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My Digital Footprint on the Internet

Digital footprint includes all the content that I leave on the internet as I use it. For example, there may be my comments on social media, email records, the information I use on the apps installed on my computer or phone, and skype calls (Four Reasons). Other people have the potential to see this information because it can be found in my online history. Part of it can also be tracked in databases. In fact, hackers may find a way to steal my money in the bank using my digital footprint. Spyware might be on the PCs or laptops that I use, therefore, it might have silently collected my data and given it to the criminals. From my perspective, I have used personal information to log in to the apps on my tablet and computer and shopped on the websites. Hence, part of my history is online, and, in my opinion, I am exposed to privacy risks regarding the use of my information.

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Personal data about me include my medical records, the information I give when registering on social media apps, such as personal contact and location, or government services, such as diving license, my browsing history, and online purchases. The websites used in my review are and I did not expect to find the data about my social media platforms and even my images on I believe that my digital footprint makes me vulnerable to cyber insecurities.

Today, the US companies based on the internet create and store citizen’s personal data, including race, ideology/religion, and sexuality (Four Reasons). In my opinion, there are no effective laws to protect the rights to privacy of the Americans. Contrastingly, the EU keeps the personal information of people on social media safe by using the GDPR, which restricts companies from collecting personal data or reusing it. I am sure that the US needs to implement laws like the UK and other European countries to protect the personal information of the users that companies try to gather.

In order to control my own footprint, I will delete my old posts, especially those that I am not comfortable with. I will also read the privacy terms and conditions before accepting to authorize social media apps and websites to use my personal data. Most importantly, I will contact and to remove cached content.

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