78 United Nations Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on United Nations

  1. Globalization Impacts on the United Nations Institution
    This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the political, cultural, and economic impacts of globalization in the United Nations Institution.
  2. Development in the United Nations
    This paper will discuss the various achievements that the UN has accomplished through its many agencies to stand out as the most successful international organisation in the world.
  3. The United Nations’ Strengths and Weaknesses
    Operating since 1945, the United Nations is viewed by many states as an instrument to address the most pressing issues all over the world.
  4. United Nations in the Israeli-Palestine Conflict
    In some cases, the UN has played a major role in contributing to conflicts. One such case is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that still remains an issue to this day.
  5. UN and the Digital Age
    The UN’s current approach toward the use of IT-related opportunities could use a deeper insight into the issues associated with economics and global trade.
  6. The United Nations’ Digital Media Connection
    The United Nations (UN) is highly concerned about global citizenship and operates to encourage people to become a part of the international open-minded society.
  7. The United Nations’ Security Council Membership
    The United Nations’ Security Council is increasing becoming a critical player in the world affairs and power relations between nations. The Security Council was established to manage threats.
  8. Florence Nightingale’s Philosophy: UN Millennium Goals
    The legacy left behind by Florence Nightingale was so strong that it is still relevant in the twenty-first century. Each person on any place in the world has his or her own role.
  9. Global Food Security: UN Speech
    This paper presents a UN opening speech from the name of the Republic of Uzbekistan about the problem and promotion of global food security.
  10. President Obama’s United Nations General Assembly Speech
    President Obama is critiqued and praised as an exemplar of liberalism in international relations. His approach can also be viewed as an expression of Constructivist thinking.
  11. International Organizations. The United Nations
    The United Nations Organization was founded in 1945. The aim of this organization was to establish world peace and world order after WWII.
  12. Support for a Stronger United Nations Security Force
    Despite the important role assigned to the United Nations Security forces, one finds that there is growing decline for its support especially in United States due to various reasons.
  13. UN Significance in Politics of Minority Peoples’ Claims
    UN sole influence is not applicable in creating legal guidelines but with its significant influence it has managed to lobby for support from opposing odds to ensure that sustainable policies are put in place.
  14. Issue of Un Relevance and Their Works
    Since the Cold War terminated with the loss of socialistic, the researchers started rising the issue of UN relevance in their works.
  15. United Nations Role in World Affairs
    UN is a vital body that is concerned about the welfare of all people globally. Its relevance and existence are justified by its great contribution to making the world better.
  16. Internship Report Done at the United Nations
    UN is leading in offering internship openings to students in universities pursuing under- and postgraduate degrees. Objectives of UN internship program and students’ expectations.
  17. The Foremost Problem Confronting United Nations Organization
    There can little doubt as to the fact that the most significant problem confronting the Organization of United Nations (U.N.) is this organization’s operational ineffectiveness.
  18. UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
    The U.N. Guiding Principles are a necessary but still insufficiently effective tool to protect human rights from large business structures.

🎓 Most Interesting United Nations Research Titles

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  1. Evaluating United Nations Peacekeeping Operations
  2. United Nations and Its Relevance in U.S. Foreign Policy Making
  3. Pakistan Relations With the United Nations
  4. United Nations Strategies to Eradicate Poverty
  5. Liberalism and the United Nations
  6. Estimating Dynamic State Preferences From United Nations Voting Data
  7. Japanese Isolationism and the Peacekeeping Involvement of the United Nations
  8. United States Influence Upon the United Nations
  9. United Nations, Self Determination, and State Sovereignty
  10. Kosovo and the Possibility of a United Nations Role as Peacekeeper
  11. United Nations Security Council and World Bank
  12. United Nations Convention Against Corruption
  13. North Korea and the United Nations
  14. United Nations Treaties and Laws Governing the Seas
  15. International Organizations and the United Nations
  16. Slavery and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
  17. United Nations and International Law
  18. Oxford International Model United Nations
  19. Personnel Problems and the United Nations Secretariat
  20. United Nations Reform for Indirect Exporting
  21. North Asia and the United Nations
  22. United Nations Security Council Is Unsuccessful in Keeping Peace
  23. Peacekeeping Conduct and Discipline of the United Nations
  24. United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security
  25. Positive Routines: United Nations Military Training
  26. United Nations and Its Impact on Human Rights
  27. Global Governance and the United Nations System
  28. European Union and United Nations
  29. The Universal Human Rights of the United Nations
  30. United Nations and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq

💡 Simple United Nations Essay Ideas

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  1. Policy Debate Over the United Nations System
  2. United Nations Trade WTO Australia
  3. United Nations Security Council Resolution
  4. Bureaucratic Culture Within the United Nations
  5. Reforming United Nations Budgetary System
  6. United Nations Pros and Cons to Helping People Live Better
  7. United Nations Peacekeeping Operations Before and After the Cold War
  8. Spain and the United Nations
  9. Canada and Its Impact on the United Nations
  10. United Nations and U.S. National Security Policy
  11. Germany and the United Nations
  12. United Nations and First and Second World Wars
  13. Model United Nations Manifesto
  14. Israel and the United Nations
  15. Non Refugee Children and the United Nations
  16. Collective Security and the United Nations
  17. United Nations and Big Powers
  18. Ghana and the United Nations
  19. American National Interests and the Responsibilities of United Nations Membership
  20. Global Business and the Impact of the United Nations
  21. United Nations Conventions and Declarations
  22. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  23. Refugee Rights and the United Nations Convention of 1951
  24. United Nations Environmental Programme: Water Privatization
  25. Iraq War 2003 and the Issue of Pre-emptive and Preventive Self-Defence: Implications for the United Nations
  26. United Nations and World Order
  27. The Yugoslavian Conflict United Nations
  28. United Nations – Successes and Failures
  29. President-Elect, Donald Trump, and the United Nations Clash
  30. United Nations Security Council Reform
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