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Targeted Killing: Counter-Terrorism

Targeted killing represents a part of consequentialist philosophy in counter-terrorism since defining it as a suitable method to fight against the enemy depends mainly on the results of the operation. For example, removing an aggressive and known extremist leader who threatens to kill many civilians could potentially result in saving a significant number of innocent lives at the price of one criminal. Killing a figure that might be a terrorist but is not proven to be one, even if the technological analysis confirms them as a target, might create a dangerous international conflict with numerous victims. The use of weaponized drones could be justified only in situations when other alternatives would lead to more destruction and victims. It should be an exceptional procedure instead of the regular practice, as it became during Barack Obama’s time as the US President. Terrorists attack civilians, so using weaponized drones against their organizations may be legitimate. However, detailed investigations and analyses of the potential target are always necessary before such operations.

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The US policy is partially responsible for the creation of Al Qaeda and similar extremist Islamic groups. It is challenging to list all the factors that shaped the terroristic movements existing today. However, the US was a country that provided materialistic and motivational support to them before they became influential globally. The actions that could have been different include ignoring the war in Afghanistan or involving the US army in it to a smaller extent. However, the creation and development of terroristic organizations were highly likely even if supported by China, Korea, or Europe. Islamic extremists have a strong propaganda system that could be manipulated to create hate against any country that does not follow Jihadi Salafism.

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