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Nuclear Disaster Prevention and Related Challenges

The article addresses the role of transparency in monitoring nuclear arsenals as well as the varied approaches for identifying challenges encountered in ensuring that terrorists have no access to these weapons (May et al., 2005). Although a nuclear attack is uncertain, it seems like an eventual terrorist disaster, which would have disastrous impacts. Many lives would perish while many people would become incapacitated. Besides, an extensive area would be put into destruction as a result of contamination. This could lead to several social and political issues to evaluate the origin and parties responsible, for retribution and minimize the occurrence of another similar attack in the future (May et al., 2005).

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This is facilitated by tracing the international nuclear data bank, which would ensure the deterrence of such attacks. It is difficult for terrorists to steal nuclear weapons without the knowledge of the government since nuclear arsenals are usually controlled by the state, under tight security and accountability (Gottemoeller, 2009).The international databank should entail essential information as a library, concerning nuclear weapons as well as handling techniques, facilitated by governments’ cooperation. On the other hand, nuclear material is easily identifiable. For instance, plutonium stays intact in an exceedingly irradiated state since only a slight percentage converts into energy and fission products, which are radioactive and spread extensively. As a result, this makes it easy to detect, identify and collect samples for analysis to determine the explosion efficacy, materials contained and their origin. For instance, the analysis could be based on uranium isotopes, which have different compositions depending on mine and processing. Similarly, plutonium can give varied neutron fluxes as well as energies, subject to a given rector applied during processing (Rioux, 1992).

This information can be compared to the database elements and isotopes as well as their physical traits, with transparency of sample handling techniques to give accurate nuclear forensics. Accessibility to physical samples is essential to give a comprehensive analysis of a nuclear detonation and to come up with samples for an international body. Nevertheless, this could be impeded by codified state secrets and fake samples submission. Though, this could be overcome by having vetted analyses from particular countries. Moreover, hashing could help to secure the information where just a less percentage of the data file is coded and transmitted. Still, retrieving information from the databank could take a long period, hence delaying the response towards a nuclear attack (May et al., 2005).

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