There is an urgent need to alter the way that energy is sourced, transformed and used globally. 

Pressure is increasing from investors, regulators, customers and society for business and governments to transition to a lower carbon economy. ERM is distinctly positioned to help our clients in the corporate, financial and government sectors to navigate this transition, from strategic advice through to practical on-the-ground implementation. 

We provide guidance to understand markets, technologies, policies, economics, regulations, and financing aspects to enable the selection of options and deployment of real projects.  

  • Providing climate policy analyses and intelligence to assess evolving regulatory requirements and facilitating strategic, multi-stakeholder coalitions to assist clients in ensuring economically and environmentally sustainable climate policies 
  • Advising at corporate and asset levels to identify and reduce carbon emissions and climate-related financial risk within the value chain 
  • Techno-economically assessing options to decarbonize industrial, transport and built environment assets and portfolios, leading to clear recommendations 
  • Assisting companies to develop new technologies and enter new value chains  
  • Support for building new or repurposing existing infrastructure for the low-carbon economy  
  • Helping to close, clean-up and regenerate old fossil fuel related assets as the low carbon transition gathers momentum 
  • Forming regional hubs of industries with shared needs for solutions such as hydrogen, heat networks or carbon capture 
  • Supporting clients to secure public funding for innovative projects and providing management services to such projects 
  • Assessing how nature-based solutions can support carbon reduction goals and build resilience of assets impacted by climate change 

ERM’s experience helping clients navigate changes across multiple sectors enables us to bring extensive technical and strategic capability to help organizations act at the scale and speed necessary to remain successful.