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Crisis Intervention. The Batman Movie Shooting Incident

The Batman Movie shooting incident was an indication that terrorism is still a world crisis. It was that night when people were gathered for the action movie that turned to be a nightmare as a gunman sprayed the audience with bullets. It was as if the events in the film came to the ground. The gunshots in the movie were mistaken with the criminal gunshots. The victims narrated how smoke from the man’s teargas canister bellowed over the theatre room followed by continuous shots. All that could be seen were bloody bodies lying on the ground. The incident left 12 people dead with 70 others hospitalized (Muskal, 2012).

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The ordeal raised major security concerns in Colorado and across the globe. The FBI, as usual, was there to establish the cause of the shootings. The culprit was arrested at the parking lot still wearing the bullet proof. With a mere look, it was obvious that the tactic used to execute people in the theater room was a terrorism technique. We are used to bombs being set by terrorists, but it seems the terrorists are coming up with new ways of accomplishing their mission. This phenomenon is making war against terrorism an intricate task. In the September 11 incident, terrorists attacked the World Trade Centre towers in New York. They high jacked a passenger plane and directed it to knock the buildings. The impact brought the building down, leading to the death of 3000 people (Hampton, 2003).

The September 11 bombing alarmed the world’s security agencies especially with the fact that America is a superpower. The system employed by the terrorists in the September 11 attack appeared to be new in the wave of war crimes. It increased international crisis in the course of trying to clear up terrorists’ strongholds. With the knowledge that the world’s most renowned terror group has its root in Pakistan, it became the center of America’s mission. The war to deliberate the world from terrorist activities left thousands dead.

The war against terror groups has been faced with many challenges. Much blame has been directed to the radical Muslims as the supporters of the groups. Muslim religion is associated with Jihad, which means ‘Holy War’. All terrorist groups embrace Muslim as their religion and this has brought confusions in trying to identify which Muslims are terrorists. The Muslim community has also expressed concerns over their followers being prosecuted and executed on grounds of terror. There is rising enmity between Muslims and Christians in some countries in the world. Muslims are being the targets of war against terror. However, one must agree with me that religion has nothing much to hold in the war against terror. Members of other religions have been involved in terror activities. They just convert to be Muslims to please their superiors.

It appears that the world is losing the war against terror even with the much efforts employed to improve security situations. It is true that terrorists are taking much time to plan on their next targets. As seen in the previous major terrorist attacks, it takes quite a number of years for a major terror attack to occur. The fact that an attack takes much time to re-occur, causes a security lapse. The security bodies may think that the situation is completely solved without knowing that the terrorists are just taking their time to plan a successful attack. The terrorists’ idea of changing their methods of attacks is also a tricky technique that gives the security a hard work. Because the next method of attack is inevitable, the security on the ground should be keen to respond to any form of attack.

Considering the Batman Movie shooting, several lives would have been saved if there were security on alert. Intelligence department has to take charge of all corners in the world. We sometimes wonder how dangerous firearms get into the hands of people who end up being terrorists. The gunman in Batman Movie hall is said to have had the weapons in his house, which was just a few meters from the theatre building. He only walked out and came back a few minutes spraying the bullets (Muskal, 2012).

As we talk of terrorism, we may try to ask ourselves what contributes to the whole problem. From the grassroots, we may think of a suicide bomber or the grenade trafficker and imagine what might be hovering in their mind. We may base our answers on personal issues driving one to committing such crimes. The problem of employment might be leading young people to be lured into terrorism. It is alleged that those behind recruitment of terror groups give out large amounts of money to their members. This act is very much tempting for those who have sought to get finances in whatever ways. Poverty stricken parts of the world are targeted by terrorists to win more followers.

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As much as the world is trying to liberate itself from terror, other factors have to be put into consideration. Unemployment as a factor has to be looked upon since most terrorist are taken from poor backgrounds for training. The Nations have to join hands in fight against terror. It is very unfortunate that other nations have faced conflicts of interest making them difficult to work together and share useful information about terror. It is time to cooperate and help instead of competing.


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