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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Buddhism

  1. Buddhism and the Life Teaching of Siddhartha
    Most scholars observe that the roots of Buddhism are very deep, and though Siddhartha contributed a lot to the development of the religion.
  2. What Is Buddhism? History of the Religion, Beliefs, and Rituals
    This paper will set out to elaborate on what Buddhism is by providing a history of the religion and underscoring some of the beliefs and rituals practiced in this religion.
  3. Buddhist Meditation Practices
    The paper looks at the differences between acalminga (samatha) and ainsighta (vipasana) Mahayana teachings of Buddhist meditation.
  4. Buddhism and Classical Hinduism
    Each religion of the East teaches separate principles from one another. This paper compares and contrasts the fundamental concepts and values of Buddhism and Classical Hinduism.
  5. Buddhism’ Religion: The Life and Teaching of Siddhartha
    The paper studies the teaching of Buddhism according to the Four Noble Truths and dependent origination and reveals spread of Buddhism and upheaval of democracy in India.
  6. The Christian and Buddhist Perspectives in Healthcare
    This paper purposes to conduct a comparative analysis on the Christian and Buddhist perspectives regarding healthcare provision and its implications for healthcare practice.
  7. Deities in Hinduism and Buddhism
    This paper dwells upon the differences in roles of Hindu and Buddhist deities from mythological and scientific perspectives.
  8. Buddhist Spirituality: Contribution to Psychological Well-Being
    Buddhist Spirituality is based on the principles that can enhance one’s psychological well-being significantly. Buddhism teaches people how to avoid negative emotions and harmful mental states.
  9. Self-Concept in Buddhist Reductionism
    This paper investigates the idea of self in its relation to the Buddhist perception of suffering and discusses the notion of objectual and intentional properties.
  10. Death and Dying in Christianity and Buddhism
    Using Christianity and Buddhism as two diverse religious perspectives, this discussion explores how patient’s health demands can be met by healthcare practitioners.
  11. Christianity and Buddhism for Terminally Ill Patient
    The patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis has been thinking about euthanasia. Christianity and Buddhism offer different answers to death-related questions.
  12. Euthanasia in Christianity and Buddhism
    This paper provides a discussion on a case study on euthanasia of a man, who finds out he has a severe disease that will disable him within several years.
  13. Human Life and Death in Christianity and Buddhism
    Illness often leads to agony and prompts the search for the meaning of life as people try to understand the reasons behind their predicaments.
  14. Medical Ethics: Christianity and Buddhism Perspectives
    Ethical concerns are present in any working conditions. However, ethics in medicine is particularly important, and it has many complicated issues.
  15. Buddhism and Classical Hinduism Concept and Values
    Buddhism and classical Hinduism are the oldest religions in the world. It is worth to note that both religions originated from India.
  16. Spiritual Philosophy: Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism
    Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism as spiritual philosophies stress on the acceptance of things the way they are, overcoming desires and humility.
  17. Theravada and Mahayana Buddhist Teachings
    Theravada and Mahayana are both schools of Buddhism. The primary differences that exist between the two came into existence after Buddha’s death.
  18. Beliefs in Buddhism and Classical Hinduism
    This paper shows that Buddhism progressed from Hinduism, with the main difference being that they do not share similar beliefs.
  19. Buddhist Religion and Western Psychologies
    Buddhists believe that any conception of “self” is an illusion; no separate “self” exists, only a collection of parts.
  20. Buddhism and Life: Living the Principles of the Buddhist Religion
    Contrary to the popular thought that suggests that the Buddhist belief seeks to view the world from a negative perspective, the religion conceives life from its imperfect face.

