53 European Union Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on European Union

  1. “Brexit” from the European Union
    The possibility of the UK leaving the European Union or the so-called Brexit is a key source of concern for the major part of the British business world.
  2. Globalization and Citizenship in EU
    The strategies and goals of integration are developed by the EU Committees but they do not reflect goals and needs of the nation-stats.
  3. EU Regulations of Merger between EU and Chinese Companies
    While examining mergers and acquisitions, European regulators pay close attention to the risk of dominance. Much attention is paid to restrictive practices and monopolistic behavior.
  4. The United Kingdom Leaving the European Union
    The paper identifies and describes the impacts of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union to its economy, political positions, and international relations.
  5. The European Union’s Role in the Middle East Peace
    One of the aspects of today’s geopolitical reality is the fact that the scope of the EU’s activities in the Middle East assumes qualitatively new subtleties.
  6. Gender Mainstreaming of European Union Institutions
    Gender mainstreaming policy ensures that women and men are represented during design, implementation, and evaluation of all policies of European Union institutions.
  7. The European Union’s Security Issues
    The current security strategies used by the EU has attracted a lot of interest from regions perceived to be hostile towards the United States, for instance, the Middle East.
  8. The European Union’s Automotive Industry Policy
    The paper explores the EU automotive industry policy that is concerned with two primary aims: promoting economic growth and ensuring safety and sustainability.
  9. Reduced Migration to the EU: Aid for Turkey and Africa
    The relationships between European states were characterized by unrelievable tension due to the growing uncertainty as to how to handle the refugees.
  10. United Kingdom Membership in the European Union
    In the paper, the researchers will critically analyze factors that support the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.
  11. The European Union’s Preference of Soft Power
    The EU prefers using soft power mechanisms because it is aware that its economic, social, cultural and other standards and development are attractive to other nations and regions.
  12. Ukraine Should Not Join the European Union
    The debate over Ukraine joining the European Union has had many opponents as well as supporters. It has been discussed both among the Ukrainian citizens and European community.
  13. European Union Mediation Directive for Conflict Resolution
    The study will attempt to explicitly review the implementation of European Union mediation as a means for conflict resolution and its effectiveness across the borders of Europe.
  14. Economic Benefits of Gender Equality in the European Union
    Gender inequality is a highly complex and extensive social issue which is prevalent in every layer of society and industry.
  15. Comparison of NAFTA and European Union
    European Union is a complex and multilevel governance system. Members of the European Union pool their overall sovereignties in a wide spectrum of policy areas.
  16. European Union and Religion
    The role of religion in European integration is highly sensitive and very important because it deals with unique values and beliefs shared and valued by millions of people.
  17. Austria’s Entry into European Union Analysis
    This paper analyzes the case of Austria as a model, to understand whether entry of neutral countries into E.U entail rejection of her neutrality.
  18. European Union and Its Effect Upon Cornish Businesses
    This report reveals the European Union rules and regulations of trade and business between the memders and the problem of interaction with the UK’s Regulatory Impact Assessment.
  19. Ireland and the European Union
    Applying for EU membership Ireland pursued first of all its own financial, economic, and political interests, but was also ready to support reasonable European Union initiatives.
  20. The EU-Moldova International Relations
    A stronger relationship between the EU and Moldova replaced the “outdated Partnership and Cooperation Agreement”. In addition, the EU liberalized trade with Moldova.

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  1. Political Obstacles of The European Union
    The formation of the European Union is considered a remarkable achievement that has far-reaching consequences in world politics, economy, and balance of global power.
  2. EU Requirement of Common Foreign and Military Policy
    This paper discusses the need for a common foreign and military policy for the EU. The European Union is at the forefront in asserting itself to play a role in world affairs.
  3. Intermodal Transportation in the US and the EU
    This paper seeks to explore the impact (positive and negative) of regulation/deregulation on the growth of intermodal transportation under the European Union and in the U.S.
  4. Should Turkey Enter European Union?
    There have been debates of whether Turkey should be acceded into the EU. It is one of the nations that have applied for inclusion although it has been receiving accusations.
  5. Can the EU Reduce Immigration Into Europe?
    European countries have always been attractive to immigrants. The main principle of the EU is to eliminate any borders to make trade and cooperation much easier.
  6. EU and Institutional Frameworks
    This paper seeks to overview and determine policy making of EU institutions and role played inpromoting closer integration.
  7. European Union and Europe Expansion
    EU economic policies have in a great way made contributions in enhancing economic union among member countries. However, it has been the main hindrance to the expansion of Europe.
  8. UK Interests in EU-India Free Trade Agreement
    To dispel dogmas created by the critics, the United Kingdom decided to state its interest in the ongoing FTA negotiations.
  9. The EU Global Strategy for a Shared EU Security Policy
    Document showed the shift in the EU’s stance towards local and international interests, placing the EU in the context of several crises and arguing for more substantial hard power.
  10. Spain and the European Union
    The purpose of this essay is to analyse how accession to the EU has affected the economic and political development of Spain.
  11. Turkey and the EU: Costs and Benefits
    This paper overviews how Turkey applied for membership in the EU, the living standards, religious aspects, immigration issues, and political and economic aspects in the EU.

🎓 Most Interesting European Union Research Titles

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  1. Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union
  2. European Union and Japan: Political Economy of Free Trade Agreement
  3. Citizen Satisfaction With Democracy in the European Union
  4. European Union and Common Currency Euro: Advantage or Disadvantage
  5. Coalition Formation and Voting in the Council of the European Union
  6. European Union and Sustainable Development Assessment in the Business Sector
  7. Competition Policy and European Union Law
  8. European Union and the Challenges of Globalization
  9. Cultural Dimensions and Work Motivation in the European Union
  10. European Union: Dissecting Its Pros and Cons
  11. British Exit From the European Union
  12. Development and Further Enlargement of European Union
  13. European Union and Disunion: Reflections on European Identity
  14. Cis Countries’ Interests Vis-a-Vis the European Union and Its Eastern Policy
  15. European Union Can Guarantee to Spain a Better Future
  16. Can the European Union Be Considered as a Compensator for Serbian Nationalism?
  17. European Union and Turkey’s Barriers To Full Membership
  18. Competition and Intellectual Property in the European Union
  19. European Union and the Promotion of Economic and Social Progress
  20. Britain’s Ambivalence With the European Union
  21. European Integration and the European Union Enlargement
  22. Enlarging the European Union and Who Benefits
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