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Welcome to our free paper rewriter. Follow the 4 steps below to use this paraphrasing tool for research papers:

  1. Copy and paste the paper you want to be rewritten;
  2. Choose the share of words to replace;
  3. Click on the button;
  4. Get the perfect result.

🔤 Text Reworder: Why Using It?

To simplify the text When the text exceeds your understanding and you need to make sense of it, you can try paraphrasing it in our text reworder.
To show your understanding It can help you prove to have understood the argument from the referenced literature. This strategy adds more life to your writing. Besides, it shows that you have given the issue enough time to analyze and generate your opinion.
To quickly add a quite When you need to incorporate a quote, it can reduce the number of redundant words. It is an efficient way of saving more space to express your thoughts.
To change the text's language Rewording a text allows you to transform another author’s language into the one that meets your purposes. In particular, the tool is helpful when your text is intended for a general audience and the quote is too narrow-focused. The paraphrasing tool will make the sentence more understandable to non-specialists.
To change the style In the follow-up to the previous point, it can help whenever you want to convey another author’s words with a different stylistic hue. For example, the original is non-gender inclusive (due to the time of its creation).
To shorten the text The text rephraser can summarize or simplify an unnecessarily long and complicated text, making it more readable. Besides, you could use this feature while preparing for your finals. Just upload the most complex passages to get the author’s point.
To get new ideas Sometimes, taking a different look at the text boosts new ideas. The tool can bring a non-conventional or more profound meaning to the same message.

📝 Using Rephrased Texts: Is It Plagiarism?

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A rephrased text becomes plagiarism in academic papers when there is no reference to the original. There even exists an established term for this phenomenon: paraphrasing plagiarism.

And vice versa, if you quote another person’s text word-for-word and add a proper reference, it is not plagiarism.

Why so? The thing is that rendering someone else’s ideas in your own words does not make them your ideas. And appropriation of a piece of intellectual property is a misdemeanor.

The picture explains how to avoid plagiarism.

So, what should you do to avoid plagiarism while using other authors’ literature? Depending on the citation style, you should correctly incorporate an in-text citation. Then, include the source in the list of references at the end of your paper.

Your bibliography items should also have the appropriate formatting according to the citation style and comprise all the reference information.

Good & Bad Examples of Text Reprhasing

Below you will find 3 examples of proper and improper use of another text in your writing. All of them are based on the Presidential Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy. For your convenience, we chose a paragraph familiar to most students.

✅ Direct quote (correct)


“The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life. And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe – the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God (Kennedy, 1961).”

❌ Paraphrased quote (incorrect)


The world is different. We hold in our mortal hands enough power to abolish human poverty but also human life. Still, the same revolutionary ideas for which our forebears struggled are an issue worldwide – the belief that human rights stem not from the state’s generosity but from the hand of God.

As you see, the sentence structure is left unchanged. Only some words are deleted or altered. These efforts are not enough for a good paraphrased quotation.

✅ Paraphrased quote (correct)


As John F. Kennedy (1961) said in his inaugural speech, now, the world has changed since we are the ones who can equally eliminate all forms of poverty and all forms of life. However, many people worldwide still fight for the same revolutionary ideas our forefathers fought to establish. It is the belief that our rights emerge from the will of God, not from the will of the state.

This variant of reworded text merged two sentences into one and, in other cases, split one into two. The word order and vocabulary have also been modified. Finally, there is a correct in-text citation (APA style).

📝 How to Reword Texts Correctly: 8 Tips

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  1. Read the entire text beforehand. Pay attention to the logical stress, and do your best to understand the author’s purposes.
  2. Make an outline of the original. It will help you understand the original structure and give you more freedom in changing the order of sentences later.
  3. Decide how deep the rewording should be.
    • Do you need the text to become shorter than the original? If yes, you won’t need to rephrase each sentence and can feel free to omit some words.
    • Is the text too narrowly focused for your target audience? If yes, you’ll have to use more generic words and paraphrase any terms that might be unfamiliar to the reader.
    • Does the text need any stylistic modifications? If yes, note down the necessary changes. For instance, your writing may require more formal or less academic phrases.
  4. Reword the text using the following strategies:
    • Never start the first sentence from the same point as in the original.
    • Use synonyms wherever possible.
    • Replace wordy phrases with single-word alternatives (e.g., perform the job = do).
    • Change the grammar of the sentences (tense, voice, relationships between the subject and predicate).
    • Merge small sentences into longer ones, but avoid overcomplicating.
    • Divide complex sentences into simpler chunks.
    • Change the order of sentences if it does not violate the general structure.
  5. Return to point 2. Does your new text correspond to the original structure? Check if there is a discernible introduction and conclusion. Then make sure you have mentioned all the principal arguments of the source.
  6. Return to point 3 to check your notes. Have you succeeded in all the necessary stylistic changes? You may need to carefully re-read your writing at this stage. Do not pay attention to grammar or punctuation now. Does the tone of the paraphrased text match your own writing?
  7. Proofread the paraphrased text for logical inconsistencies and grammatical and orthographical errors.
  8. Enjoy the feeling of a completed job.

Thank you for reading this article! If you are not completely satisfied with the result of paraphrasing, try one of our highly specialized tools for various types of content:

❓ Text Reworder FAQ

How Does a Text Reworder Work?

This paraphrase generator allows you to paste any text into the blank field, select the rewording rate (40%, 60%, etc.), and get a brand-new text with similar meaning. This free online tool is as simple as a calculator. Still, its software uses complicated artificial intelligence and an enormous vocabulary.

How to Reword Text?

  1. Quickly read the entire text to understand which information is critical and which can be disregarded.
  2. Make a mental list of the necessary changes:
    • Should the text become shorter or longer?
    • Does the style need any corrections?
  3. Change the text accordingly, using synonyms and altered sentence structure.

Do You Have to Use In-text Citation When You Reword a Quote?

In brief, yes. Rewording a quote does not mean that another person’s ideas automatically become your intellectual property. Such a practice is one of the plagiarism forms that can negatively affect your reputation and academic life. That’s why you are obliged to provide an in-text citation with each reworded phrase.

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