Metals and minerals are, and will continue to be, vital components of everyday life. They play pivotal role in the construction of items essential to the infrastructures we rely on.

Mining companies are often criticized, not just for how they operate and what they leave behind, but also for the environmental effects of their products (such as coal). These issues are compounded by more immediate challenges including managing costs, supply-demand imbalances, increasing investor scrutiny, and safety concerns in an industry with such high fatality rates. We are helping our mining clients form a new narrative to demonstrate their societal and economic value leading to what we term as: ‘The mine we want to see.’

ERM works with major and junior mining companies around the world to help them address strategic, tactical, and operational challenges. This includes:

  • Major incident and accident prevention, managing operational risks and control;
  • Water custodianship corporate strategies and technical solutions;
  • Social issues, human rights, stakeholder mapping and engagement, and conflict resolution;
  • Data and resource efficiency, system streamlining, information solutions;
  • The industry’s pivotal involvement in a product life-cycle and product stewardship;
  • Mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, transaction strategies, liability and compliance assessments; and
  • Long-term planning for closure and regeneration.

Our capabilities have been further enhanced by the recent acquisition of CSA Global, who have been providing outstanding technical and expert services to public and private mining companies for 30 years.

The projects we do with our mining clients add significant value across the mining lifecycle while helping them grow, better manage risk, realize a return on capital, improve their sustainability aspirations, and become better corporate citizens.