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America’s War on Terrorism

America’s war on terror has a hint of revenge. Revenge has a place in terrorism prevention

Terrorism is the organized use of terror or violent acts intended to create and make fear. These are unlawful acts of violence and war. War on terror is perceived as the political, military religious and ideological difference against Muslim terrorists and their supporters. The term war on terrorism is mostly used to refer to operations by the United States of America, the United Kingdom and all other states that support them against Islamic terrorism. The America’s war on terror is about revenge as well as preventing any possible attack by terrorists on United States and allied countries. After the bombing of United States Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, the United States launched a series of bombings in Sudan and Afghanistan countries where al-Qaeda terrorist bases were thought to be. Following September 11, 2001 attack on world trade center in United States by terrorists, America invaded Iraq in a bid to destroy all terrorist bases and change president Saddam Hussein regime since it was thought to support terrorist groups.

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U.S. wedge between Muslim extremists and the rest of the Islamic world

The United States effort to stamp out terrorists has been viewed by Muslim community as persecution. In order to protect non-terrorist Muslim, it is important for the United States to drive a wedge between Muslim Extremist and non-extremist. To achieve this, the United States should work towards reducing the growing tension between the Muslim world and the United States. Both sides should advocate for a cooperative and peaceful United States and Muslim relations. Muslim community in United States has been alienated and connected to terrorist attacks although they have positively responded to face the challenge. The United States authority should recognize the efforts of the western Muslims in communal teaching of peace, tolerance and harmony in an effort to improve their relations with other western communities. Once this is accomplished, the western Muslims can be able to extend their cooperative efforts to the rest of the Muslim communities in the world. In their effort to end terrorism, The United States should not generalize and demonize the entire Muslim community. The United States should assist non-terrorist Muslims to organize themselves and aggressively condemn acts of hatred and violence. These groups should be well known and established. They should assist in establishing the radical extremists for alienation.

Nation’s resolve in combating terror

A nation’s resolve in antiterrorism is a very important factor in combating terrorism. It involves accumulating and assessing all available data concerning a probable terrorist attack to a facility by terrorist groups. It involves the practices, strategies and the techniques that governments or military forces take to respond to terrorist threats in order to avert an attack. Nations should have a well laid out resolves to combat terror. This involves putting in place strong offensive strategies aimed at preventing, restricting or deterring the terror groups from using the terror tactics to accomplish their goals or responding to their terror attacks. The nations should develop strong defense against terrorist attack to reduce vulnerability of destruction of property and loss of life from attacks. Countries should not wait for attacks to occur so that they take action or revenge. Countries should have a plan on how to detect and neutralize terrorist bases in their territory through building strong counter terrorist plans that encompasses all sections of the society.

Importance for democracies in preserve the rule of law and prosecute human rights abuses

Democracy is very vital for any nation that needs to develop. Democracy is universal for all nations. People should be free to exercise democracy as their right. However, democracy should have a limit so as to preserve the rule of law. Human right abuses occur in many forms. It may be in form of oppression, denial political instigated wars or religious based extremists as in case of Muslims. Many nations’ especially Muslim countries have punitive laws that do not allow democracy. There are so many cases of human right abuses. There is no freedom for worship as well as speech. Those perceived to be against Islamic doctrines are enthusiastically executed. Non-Muslims are tortured and assassinated. The efforts of human right proponents are met with extreme resistance and this has brought about the development of terrorists who view non-Muslim states with strong human right groups as enemies towards spread of Islam. There should be generally established universal laws that are meant to protect the vulnerable groups against abuse. Strong laws should be developed to put up strong war against terrorist groups as they re the greatest human right abusers.

America and its embassies is a terrorist target

Terrorist groups have increased recently. They work towards fighting American citizens, as they perceive America as the biggest stabling block towards spread of Islam and their doctrines. They target to destroy America and all its associates. The United States through its economic and military power has been able to counter terror attacks to a higher degree. The terrorist has diverted their attacks to United States assets and embassies in other countries. The 1998 terrorist attack on Kenya and Tanzania United states embassies was an example of how the terrorist groups target to destroy America. The United States embassies especially in poor and developing countries require elaborate protection mechanisms in an effort to combat attack. The United States need to assist these countries boosts their security in terms of technology on how to boost their resolve in antiterrorism. It should also provide these countries with necessary tools to be able to detect and break terrorist groups in their countries.

Hunger disaster in developing countries need to be combated

The world is affected by various problems that warrant special attention. With the war on terrorist won, the fight should be directed towards assisting poor nations in their bid to develop. The low developed countries are riddled with various problems stemming from political to social. Of all these problems, shortage of food in these countries is the worst. Developed nations like United States should direct and spearhead the fight towards food sustainability in the poor nations. Majority of the population in these countries hardly affords two meals a day. These countries especially in Sub-Saharan Africa are agricultural oriented. Due to poverty and ignorance, they practice traditional subsistence agriculture. They use poor farming methods and hence they rarely produce enough for their needs. Their government uses a large portion of their gross domestic product in provision of food and water. Hunger disasters are frequent national disasters in these countries. Developed countries should therefore pull their resources together and combat this disaster. Once hunger is eliminated, these countries will have resources to invest and stimulate economic development and uplift the living standards of these nations and making the world in general a better place to live.

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