As companies respond to unprecedented change, new operating realities and stakeholder demands, leaders are under pressure to deliver more value in an increasingly complex business environment.

Investments in environment, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability programs are no exception - every dollar spent needs to protect or create value for the business. ERM helps executives shape these programs to fit this new context by better connecting the EHS and sustainability functions with operations.

We help organizations mitigate risk, grow revenues, and manage costs through a business outcome-driven approach to EHS and sustainability that includes:

Optimizing and transforming EHS
ERM engages functional and operations teams to assess the need for change - whether driven by M&A activity, industry transformation, regulatory transgression, or other business factors – as well as co-design a new way forward that works to unite the organization, and deliver results through more streamlined, effective and efficient EHS and sustainability programs.

Integrating digital approaches
Smarter, better integrated use of data is perhaps the theme of today’s EHS and sustainability world. ERM helps clients make better use of what they have already invested in and equip operations with the insight they need to deliver improved performance, from the front line to the C-suite.

Delivering enterprise transformation
Increasingly clients are turning to ERM to implement and support components of their EHS and sustainability programs on their behalf. This allows companies to focus on their core business while leveraging our multi-disciplinary EHS and sustainability expertise and in depth experience to deliver value.

Our approach unites EHS and sustainability and operations teams by creating and testing new ideas to solve the issues that are most important to our clients’ organizations through management consulting, digital advisory, organizational change management and technical EHS and sustainability expertise.