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Geriatric Windshield Survey Analysis

The previous analysis revealed a scope of services available to the older community members. As can be seen from it, this population group’s essential needs are covered through various facilities (see Appendix A). Moreover, living in the neighborhood is optimal for them due to low crime rates, with 0.12 cases of murder and 2.97 rates of robbery per a thousand residents (“Dallas, TX crime rates,” n.d.). However, to demonstrate the efficiency of the facilities’ overall work, it is vital to consider the components of a high-quality life for this category of citizens. Hence, this paper aims to evaluate the neighborhood regarding their efforts to meet older adults’ needs in healthcare, transportation, food resources, spiritual needs, pet care, leisure, and home services.

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Healthcare Services

The first aspect under consideration is healthcare, and its importance for the neighborhood’s inhabitants is defined by the interrelation of their general wellbeing and health status. As follows from the research on the aging of citizens in Texas, a favorable environment with accessible facilities increases the longevity of their time spent in a home of their own (Wang & Shepley, 2018). According to the table, this need is addressed through the presence of two pharmacies providing consultation, hospitals under the Medicare program, and dental clinics nearby (see Appendix A). Hence, this need is sufficiently covered in the neighborhood.

Transportation and Infrastructure

The second consideration is the means of transportation available to older adults in the area. As can be seen from the previous analysis, there are three options: public transit, taxi, and Uber (see Appendix A). Nevertheless, some of them might present a difficulty for this population group. Thus, for example, the working hours of public transport are limited, and the only way to go to the hospital, if needed, is a taxi or Uber. These means, however, sometimes require the help of relatives who might be absent. Moreover, if the citizens need to use an ATM, they might not be able to walk to it in the case of a physical disability.

Food Resources

The third aspect is the accessibility of groceries in the area for this category of people, and it is sufficiently covered by the existing food facilities. From the analysis, it is clear that there are two stores in the neighborhood, and they both provide delivery (see Appendix A). As for the adults who cannot use them due to illness, advanced age, or disability, another option is VNA Texas meals On Wheels which works five days a week (see Appendix A). The presence of these services fully correlates with the intention to ensure a healthy diet and establish weight control, which, in turn, prevents them from moving to senior centers (Swan et al., 2016). In this way, the need for food among older adults is adequately addressed.

Spiritual Needs

The fourth area of human activity which is essential for their wellbeing is spirituality, and it is especially critical for aged people in the neighborhood. This circumstance is explained by the fact that the majority of them were reported to be deeply involved in religion, and most of them were Protestant (Balboni & Balboni, 2019). The analysis demonstrated the presence of two facilities of this nature: Grace Church of Richardson and the Restoration Church (see Appendix A). Therefore, it can be concluded that the elderly population’s spiritual needs in the neighborhood are efficiently met.

Leisure Activities and Animals

The fifth aspect of older adults’ social life is their leisure time, and it includes various activities and walks with their pets. The former is provided by the Richardson Senior Center and represented by recreation programs and classes for this population group (see Appendix A). The latter, in turn, is connected to the work of various facilities, which are also present in the neighborhood. They are safe sidewalks and dog parks accessible to wheelchair users as well (see Appendix A). As for the care for animals, this need is covered by Arapaho Road Animal Clinic and Odyssey Pets store (see Appendix A). From this perspective, the environment can be assessed as supportive of older adults’ physical activity.

Home Services

The sixth need of the target population group is the provision of specific services at home, and it is covered by different facilities. Thus, the 911 call system, fire, and medical emergency are maintained by the City of Dallas Fire-Rescue Services (see Appendix A). As for less urgent tasks, such as lawn mowing and house cleaning, they are performed by nearby companies. The former is provided by Timberline Lawn and Landscape and can be ordered by phone, which is preferable for older adults (see Appendix A). The same applies to the Xtreme cleaning service, which works weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

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To summarize, the neighborhood adequately meets the needs of the elderly population, but some areas should be improved. The fully addressed aspects are healthcare services, food resources, spirituality, leisure and physical activity, pet care, and home services. Nevertheless, the people of the target group might find it difficult to use transport in emergencies. During the night, the principal option is Uber or taxi, whereas some of them might have problems with technology as such. Thus, the only suggested improvement is the creation of available transportation services for older adults.


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Appendix A

Geriatric Windshield Survey: Step 1

Places Name of Business Detail of Service Distance
1) Pharmacy CVS Pharmacy

Tom Thumb

In store pickup or delivered to home.
No compound medication on both pharmacies.
In store pickup, also they provide service such us blood pressure and diabetes consultation
1.1 miles

1.2 miles

2) Grocery/Food resources Tom Thumb


Both stores provide in-store shopping, Curbside pickup and Delivery 1.1 miles

1.4 miles

3) Bank (Financial Institution) Chase Bank

Bank of America

Lobby and ATM

Lobby, Drive-thru, ATM and Teller Service. Six days per a week banking and 24hr ATM

1.1 miles

1.1 miles

4) Primary Care Physician/Doctors Office Texas Health Family Care. The Primary care Physician specializes in the full range of services, including vaccination for families around this area.
All major insurance plans are accepted, including Medicare.
1.5 miles
5) Hospital Services Medical City Dallas Offers many specialties service with outpatient clinic and diagnostics service center. 3.5 miles
6) Dental Services Village Dental Care Provide service including repair damaged teeth, basic and general dental care 1.3 miles
7) Places of worship Grace Church of Richardson

The Restoration Church

Both Wheelchair accessible entrance 1.4 miles

2.6 miles

8) If you cannot drive Public transit



Service from 6 am to 10 pm.

Available on the time of call
Needs app, can be accessed by family members or senior care centers.

236ft walk to Public transit stop

It depends but should be called for a taxi company 15-20 min before plan to leave.

9) Senior Activity Center Richardson Senior Center Provides a wide range of services for citizens 55 and older. Service includes recreation programs and classes to enhance the quality of life. 2.3 miles
10) Meals on Wheels VNA Texas meals On Wheels Daily Hot, nutritious Meal Delivery Five days a week for people who cannot provide themselves due to illness, advanced age, or disability. The nearest is 16.4 miles.
11) Sidewalks Alena Apartment Off of the roadway and separated from the main road. Clean, flat level and safe, well lighten at night. Within the apartment complex
12) Dog park Heights Park Entrance and Parking lot wheelchair accessible 4.7 miles
13) Vet Services Arapaho Road Animal Clinic Provides full service, including a wide variety of treatment and procedures, wellness checkups, and vaccination. 4.9 miles
14) Pet Supply Odyssey Pets They provide pets’ food, pet bowls, and feeder, treats, toys, pet health and wellness, cleaning and potty, dog and cat containment, and grooming supplies. 4.1 miles
15) Crime Rate City of Dallas Crime rate Murder 0.12
Rape 0.62
Robbery 2.97
Assault 4.06
Rated per 1,000 residents
16) Fire station – police station – EMT City of Dallas Fire-Rescue Services 911 call system, fire and emergency medical service. 0.9 miles
17) Lawn Service Timberline Lawn and Landscape Lawn Mowing services may order service online, by phone, or walking. 2.7 miles
18) Housecleaning Xtreme cleaning service Service can be weekly, biweekly or monthly, free estimate over the phone or in person. 1.1 miles

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