105 Karl Marx Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Karl Marx

  1. Karl Marx and International Relations Theories
    The major contributions of Karl Marx to the field of IR relates to two significant theories: dependency theory and world-systems theory.
  2. Karl Marx Views on History
    Marxism perspective is concerned with the ways in which the production of space and place is implicated in the reproduction of specific social reforms that happen in history.
  3. Marx vs. Weber: Capitalism – Compare and Contrast Essay
    Have to compare and contrast Karl Marx and Max Weber’s approaches towards the understanding of capitalism? ⭐ We have an example! ➤ See this Marx vs Weber essay.
  4. The Vision of Capitalism: Adam Smith vs Karl Marx
    Comparing Smith’s vision of the impact of the capitalist economy to that of Marx, it can be claimed that the former offers a more positive evaluation of the relevant outcomes.
  5. Karl Marx’s Sociology and Its Principles
    In this paper, the general description of Marx’s sociology is given. A review of literature that focuses on different aspects of Marx’s theory about society is provided.
  6. Marx’s vs. Lenin’s Imperialism Theories
    The term ‘imperialism’ is often used by different scholars and theorists in varying perspectives to refer to a number of ideologies.
  7. Karl Marx and Adam Smith’ Views on Working Class
    Karl Marx and Adam Smith are two prominent figures. This paper examines their works to determine which argument about perceive working class is more reasonable.
  8. Religion in Marx’s and Nietzsche’s Philosophies
    This paper explores the similarities and differences between Marx and Nietzsche’s views on religion and politics.
  9. Marx’s Labor Theory in Garnham’s and Fuchs’s Views
    There are different viewpoints regarding Marx’s labor theory. This paper addresses that of Nicholas Garnham and the one offered by Christian Fuchs.
  10. Karl Marx’ Philosophical Ideas
    Karl Marx’s capital is one of the most controversial theories of economic development. This theory is as a result of revelation of the Marxist philosophy.
  11. Karl Marx and His Social Theory
    In his work, Marx focuses on the issues of labor and class struggle noting that the political economy has divided the society into two main classes.
  12. Karl Marx and Marx Weber: Suffering in the Society
    This paper discusses how Karl Max and Marx Weber have explained the nature and cause of suffering in society. It also discusses Marx Weber regarding the connection between religion and capitalism.
  13. Karl Marx’s Critique of Capitalism
    This paper will examine the key ideas of Marx regarding class division, labor, ideology, and fetishism of commodities in the context of capitalism.
  14. “The Communist Manifesto” Book by Marx and Engels
    The relationships between freemen and slaves are frequently discussed in modern society to find out the roots of social inequality.
  15. Marx’s and Weber’s Opposing Views of Capitalism
    Weber is among the profound critics of Marxist ideologies. They have opposing views on the issue of capitalism even though they share some similarities on the same topic.
  16. Karl Marx’s Life, Times, and Ideas in Economics
    Karl Marx was truly one of the most influential philosophers, economists, revolutionary and socialist thinkers of the 19th century and his work is often explored today.
  17. The Philosophy of Karl Marx and John Stuart Mill
    The philosophy of Karl Marx is entirely different as compared to that of John Stuart Mill. The key ideas of Marxism relate to being alienated from a hostile capitalistic world.
  18. Hegel, Marx and Nietzsche: Comparative Analysis
    Marx’s view of human nature formed the basis for his philosophy. Hegel created German idealism. Nietzsche utilized topics like social criticism, psychology, religion and morality.
  19. Karl Marx: Manifesto of the Communist Party
    Marx visualizes and blames the traditional feudal relationship for creating only two classes, among which the bourgeois class is the enhancement of capital over wage labor.
  20. The German Ideology by Karl Marx
    Karl Marx is one of the greatest contributors in the field of political ideology. His perspective of ideology was brought out clearly in the book The German Ideology.
  21. Marx’s Criticism of Capitalism and Sociological Theory
    This paper tells about Marx who contributed to sociological theory by linking the economic structure of the society and how it affected social interactions.
  22. Class and Alienation According to Marx
    This paper explains Karl Marx’s theory and gives the links between class and alienation, which was developed during capitalism and juxtaposes the facts against life today.
  23. Marxism: The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels
    The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels can still be regarded as relevant to the nowadays political social and economic situation; however, there is no more class struggle.
  24. Karl Marx and Utopian Socialists
    Marx had ideas close to the Utopian ones, the ideas according to which there would be no poverty which he and his family had to live in.
  25. MacDonaldization and Marx’s Social Change Model
    McDonaldization is the take-up of the characteristics of a fast-food place by the society through rationalization of traditional ideologies, modes of management and thinking.
  26. Risk Society and Karl Marx’s Response to It
    A German philosopher who has been credited with the Communism introduction, Karl Marx developed a socio-political and economic theory whose impact is still felt to date.
  27. Proletariat and Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
    This paper will describe the situation of the proletariat and the solution proposed by Marx to the problems of this class.
  28. Analysis of Excerpts by Smith and Marx on Economic Development
    The article analyzes excerpts from the works of Smith and Marx in order to explain the interdependence between historical events and subsequent economic development.
  29. Frederick Taylor’s and Karl Marx’ View of Workers
    The differences that emerge between two views as presented by their authors include socialism against revolution, communism against capitalism and employees against their employers.
  30. Karl Marx’s Communism Manifesto
    Karl Marx who was a political theorist alongside another German called Friedrich Engels wrote The Communist Manifesto with the aim of improving the relationship among people.
  31. Karl Marx and His Contributions to Study of Economics
    Brief biography including dates of birth and death; details about childhood, home life, and education; and professional progress.

