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The Mind of a Terrorist

Terrorism is an issue that has mainly been looked at basing on one side. After every terrorist attack, the focus is usually on the victims that succumbed to the injuries and cursing the people that were involved in the attack. There is generally nothing positive that is usually thought of for the attackers. They are always on the negative side as efforts are done to paralyze their activities. Despite the fact that the real bombers are dead, there is usually a thought that there are other individuals that summoned the bomber to be involved in the attack. As the wounds of the victims that succumbed to the attacks are healed, various organizations are always out searching for the group or network that could be involved in the attack. As the issue becomes of international concern, various studies and researches are being done into the issue to find out why and how the terrorist choose to engage in such sacrificial activities. The paper provides a response to the arguments that have been raised against terrorism.

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In an exclusive interview with Arie Kruglanski who is undertaking a research on terrorism, we find that there is more to the action rather than what people have always thought of. The interview reveals that as much as the blame may be directed to the attackers, there are aspects about it that we may not understand. Terrorism, to many, is associated with certain religious inclination where by the participant are to show their dedication by sacrificing themselves. This is however more than just an individual sacrificing themselves as it may involve some other innocent people. It is rare to hear of a terrorist attack that killed himself and the family. The case is usually that the attacker targets a certain group of people who are mostly not guilty of any offence. Some of the suicide bombers may engage in the activity without necessarily being influenced by a certain religious or cultural group. This may justify Arie argument where he states that some of the bombers are actually a frustrated lot of people that are seeking for revenge. They may not target the people that caused them the frustration but anybody that may be within the surrounding when they decided to blow themselves up.

Terrorist that engage in the activity due to their spiritual inclination are encouraged basing on certain benefits that they will enjoy after death. They are usually meant to understand that a certain group of people are their enemies and once they are defeated, the bombers will not only personally benefit in their next life but that their generations behind will also benefit. As singled out by Arie who observes that before the bombers are recruited, they have to watch clips that will signify to them the level of their enmity with the opponents. This is usually meant to charge them up and give them the boldness to die such a sacrificial death with the hope of saving their people. As much as this may be their intention, there is no clear evidence to show that someday the war will be worn. Terrorism has remained to be a part and parcel of certain communities who seem to fight the unknown battle. If terrorism would ultimately satisfy them by probably conquering their opponents completely, then the battle is worth fighting. But at the look of things, nothing seems to change much as groups continue convincing more and more people to join the camp.

It may hence be noted that as much as some of the terrorists engage in for a specific course, there are others who simply do it to nurse their frustrations. These individuals as observed by Arie may have had an experience in their lives where they did not receive a fair treatment. They will hence resolve to such a strategy not only as an ultimate decision to end their lives but also to gain some popularity for their then low lives. People are always looking out for means of being accepted and appreciated. After trying all the other procedures around them and probably not being able to come up with a solution, they may resolve to bomb a large congregation to be recognized. Even though they will be dead to experience the fame, they die knowing that they accomplished what they desired to accomplish.

Terrorism seems to bring a certain consolation within the terrorists yet does not offer them the solution to their problem. Terrorists are hence considered to be a disturbed group of people who are out to satisfy their lives by killing others. The only benefit that they have is that they will be somehow be contended when they see others suffering. Terrorists do not bomb for any monetary gain except in few cases where they are hired. They simply do it out of compulsion and hope that their generations will be accepted and appreciated in certain social groups. If it is to do with spirituality, there is no religious book that can encourage people to kill for them to be credited in their next life. On the contrary, the books advocate for peace and love even among enemies for them to be approved.

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