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Jehovah’s Witness – Beliefs

Jehovah’s witnesses are unique believers who base their religion on Christianity; however, they hold many unique features and traditions. The main peculiarity of Jehovah’s witnesses is that their God is Jehovah, and Jesus Christ is his agent, through whom people may reconcile to God (“Jehovah’s Witness – Beliefs,” 2019). The reason for choosing to research this religion lies within the goal to discover its origin and reasons why they believe in their postulates. Therefore, I found an official website of Jehovah’s witnesses, which provides fundamental information about this religion and various other engaging articles and rules of these believers.

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Upon researching the official site of Jehovah’s witnesses believers, I have found plenty of insightful information regarding the religion. One of the striking facts learned from the website is the origin of the religion’s name. Calling themselves witnesses derives from their primary responsibility to daily help all people discover the Bible and God’s Kingdom, therefore witnessing about Jehovah (Jehovah’s Witnesses—Who Are We? n.d.). Particular facts help identify the details and dig into the religion’s roots more, explaining the most unusual questions.

The primary difference of Jehovah’s witnesses’ religion perceives Jesus Christ as an agent, who qualified under all Jehovah’s rules of a perfect King of God’s Kingdom. The guidelines required him to be chosen by God, be an heir of King David, born in Bethlehem, rejected by men and executed, and raised from the dead and glorified (Who Is the King of God’s Kingdom? n.d.). Among all people ever been born on Earth, only Jesus Christ qualified to each of these requirements, and proclaimed a King of God’s Kingdom and an ideal ruler.

The chosen website provides profound information about the Jehovah’s Witnesses, moreover offering to help others find their faith. The official site suggests various study materials, the ability to attend meetings of Jehovah’s witnesses, request a visit from them, and multiple other propositions. Looking upon these facts, one can conclude that the official website of Jehovah’s witnesses is the most reliable source to research information about the religion.


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