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Communicating Effectively With Preceptors

Effective communication is of extreme significance in the health care environment. Communication can be defined as the process of sharing information and interaction between people. In the following paper, I am going to dwell on the status of my communication skills in three particular areas, and the way these skills can be improved in future.

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Currently, my practice environments include three areas: student-preceptor, professional-patient, and professional-professional. Student-preceptor area gives me the opportunity to learn valuable information. Preceptor shares his or her knowledge and experience, and I receive them. The task of the student is to comprehend the learning objectives and outcomes of the course. Being a good listener is one of the most importance communicative skills. Besides, the student should be able to ask right questions. My strength in this area includes the ability to ask questions. I am not afraid of the preceptor, and I am not scared of the possible mistakes. However, my primary weakness is the lack of listening skills. For instance, I often experience passive listening while being at courses. That means that my thoughts can be easily distracted by something else. Professional-patient area presupposes the effective interaction with patients. In my opinion, the nurse should achieve a feeling of confidence with any patient. Trust is essential for the patient-oriented approach. I am good at starting conversations with patients. I always ask preliminary questions about general conditions, the way of life, and family. I can find the connection with the patient. Nevertheless, I face difficulties in approaching stubborn patients. If they are not willing to communicate, it is challenging to gain their confidence. For instance, if a patient does not want to receive treatment and considers that he knows everything, I cannot speak to him efficiently. This example describes my weaknesses. A good professional should employ a variety of techniques to gather necessary information and gain patient’s favor. The third area refers to the professional communication with the staff. Depending on circumstances, the nurse should be able to organize the working environment. For instance, when I need to approach some of my potential colleagues, I face difficulty in explaining why I need their assistance. Besides, I am rather an introverted person. These are my weaknesses. My strengths include the readiness to collaborate if needed and always listen to others.

Upon graduation, I would like to have my listening skills improved. I want to develop active listening to focus on relevant information with maximum efficiency. In the second area, I aim at becoming a professional who can establish a contact even with troublesome patients. I would like to improve my leadership skills for better work with other professionals.

I plan to develop my listening skills by intentional controlling my thoughts. Active listening presupposes a profound comprehension of preceptor’s words. I also want to read additional literature to find some clues about becoming a good listener. The ability to communicate with all patients can be improved by trying to ask different questions and employing various techniques. Besides, I want to approach specialists who already work to ask for their pieces of advice. Finally, an effective communication is a part of a good leadership strategy. Thus, I plan to take an active part in events where management and communication skills are needed. It will also help to become a more open person and improve my communicative skills.

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