53 Death Penalty Essay Topics

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๐Ÿ† Best Essay Topics on Death Penalty

  1. Whether Death Penalty Can Be Applied Fairly?
    This paper seeks to establish that corporal punishment is not the best way to correct wrongdoers. It shows how death penalty is applicable and effective.
  2. Is Death Penalty Adequate?
    The death penalty is inadequate, as it leads to the punishment of not guilty people, feeling of insecurity, high volume of stress, cruelty of the execution process.
  3. Position on the Death Penalty
    Capital punishment remains a contested issue in many societies across the globe. Many countries have abolished this form of punishment. Such countries believe that the malpractice is unethical.
  4. The Death Penalty and Mentally Retarded Capital Offenders
    The present paper attempts to discuss causes of wrongful conviction of capital offenders and the psychological assessment criteria that could be used by forensic psychologists.
  5. Death Penalty: History and Rationale
    After WWII, the death penalty was limited through the creation of the international Human Rights Doctrines. The procedure of death punishment became more humane.
  6. Death Penalty as Unjustified Measure Nowadays
    The person living in the 21st century should believe that the death penalty simply increases violence and grief and does not help the victimโ€™s close ones recover from their pain.
  7. Roots of Public Support for the Death Penalty
    In his article, Daniel LaChance analyzes the phenomenon of the death penalty in America and the social attitude towards it. LaChance expresses a negative attitude.
  8. Violation of the Human Right to Life: Death Penalty
    The problem of the death penalty cannot be separated from the general concept of human rights as it violates the paramount right of a human to life.
  9. Arguments Against Death Penalty
    Death penalties are nothing more than relics of the past. They were never enough to stop or even curb crime in any given country at any given period.
  10. Forensic Psychologist’s Role in Death Penalty Trial
    Forensic psychologists play critical roles in court cases. They help the judges to investigate the claims from a professional dimension.
  11. Death Penalty and Its Issues
    Serious criminals have usually imposed a death sentence. This type of punishment continues to exist, even nowadays. However, it seems completely irrelevant in a humanistic society.
  12. Death Penalty Trends in American Justice System
    This paper discusses the death penalty abolition in Illinois, Innocence Project, sentencing of the mentally retarded individuals, and the case of Stanley Williams.
  13. What Will Doom the Death Penalty?
    The increasing levels of crime in the United States encouraged more people to embrace the idea of capital punishment. This discussion gives a detailed analysis of this article.
  14. Death Penalty from Religious and Historical Standpoints
    The paper evaluates the benefits and analyzes the death penalty from a modern, religious, and historical perspective.
  15. “What Will Doom the Death Penalty” by Daniel LaChance
    This reading essay summarizes, explains, and evaluates the main points of the reading: โ€œWhat Will Doom the Death Penalty: Capital Punishment, Another Failed Government Program?โ€ by Daniel LaChance.
  16. Death Penalty and Utilitarian Ethics
    This paper will analyze the ethical grounds of utilizing the death penalty for recidivist violent criminals based on Benthamโ€™s utilitarianism.
  17. Death Penalty and Its Theoretical Justification
    The activity of the justice system equally depends on the fairness of the justification and the validity of the punishment.
  18. Death Penalty from a Prison Officer’s Perspective
    The death penalty can be considered as an ancient form of punishment in relation to the type of crime that had been committed.
  19. Should the United States Abolish the Death Penalty?
    Being the agent responsible for the administration of the death penalty, the state is the chief proponent of the same as a form of punishment.
  20. The Death Penalty and Its Basic Reasons
    The death penalty also known as capital punishment is the execution of a person by the state as punishment for a crime.

๐Ÿ‘ Good Death Penalty Research Topics & Essay Examples

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  1. Participation in Government: The Death Penalty
    The death penalty is also referred to as capital punishment and is commonly reserved for capital offenses. The term capital has its origins in the Latin word capita.
  2. Death Penalty Abolition: Why It Is Needed?
    The death penalty should be done away with and instead replaced by a more humane form of punishing criminals irrespective of the intensity of the offense.
  3. Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished?
    The arguments surrounding the capital punishment issue concern its apparent constitutionality, risk of executing the innocent, discrimination, effectiveness as a deterrent.
  4. Death Penalty Validity as a Form of Punishment
    The paper assesses the validity of the death penalty as a form of punishment for controlling the increasing crime rates and tries to provide a solution or an option that can eliminate an extreme step.
  5. Death Penalty as a Cruel Murder
    While many arguments have been put forward for and against it, there is no doubt that the Death Penalty is nothing but a cruel murder perpetrated by the State.
  6. Key Points for Abolishing the Death Penalty in the USA
    This briefing paper is presented to American people so that all doubts and plans of retaining the death penalty despite all the Supreme Court rulings and the bad effects of it shall henceforth be erased from our minds.
  7. Should Death Penalty Be Abolished in the US?
    This essay examines whether the death penalty is an effective deterrent, and should it be abolished in the US.
  8. The Death Penalty in the USA
    The death penalty in the USA exists in some states, and it must be to discipline people and to threaten them from murders and other great crimes.
  9. Death Penalty: Legal and Moral Issues
    Discussion of the legal and moral issues that literally are of life and death importance and is a major barometer when measuring a societyโ€™s collective conscience.
  10. Death Penalty and Other Issues That Surround It
    In the United States, capital punishment has been used for a long period of time and it is still practiced today. This paper will seek to analyze death penalty and related issues.
  11. Death Penalty Debates in the United States: Inhumane Practice
    The process of the death penalty is highly flawed, and there are numerous ethical and practical challenges that suggest that capital punishment should be abolished.

๐ŸŽ“ Most Interesting Death Penalty Research Titles

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  1. The Debate Over Whether the Death Penalty Is Just or Unjust
  2. Death Penalty and Its Deterrent Effect of Murder Rates in Society
  3. The Death Penalty and Its Effects on America
  4. Potential Savings From Abolition of the Death Penalty in North Carolina
  5. Pros and Cons Side of the International and Domestic Legislation on the Death Penalty
  6. Ethical Issues either for or Against the Death Penalty
  7. The Pros and Cons of Life Imprisonment and the Death Penalty
  8. Religious and Morality Issues of Death Penalty
  9. The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Death Penalty in the United States
  10. The Death Penalty and Its Effect on the Social Position of the Criminal
  11. Marxist Ideology and the Death Penalty
  12. The Relationship Between Race & the Use of the Death Penalty
  13. Thailand Should Kept Death Penalty for Certain Crime
  14. How Can Death Penalty Prevent Repeat Offenders?
  15. The Death Penalty and New Studies of Disparate Racial Impact
  16. Death Row and Death Penalty in the United States
  17. The Death Penalty Preserves Human Dignity
  18. Death Penalty Support and Argument Rebuttal
  19. The Death Penalty and Mental Illness
  20. Should the Death Penalty Be Reinstated in the UK?
  21. The Death Penalty Should Be Removed to Avoid Wrongly Punishing the Innocent
  22. Life Sentence Without Parole – Better Than Death Penalty
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