49 Jesus Christ Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Jesus Christ

  1. The Transfiguration of Jesus – Literary Criticism
    The paper presents literary criticism of a passage on the Transfiguration of Jesus, including context and structure analysis, redaction criticism, as well as theological analysis.
  2. Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew
    The Gospel of Matthew is the first book of the New Testament. This paper tries to tell about Jesus and what the Gospel writer attempts to say to his audience by putting the parables together.
  3. The Gospel of Matthew: Jesus Christ’s Thinking
    This paper observes chapters 3-5 of the Gospel of Mathew in the New Testament to narrate the author’s insights into Jesus’ thinking as he moved from baptism to Sermon.
  4. Jesus’ Teaching About the Kingdom and About Himself
    Faith and religion are very personal concerns that could be treated in different ways depending on what a person wants to see, understand, and believe in.
  5. Jesus’ Identity: God, Man, or Both?
    The Gospel of Matthew poses to us and say that Jesus is a divine creature who came to us as a human being and showed the way to save our souls and find the way to God.
  6. Jesus Christ in “Resurrected as Messiah” by Ortlund
    Article “Resurrected as Messiah: The Rise Christ as Prophet, Priest, and King” by Ortlund is about the rise of Christ in three different forms, as a prophet, a priest, and a king.
  7. “How God Became Jesus?” a Book by Michael Bird
    How God became Jesus is Michael Bird’s book that deconstructs claims by Bart Ehrman in his How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee.
  8. Is Jesus God? Critical Evaluation, Arguments for and Against
    This paper will show that Jesus is God and biblical teachings manifest that Jesus possessed the characteristics and abilities of God.
  9. In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do? by Charles Sheldon
    “In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do?” carries the message for everyone: before doing something, it is necessary to consider whether this action is virtuous.
  10. Jesus’ Concerns for the Women and Sick
    Jesus demonstrated his concern for the women and attended to them. He also had a great concern for the sick and told the Jews to lend a hand to the sick.
  11. Buddha’s Four Noble Truths and Jesus’ Teachings
    In Buddhism, the Noble Eightfold Path is the last of the Four Noble Truths. The principles laid out in the Eightfold Path find some reflection in Jesus’ teachings.
  12. Transformational Leadership of Jesus Christ
    Christ’s view of leadership is expressed in leadership in service, which is the desire to enrich and improve the lives of guided people through unselfish service.
  13. Jesus and Confucius Comparison
    Christianity and Confucianism are well-known systems of belief, based on the number of adherents and their significance.
  14. In the Name of Jesus: Critical Review
    Nouwen’s thesis is that the historical situation on the eve of the 21st century necessitated the reinvigoration of Christian leadership
  15. Lead Like Jesus: Critical Book Review by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges
    In the book Lead Like Jesus, the authors Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges develop an entirely new approach to leading and influencing servant leadership.
  16. The Death of Jesus in Early Christianity by Carroll & Green
    This writing reflects on the book ‘The Death of Jesus in Early Christianity’ by Carroll and Green and proposes a unique approach and interpretation of the primary text.
  17. Jesus and the Disinherited by Howard Thurman
    The book Jesus and the Disinherited written by Howard Thurman is devoted to the religious and race aspects and their positions in the modern world.
  18. Jesus Role in Fulfilling God’s Plan to Save the World
    The bible as a religious book was written many years ago. It’s a religious book for Christians. Christians believe in God, the son and the Holy Spirit.
  19. Is Jesus Both Human and Divine?
    The Old and New Testaments contain the evidence about the divine nature of Jesus and his life as a human. The biblical facts suggest that Jesus was a man.
  20. The Healing Ministry of Jesus
    This paper looks at the healing ministry of Jesus. This ministry is one of the most acknowledged yet controversial parts of His work on earth.
  21. Deviations in the Perception of the Personality of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
    The issue regarding the veracity of the claim that Jesus is the Son of God will only affect those who are brought up in a monotheistic faith.
  22. Catechism of the Catholic Church on Jesus Christ
    The only one lord Jesus had a paramount duty to serve and suffer for man, born of a virgin woman through the power of the Holy Spirit as such one substance with God the father.
  23. “Sharing Jesus Without Fear” by William Fay
    William Fay has done remarkable work as an evangelist, seeking out to reach the masses to invite and arouse their interest in the words of the Gospel.
  24. Comparison of Jesus and Mohammed
    This paper intends to compare and contrast the two Religious personalities (Jesus and Mohammed) in terms of history and influential capacities on their followers.

💡 Simple Jesus Christ Essay Ideas

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  1. The Evidence That Proves the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  2. How does Jesus Christ answer Prayers From the Story of Lorraine?
  3. The Importance of Seven Deadly Sins and Jesus Christ
  4. How Jesus Christ Fulfilled the Covenants God Made With?
  5. Jesus Christ: Scripture’s Most Controversial Bachelor
  6. Jesus Christ: Fully Human and Fully Divine
  7. How Practical Are Jesus Christ‘s Teachings Today‘s World?
  8. The Holy Eucharist: The Metaphorical Cannibalism of the Body of Jesus Christ Justified
  9. How the Novel Godhanger Is an Allegory for the Life of Jesus Christ?
  10. Problems Associated With Determining the Birthplace of Jesus Christ
  11. The Biblical Prophecies and the Coming of Jesus Christ
  12. Dealing With Death Penalty in the Trials and Death of Socrates and Jesus Christ
  13. The Divine and Human Nature of Jesus Christ
  14. Suffering Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  15. Why the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ Are Significant for Christianity?
  16. Contemporary World and Jesus Christ’s Wisdom
  17. Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ According to the Gospels of John and Mark
  18. Comparing the Death and Burial of Jesus Christ
  19. Solace and Peace Through Our Jesus Christ
  20. Preachers Should Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  21. Jesus Christ and Functionalist and Conflict Theory
  22. The Different Encounters With Jesus Christ in the Four Gospels of the New Testaments
  23. Jesus Christ for Eternal Life Through His Death and the Power
  24. The About Attending the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
  25. Communicating the Good News Through the Message of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
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