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The IT Project Management Analysis

Having provided a correct and wise addressing of the mentioned non-functional requirements is a guarantee of the adequate and uninterrupted work of the whole calling center of the CD insurance company. Security and privacy considerations, legal considerations, IT compliance, environmental sustainability requirements, and other special requirements are the non-functional issues which should be addressed.

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Security and privacy of the information is one of the most important issues in the world of development innovative technologies. Having a desire to create special customer databases where the information is going to be stored and assessed when the personnel works with this specific client, it is crucial to make sure that the privacy principles are followed and the data is not available for the third parties. The following measures may be taken to make sure that confidentiality is maintained. The clients’ data should be secured from free access. Personnel should access the data from their personal accounts which are created and protected with the login and password. This may help follow the information each employee checks. Furthermore, the security policies should be implemented in the organization. Each employee should be noted about the rules.

To make sure that each employee follows the privacy policies and keeps clients’ confidential information according to the confirmed norms, employees should be made sign in the contracts which state on the responsibility for disclosure of clients’ information, either financial or disciplinary punishment should be applied. In addition, it may be helpful to implement confidentiality as the company ethical consideration. CD insurance company should make sure that is follows copyright rules, as in case of its violation plagiarism may be detected and. The company should make sure that the project patent meets required standards of originality confirmed by the copyright company.

The implementation of IT technologies is inevitable. Paying attention to the specifics of data storage and collection, the IT security should be highly developed. It is important to create a database centre where the information is going to be stored. When an operator inserts the information in the system, he/he should fill out a specific form for easier systemizing, analysis, access and evaluation of the got information. Login and password system should be developed. It is important to structure the information necessity and make it available according to the level of the necessity. The company manager should have access to all information, including the reports about the activity of each employee. The connection between different offices and tie the information to the call center is important. Specific server should keep all the information and distribute it.

To address the environmental sustainability requirements, it is important to understand what is essential for the organization in order to make its work efficient and uninterrupted. Organizational operational environment should be supported with the specific software program “that manages the basic operation of a computer system… managers the assessment of computer memory, access to peripheral equipment, screen displays, keying, and interfaces with other operating systems” (Day 2000, p. 358). This non-functional requirement must be addressed on the basis of the previous one, IT compliance. The implementation of the operational system must be based on the IT characteristics of the system and the specific department must be created to follow, control and correct specific problem in case of their emergence.

Another special requirement which must be met is the testing of the new system. It is important to check all the programs and issues related to the new software, consider whether all people have passwords, the system security and functionality. Working in the testing regime for the first months, the company employees should report about all problems they have. In case of problems with a new system of work, the old one should function. Such type of addressing the new system implementation allows the call center to continue ordinary working process and get familiarized with the new one without interruption in the work of a call centre.

Constraints and assumptions

According to the new responsibilities, after the implementation of a new project CD insurance company is going to assume the following issues:

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  1. A new product will be offered to customers, household insurance along with the old one, car insurance.
  2. Due to the implementation of a new database, the access to the necessary information and efficient treatment, call center guarantees fast response to customers’ need within both products.
  3. ‘Lapse-rate’ auto insurance offers are going to be left due to the customer satisfaction with the service delivery. It is just important to conduct monthly analysis and check whether the time constraints are not delayed.
  4. The data in the data centers is going to be updated immediately after the employee has inserted it there. This creates the possibility to limit the time of working with a client as the history of replies and demands as well as completed services is going to be available.
  5. The report system should be implemented in the organization to understand how many clients are invited and who have refused to continue working with the organization. The number of clients who have not used company services for some time may be also affected.
  6. The reports are going to be gathered each week.
  7. Call centers are going to work 24/7. Maintenance mode should be implemented in such a way that at least one operator is available while others are working.
  8. Staff will be friendly and ready to help with any problem as they have an access to the information and the customer should not describe the problem from the very beginning.
  9. The confirmation about the affair is going to be delivered with 24 hour after initial contact as the insurance is done within 12 minutes and the system will automatically send the notifications.
  10. Angry customers will experience more sympathy and understanding. Call operators’ communication is going to be recorded in order to control the staff responsibilities and the assumptions they bear.
  11. The whole call center will be directed at supportive function, not informational as is has been before.
  12. The static forms for covering clients’ information are going to be used to make the search for information easier.
  13. Clients will have an opportunity to leave feedback both about the company work in general and about a specific operator who has managed either to satisfy the customer’s needs or not.

Constraints the call center may face are numerous, among them are internal and external.

  1. Small placement of the call center does not allow the operators to serve many clients at one and the same time. Thus, there may be the cases when the customers do not have too much time to wait and disconnect.
  2. Call center operators are going to work 24/7, but the IT department is going to have usual schedule, 5 working days per 8 working hours. In case some problems appear with the new system it is going to be unavailable for some time, depending on the seriousness of the problem and its time of access.
  3. The problems devoted to credit card processing cannot be applied at once. The problem should be considered with the bank and only then CD call center specialists will check whether it is the fault in their system.
  4. Static forms for filling out clients’ information may be considered as a great limitation if specific problem should be noted. This may prevent to customers’ dissatisfaction with the service due to constant repletion.
  5. Personal contacts are involved, so the mood of the operator may influence his/her working abilities. The dissatisfaction with the work influences the customers’ dissatisfaction with the services, in other words, “unhappy staff can affect service level” (Khumalo, Barrett & Behardien 2008, p. 142).
  6. The information customers may demand can be unavailable for the operator and if the problem occurs late at night during the days off, it cannot be considered with thin a short period of time.
  7. All the problems are considered over the telephone and the customers are not offered an opportunity to place their wishes over the Internet, email delivery, etc.

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Khumalo, J, Barrett, J& Behardien 2008, FCS Contact Centre Operations L3, Pearson South Africa, Cape Town.

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