its Influences
    The essay describes the importance of Aristotle’s ethical theory to modern ethics and analyzes the key points of his most iconic writings.
  21. Plato’s and Aristotle’s Ideas of Ethics
    Plato and Aristotle were both two individuals who defiantly had brilliant ideas on how to make the world a good place to live.
  22. Aristotle’s Biography: Philosopher’s Teaching and Outlook
    The path Aristotle followed as a philosopher was by large predetermined by his family background and circumstances of early years.
  23. Aristotle’s Discussion in Nichomanchean Ethics
    Aristotle’s discussion in Nichomanchean Ethics provides a perfect definition of an ethical society and the meaning of such ethics.
  24. Plato, Aristotle and Preferable Response to Literature
    The main task of the present paper is to analyze Aristotle and Plato’s points of view concerning art and to choose the one that is the most appropriate to reading literature.
  25. Aristotle’s Ideas of Persuasion in Advertising
    The analysis of modern advertising campaigns from the point of view that decision-making is not based on logical thinking, but on emotional motivation, as Aristotle proved.
  26. Socrates in Aristotle’s and Plato’s Works
    This paper discusses the depiction of Socrates in Aristophanes Clouds, Plato’s dialogues, and how Aristophanes Cloud’s depiction differs from Plato’s dialogues.
  27. Cicero’s and Aristotle’s Friendship Notions
    In contrast to Aristotle, Cicero believes that there are some qualities that make a good friend and a bad friend.
  28. Video Advertisement: The Efficiency of the Aristotle’s Rhetoric
    This essay examines the effectiveness of using Ethos, Pathos, and Logos as the persuasive tools in the ‚ÄúJason Momoa Super Bowl Commercial 2020. Rocket Mortgage‚ÄĚ advertisement.
  29. Appropriation of Aristotle’s Ideas in Christian Philosophy
    It should be mentioned that the Christian faith first spread among the Greek elites who were educated in the thought of Aristotle, Plato, or Socrates.

ūüéď Most Interesting Aristotle Research Titles

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  1. Aristotle and His Views on Political Success
  2. Aristotle and the Irony of Guilt
  3. Aristotle and Plato’s View of Slavery
  4. Antigone and Creon Appreciated From Aristotle’s Theory of Poetics
  5. Aristotle and Adam Smith on Reason and Sentiment
  6. Nature and Biology According to Aristotle
  7. Aristotle and Human Origins
  8. Aristotle’s Rhetoric and the Ethics of Modern Advertising
  9. Aristotle and Plato’s Views on Knowledge
  10. Aristotle & Alchohol Abuse
  11. Aristotle’s Most Ideal Social and Political Good
  12. Aristotle and Charles Darwin: Two of the Great Biologist of All Time
  13. Human Reproduction and the Views of Aristotle
  14. Aristotle and Plato’s Views on Reality
  15. Plato and Aristotle’s Impact on Rhetoric
  16. Aristotle and the Development of Value Theory
  17. Aristotle and Citizenship Intellectual Virtue
  18. Friendship and Marriage According to Barbara Whitehead and Aristotle
  19. Happiness and the Good in Humanity in Nichomachean Ethics, a Book by Aristotle
  20. Aristotle’s Distinction Between Tragedy and Epic Poetry
  21. Goodness, Happiness, and Virtues in Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle
  22. Aristotle and Buddhism: Comparing Philosophies
  23. Aristotle and the Canadian Political System
  24. Ethics and Religion According to Augustine and Aristotle
  25. Aristotle’s Definition and Description of Human Function
  26. Ethics and Psychology Theories of Aristotle
  27. Aristotle and His View of Women
  28. Plato and Aristotle’s Life-Blood Philosophy of Dialect Discussion
  29. Aristotle and the Philosophy of Happiness
  30. Oedipus and Othello Exemplify Aristotle’s Definition of a Tragic Hero

ūüí° Simple Aristotle Essay Ideas

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  1. Aristotle’s Life and Contributions to Western Civilization
  2. Aristotle: Substance, Demonstrative Knowledge, Luck, and Chance
  3. Alfarabi and Aristotle: The Four Causes and the Four Stages of the Doctrine of the Intelligence
  4. Philosophy: Aristotle and Medical Knowledge
  5. Aristotle’s Ethical Theory and How It Conflicts
  6. John Stuart Mill and Aristotle‚Äės Opposing Argumentative Theories
  7. Man’s Final Good and Methods of Determination in Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle
  8. Aristotle and the Four Causes of the End Purpose of an Object or Action
  9. Aristotle’s Three Motivations for Friendship
  10. Aristotle and Juvenile Delinquency
  11. Comparing and Contrasting the Philosophers Aristotle and Plato
  12. Aristotle and His Basic Philosophies
  13. Ethics and Morals According to Kant and Aristotle
  14. Aristotle and the Correspondence Theory of Truth
  15. Aquinas vs. Aristotle: Justice as Virtue
  16. Aristotle and the Appeal to Reason
  17. Aristotle and His Idea of the Ideal Constitution
  18. Aristotle and Open Population Thinking
  19. Human Nature and the Views of Augustine and Aristotle
  20. Ethics and Morality According to Aristotle in the Legal Defense of a Guilty Man
  21. Aristotle and His Followers of the Aristotelian Tradition
  22. Similarities Between Aristotle and Aquinas
  23. Aristotle and Freud and the Theory of Tragedy
  24. Happiness and Morality According to Aristotle
  25. Aristotle’s Poetics: Catharsis and Rasas
  26. Aristotle and Epicurus Debate on Pleasure and Politics
  27. Plato, Aristotle, and Machiavelli on Democratic Rule
  28. Ancient Political Thought: Aristotle and Plato
  29. Aristotle and His Ethical Beliefs
  30. Abortion and the Philosophies of David Hume and Aristotle
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