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  1. Political Theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
  2. Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and Its Impact on Society
  3. Influence of Karl Marx on the Feminist Movement
  4. The Social and Economic Features of Jabal Nablus and Karl Marx’s Methodology
  5. The Similarities and Differences in the Views of Karl Marx and Max Weber
  6. Karl Marx: The Greatest Thinker and Philosopher of His Time
  7. The Life and Political Activities of Karl Marx
  8. Karl Marx’s Communism and How Communism Has Manifested in Russia and China
  9. Religion and the Perspectives of Karl Marx
  10. Feminist Movement and Theories of Karl Marx
  11. The Reasons Why the Predictions of Karl Marx Never Materialized
  12. The Life, Times, and Economic Contributions of Karl Marx
  13. Man’s Spirit Destruction and the Alienation Theory of Karl Marx
  14. Adam Smith and Karl Marx: Contrasting Views of Capitalism
  15. The Beauty and Cruelty in Human Nature: An Analysis of the Kite Runner From Biblical View and Karl Marx’s
  16. Karl Marx and the Industrial Revolution
  17. The Early Life and Philosophical Ideologies of Karl Marx
  18. Karl Marx and Commodity Fetishism Analysis Philosophy
  19. Exploring Karl Marx and Jean-Jacque Rousseau’s Views on Free
  20. The Similarities and Differences Between the Views of John Locke and Karl Marx on Violent Revolutions
  21. Political and Economic Theories of Karl Marx
  22. Marxism and the Marxist Theory of Karl Marx
  23. The Social, Political, and Economic Characteristics of Karl Marx’s Utopia in the Communist Manifesto
  24. The Differences and Similarities of Karl Marx‘s Theory of Anomie

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  1. Karl Marx’s Predictions and America After the Civil War
  2. The Theories and Principals of Karl Marx, and the Effect His Ideas Have Had on the World Today
  3. Emile Durkheim and Karl Marx Views on Sociology of Religion
  4. Why Karl Marx Criticizes the Ideology of Capitalism?
  5. Karl Marx: Established Idea of Communist Society in Response to Capitalism
  6. Money, Interest, and Capital Accumulation in Karl Marx’s
  7. The Ideas and Thoughts of Karl Marx on Social and Economic Issues
  8. The Early Life, Achievements and Influence of Karl Marx
  9. Gender and Race Inequality by Karl Marx
  10. Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud: Human Perception and Morality
  11. The Most Influential Theories of Karl Marx, a German Philosopher
  12. The Relation Between State and Society According to Karl Marx
  13. Contemporary World Economy and the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx
  14. Karl Marx Set the Wheels of Modern Communism and Socialism in Motion
  15. The Importance of Karl Marx’s Theories in Family Ethics
  16. Social and Economic Theories Developed by Karl Marx
  17. State Power and the Wrongness of Karl Marx’s Assumption
  18. Political Thinking and the Contributions of Karl Marx
  19. Society and Freedom According to Jean Jacques Rousseau and Karl Marx
  20. The Insights Into International Relations in the Writings of Karl Marx
  21. The Link Between Karl Marx and the Russian Revolution
  22. Why Karl Marx Thought Communism Was the Ideal Political Party
  23. Karl Marx’s Sociological Theories and Leadership
  24. The Dangers and Pitfalls of a Capitalist Regime in the Works of Karl Marx
  25. Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and the Industrial Proletariat
  26. Religion and Education According to Max Weber and Karl Marx

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  1. The Industrial Revolution and Karl Marx History
  2. The Banking School and the Monetary Thought of Karl Marx
  3. Karl Marx’s Social Theories and the Idea of a Temporary Worker
  4. Comparing and Contrasting the Role of the Market in the Political Theories of Karl Marx and Milton Friedman
  5. Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and the Family Business
  6. Religious Controversy During the Time of Karl Marx
  7. Why Karl Marx and Lenin Were Influential Figures and Economic?
  8. Karl Marx, German Economist, and Revolutionary Socialist
  9. The Life and Works of Adam Smith and Karl Marx
  10. Karl Marx and the Impacts of Colonialism in the World History
  11. Modern Day International Economy and Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
  12. Relationship Between Labor and Capital According to Karl Marx
  13. Karl Marx Rise and Fall of the Revolution
  14. Was Karl Marx the Biggest Talker of American Terrorist Socialist Ideals
  15. Karl Marx: Major Features of Capitalist Mode of Production
  16. Karl Marx and Marxism on Modern Thought and Society
  17. The Practical Cognition and the Theories of Knowledge by Karl Marx
  18. Karl Marx’s Socioeconomic and Political Theories
  19. What Would Karl Marx Say About Exploitation in Regards to Child Labour
  20. Karl Marx Was the Greatest Thinker and Philosopher
  21. The Reasons Why Karl Marx Is the Most Controversial Economic in History
  22. Karl Marx’s Capital Concepts Related to Labor
  23. Globalization and the Applicability of the Writings of Karl Marx
  24. Karl Marx’s Dialectical Perspectives of History
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