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East Bank Regional Hospital System


Medical facilities can adjust their models and expand the available services to meet the health demands of the targeted patients. The existing challenges and objectives should dictate this kind of change. This discussion identifies the key expansion areas that the East Bank Regional Hospital’s top management should consider. The analysis also emphasizes the specific points tasked by the hospital’s board.

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Growth Areas

The selected areas for expanding medical services include cancer diagnosis and treatment, type-2-diabetes, depression, and heart diseases. East Bank Regional Hospital has been providing medical support and care to meet the demands of patients with these illnesses. However, some gaps exist since most of the targeted beneficiaries take long before receiving personalized services. The expansion of these services can allow the facility to offer personalized cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and depression treatment (Raghupathi & Raghupathi, 2018). These conditions continue to affect more people in different parts of the world today.

Areas for Consolidation

Cancer has become a pandemic claiming the lives of millions of citizens in many regions. Siegel et al. (2019) identify delayed testing as the main predicament affecting the overall experiences of many people. When the diagnosis is done at an advanced cancer stage, the patient’s chances of survival tend to reduce (Raghupathi & Raghupathi, 2018). This epidemiological information explains why this hospital needs to consolidate its services and initiatives on cancer care. The facility will need to acquire new technologies, machines, and systems to diagnose, treat, and provide chemotherapy to more patients.

Areas for Elimination

Over the years, this hospital has been providing a wide range of services targeting young individuals, children, and adults. The available care is designed in such a way that it addresses inpatient and outpatient needs. This facility offers its services to people suffering from various medical conditions, such as tuberculosis, malaria, diabetes, and injuries. The current need for expansion is critical and capable of transforming the experiences of more citizens (Raghupathi & Raghupathi, 2018). However, the institution should not consider any area for elimination.

Projected Levels of Profitability

The proposed growth is capable of transforming the overall performance and profitability of this hospital. The cancer pandemic means that more people will require timely medical services from the facility. The hospital will be in a position to record additional income from such individuals. The current epidemiological information reveals that around 39.5 percent of people will be diagnosed with a specific cancer type at some point in their lives (Siegel et al., 2019). Around 600,000 people die annually in the United States due to cancer-related conditions (Siegel et al., 2019). The global market for cancer treatment and therapy stands at around 98.9 billion US dollars (Siegel et al., 2019). These facts reveal that the hospital’s profitability might increase by 15 percent (Siegel et al., 2019). These gains might make the facility more successful.

Target Objectives

Several objectives underlie the outlined recommendations. The first one is that the hospital will need to provide additional services to around 70,000 more patients annually. The second one is that the workforce should get additional training and equipment to improve care delivery (Raghupathi & Raghupathi, 2018). The third objective is for the institution to increase its annual profitability by 15 percent. These goals are reasonable, measurable, and attainable.


The above discussion has presented powerful reasons to support East Bank Regional Hospital’s decision to expand its services. The consideration of the outlined diseases will meet the medical needs of more people and increase the facility’s profitability. Hospitals should, therefore, consider similar measures if they are to achieve their potential and transform their patients’ experiences.

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