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  1. Buddhism, Caring and Moral Obligations
    This paper argues that the Buddhist account of the personality and the self provides an applicable approach to caring as well as moral obligations.
  2. Zen Buddhism in America
    Zen Buddhism is a separate school of Mahayana Buddhism that emphasizes mindfulness and meditation practices as the path to achieving enlightenment.
  3. Death & Dying Ethics in Christianity and Buddhism
    The paper will discuss the attitude toward the deliberate ending of life from the viewpoint of Christianity and Buddhism.
  4. Incurable Disease in Christianity and Buddhism
    This paper examines Christianity and Buddhism in regards to views on life and death and applies the concepts to the case study of a patient with an untreatable illness.
  5. Death & Dying Ethics in Buddhism and Christianity
    The paper describes the ethical challenge the patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is facing and the best approaches to support him using religious values or ideas.
  6. King Asoka Spreading Buddhism Along the Silk Road
    King Asoka’s commitment to Buddha’s Four Noble Truths and the encouragement of missionary work substantially facilitated the transmission of Buddhism to distant states.
  7. Hinduism and Buddhism: Similarities and Differences
    Buddhism and Hinduism are two very similar religions. They both believe in reincarnation, they both believe in their religion focusing on more than one god.
  8. The Religious Position of Women and Men in Buddhist Countries: Sri Lanka
    The position accorded to women in all spheres of activity has been a subject of considerable interest in recent decades.
  9. Personality Psychology and Zen Buddhism
    Zen Buddhism is a movement that occurred in the 1960s and involves monks, their feats and their monasticism, and the study of doctrines.
  10. Buddhist Culture in Thailand
    In Thailand, Buddhism is the official religion of the state based on century-old traditions and principles.
  11. Zen Buddhism: Basic Teachings
    The principles and beliefs of Buddhism is what has given it popularity and a vast fellowship. These beliefs are founded on human experience.
  12. Zen Buddhism: Brief Giude
    The major point of Zen Buddhism is single – every human being is a Buddha and he or she needs only to realize this by reaching enlightenment.
  13. Christianity and Buddhism: Religion Comparison
    Christianity only became a religion, in full sense of this word, when materialistic spirit of Judaism was being transformed into something opposite to what it originally used to be by European mentality.
  14. Zen Buddhism: Main Features
    Zen Buddhism can safely be considered as a philosophy due to its lack of a “god” aspect. It is a religion that is based on basically the act of meditation.
  15. Cosmogony: Catholic and Buddhist Approaches
    This paper presents a dialogue between two believers- a Catholic and a Buddhist concerning creation of the world.
  16. Tibetan Buddhism and Zen Buddhism Comparison
    The Five Tibetan rituals are considered to be life changing which helps the Tibetan’s in the spiritual and religious obligations they desire. It’s also actually great for your body
  17. How Buddhism do not believe in Gods?
    Our research focuses and defends the basic concept of how and in what manner Buddhists do not stick to the existence of the Omnipotent.
  18. Religion and Architecture: Christian Church, Buddhist, Islamic Mosques
    Religious architecture is mainly concerned with design and building of houses of reverence or holy deliberate places such as stupas, mosques, churches and temples.
  19. Buddhism and Christianity: Understanding of Religions
    This essay is intended to help bring out the Buddhist’s understanding of Christianity and correct the wrong perceptions through pointing out relevant scriptures.
  20. Judaism and Buddhism: Similarities and Differences
    The differences and similarities between Judaism and Buddhism in relation to their origination, foundation, beliefs, rituals and major prophets.
  21. Environmental, Social or Political Conflict in Buddhism
    There is a simple fact which is known to every Buddhist: although Buddha was beyond routine, still, he gave guidelines concerning good government.

💡 Simple Buddhism Essay Ideas

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  1. The History and Beliefs of the Theravadan Buddhism
  2. Biblical Worldview and Buddhism Worldview
  3. Parallels, Departures, and What Science Can Gain From Buddhism
  4. Buddhism: The Role Desires Play in Our Everyday Lives
  5. Doctrinal and Philosophical Sizing of Buddhism
  6. Basic Philosophical Differences Between Zen, Buddhism, and Taoism
  7. Buddhism as Religion That Offers Peace, Wisdom and True Enlightenment
  8. The History and Evolution of Buddhism Across the World
  9. Bodhisattvas and the Evolution of Buddhism
  10. The Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism
  11. Buddhism and the Vietnamese Buddhist Association
  12. Key Differences Between Christianity and Buddhism
  13. Korean Development and the Influences of Shamanism, Confucianism, and Buddhism
  14. Buddhism: The Four Noble Truths
  15. The Dalai Lama and the Spiritual Leader of Buddhism
  16. Comparing Buddhism and Shinto in Japan
  17. Buddhism, the Noble Eightfold Path, and the Four Noble Truths
  18. Ancient Greek Philosophy, Buddhism, and Vedanta Hinduism
  19. Beliefs and Practices: Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism
  20. Buddhism: Seeing the Familiar in the Strange
  21. Hinduism and Buddhism’s Influence of Indian Culture in Southeast Asia
  22. The Political and Religious Impact of Buddhism in Thailand
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