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Researching Religion in America

Religion in the United States of America is misplaced. Its position in the public realm is among the many prickly issues analyzed in religion, in America, including in government programs. Contributors and researchers find diversified conclusions about the private, religious lives of Americans and their personal attitudes on the social role of religion in their communities. Religion in America has no meaning; every scholar of religion comes up with a new definition of religion, which drifts away from the old definitions, creating a misplaced definition of religion.

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America is among the countries that have a diversity of persons from different parts of the world. It hosts people from all parts of the world and hence has the potential of holding all religions that exists in the world. However, Christianity is the largest religion in the US. Christians in the US have been known to be so selfish and strict about other religions, something that has brought about hatred between them and the other religions. Religious discrimination is on the high rise in the United States, with different religions hating on each other. There are many cases of Muslims and Christians killing each other due to their religious conflicts. On the other hand, being an atheist as a way of avoiding all these religious conflicts does not help.

A person who is branded an atheist in the United States of America cannot be given a leadership position. This means that someone must, at least, be a member of a reputable religion in order to be treated as a normal American. It is, however, very hard to choose which religion to belong to since all religions face some level of repulsion from other religions. There are even some religions that are not recognized by the Americans, despite the freedom of worship that is supported in the American constitution. Some branches of the Buddhist religion together with some cults, who believe they have a religion, have faced a high level of criticism from members of other religions, asking them to define the basis of their religions.

Religion has caused many people to suffer and lose their lives, while, in some cases, these religions accuse each other of babbling about imaginary Gods. The Christians, for example, who believe that their bible was written under the guidance of their God and that the same God came up with the Ten Commandments, cannot explain why the bible talks about wars and hatred for women. Their bible also advocates for slavery. Does it mean that their God created women and began hating them? Why should the same God, who is all-loving, and merciful love wars and bloodshed? This is an imaginary God whom they believe in for the sake of feeling secure and finding an answer to death, which most of them fear. Such delusions among American religions create extremely dangerous social dysfunctions in societies of intelligent people; end up being mixed up with the confusions they get out of belonging to a religion.

Americans should start thinking of how to solve the social problems that result from religious discrimination and other negative effects of religion. One of the ways that can permanently solve this problem is to create a democratic society. This way, people will learn to live in peace and harmony and adopt principles of toleration that call for respect to diversity. This will be a significant step towards eradicating the social problems caused by religion in America. Americans, through this, will learn the importance of diversity in their societies, they will learn to appreciate it and hence live together in harmony, despite the many religious differences that they may have. It is hence vital for school children to be taught a concept of all religions in school and how to tolerate diversity, which comes with a multiplicity of religions. This will make them appreciate the existence of other religions in America; an effect that will persist throughout their lives.

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