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God Exists: Reasoning and Proof

One of the topics that can be discussed indefinitely is the existence or unreality of God. Neither this discussion nor any other can ever answer that question. Moreover, the debate about God or Deities has been going on since the human mind (Feuerbach, 2018). It is crucial to understand this because the realization that it is impossible to convince one’s interlocutor of a certain worldview allows one to endure a difficult conversation.

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First of all, I would start by asking what my neighbor thinks about death. I firmly believe that to understand how confident the person is in his or her view of the world, it is necessary to discuss the afterlife. Death and burial rituals are, without looking at the biological aspect, primarily a socio-cultural phenomenon that allows developing a worldview. It is the outlook that is responsible for the perception of the events taking place around it. Just as religion separates people, any event or phenomenon in the world will be differently reflected in people’s minds. In Naming the Elephant: Worldview as a Concept, the author writes that the worldview is formed from prejudices and views of the world, but there is no right or wrong (Sire, 2014). This means that the question of God’s existence may respond differently to people with different beliefs. However, ardent supporters of the Creator’s unreality often impose their views on believers. This may also occur because people are not fully confident in their atheism and are trying to find evidence of God in the dispute. According to Phillips et al. (2009), people do not fully understand their worldviews. Agreeing with him, it should be added that only careful work on oneself can reveal that there are forces in the world that are inaccessible to humanity.

Exploring the afterlife like nothing else helps to shape views on life. Humankind, being the crown of creation, has an incredible consciousness, the ability to be accountable for its actions and responsibility. Only a human from all other sentient beings could build cities, build Wonders of the World and conquer the unexplored areas of the Universe. It is expected to assume that the formation of such a phenomenon as humanity is nothing but a gift from God. It is difficult to imagine that millions of years of evolution could collect consciousness from the elements of animal intellect. The critical question of this study is to determine where the incredible knowledge of humanity disappears after death. I cannot accept the fact that it merely ceases to exist. Instead, I believe that God decides what to do with the spiritual body after the death of the physical body.

In addition, I would ask my neighbor how the human race could have appeared. It is not difficult to look at the world around the modern human to understand that no living creature has achieved the biosocial success that is inherent in the person. Indeed, there are animals in nature that gather in packs, communicate, and care for each other. However, such representatives over hundreds of millions of years of evolution could not achieve the main thing – the ability to feel themselves and form a worldview.

The main argument of atheists in favor of the unreality of God is the origin of life according to biological laws. I do not argue with the fact that evolution gives answers to questions about how separate systems of organs were created, but science is powerless in the research of life creation. Even though classical science can theoretically simulate the process of the Universe created from the first nanosecond of the Big Bang to the present day, it cannot answer how inanimate nature formed life. No scientist can provide an argument for having the main engine to create the whole world. The answer to this question is simple – it is the will of the Creator (Kellenberger, 2017). According to the materials studied, the cosmological proof is one of the most objective facts of the existence of God. The cosmos is always constant, and life, despite its progress, too. Behind this stability is the root cause, which is also repeated throughout the existence of the world. The search for the source is beyond the physical phenomena, and all searches will lead to God. It is worth remembering that in the beginning, there was the Word, and the Word was God.

Finally, the central fact of the existence of supernatural power is that it is recognized throughout the world. It is astonishing that different, sometimes even opposing cultures come to believe that there is the Creator who is responsible for everything. Evidence of the worship of God can be found in different nations, in whatever form He is presented. Modern people continue the faithful traditions of their ancestors and are ministers of religion. Indeed, today not everyone observes the precepts and commandments that were given in the Bible: some people, most of the time, cannot even determine if they are theists. They turn to God in search of hope in moments of grief or fear, expecting Him to help them. I cannot call it wrong because people come to the Creator. It is up to Him to determine how godly a human has been throughout his life. I would ask my interlocutor what he or she would experience if both engines failed. I would hardly get the frank answer, but I am convinced that in such critical situations, everyone prays for help. If it is God’s will to save people, then such miracles can undoubtedly be seen as an accident or coincidence. Nevertheless, they, who survive, will remain deeply convinced that Someone from above is involved in his future life.


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