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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Unemployment

  1. Economics: Unemployment, Its Causes and Types
    Unemployment has become a major problem in almost every society. The challenges posed by unemployment are both social and economical in nature.
  2. Reduced Unemployment in the UK
    In order to understand why there has been a decline in unemployment rate in the UK, it is essential to understand the reasons affecting UK unemployment.
  3. Unemployment and the Labour Market in Australia
    The paper studies forces of supply and demand in the Australian labor market, the labor force participation rate and the trends in labour force participation of older workers.
  4. Unemployment’ Nature and Possible Causes
    Unemployment rate refers to the percentage of people within the available labour force who do have jobs and are actively looking for one. Unemployment rates cannot be reduced to zero.
  5. 2008 Great Recession, Unemployment and Stagnation
    This paper is looking into the case of the financial crisis, which results in an economic recession and the further sustained effects.
  6. Social and Economic Aspects of Unemployment in the UAE
    Despite the UAE having the lowest level of unemployment in the world, the number of foreign workers exceeds its native employees.
  7. Youth Unemployment Rates in Canadian Society
    The problem under investigation is the fact that the unemployment rate among people in the 18-25 age group is higher than any other age group in Canadian society.
  8. Unemployment, Its Types and Government Intervention
    Unemployment is among the most significant challenges that influence contemporary economies. Indeed, even global economic giants suffer from the problem.
  9. Offshoring, Risks, and Unemployment
    The offshoring is fairly simple, yet this phenomenon has affected a range of companies across the globe, making it possible to enhance the quality of end products and services.
  10. Frictional Unemployment and Hyperinflation
    Frictional unemployment is also known as voluntary unemployment. It cannot be eliminated from the economy. There are some economic benefits associated with it.
  11. “Unemployment and Terrorism” TED Talk by Mohamed Ali
    In this TED talk, Mohamed Ali explores the relationship between unemployment and terrorism. Ali incorporates stories from his native country to support his arguments.
  12. Natural Rate of Unemployment
    In determining the natural rate of unemployment, analysts focus on evaluating price and wage settings in the labour market.
  13. Unemployment Rates in the US
    The state of the American economy is getting closer to full employment, whereas the unemployment rates (as of 2017) remain to be approximately 4.4%.
  14. The Relationship Between Unemployment and Economic Growth
    Among the factors that define economic growth and development, human resources and unemployment are considered to be the most vital.
  15. Economics for Management. Unemployment in Spain
    Spain has the potential to reduce the unemployment rate, especially since it has already decreased significantly from 2016.
  16. Youth Unemployment in the United Kingdom
    Over the years, there have been remarkable unemployment rates among the youths all across the globe as compared to the age brackets that are regarded as adults.
  17. “Unemployment Checks: Keep ‘Em Coming” by Owens and Stettner: Article Review
    In the article, Owens and Stettner underline that current unemployment affects both the economy and employers, the government financial resources, and the jobless population.
  18. Unemployment and Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Scale
    The concept of self-esteem is derived from self–theory. A basic assumption of self-theory is the need to appreciate oneself and be appreciated by others.
  19. Unemployment: Types And Factors
    Unemployment is one of the greatest social evils in our society today. This is because of the unfriendly impacts it has on the economy.
  20. Federal Poverty, Welfare, and Unemployment Policies
    In the paper, the federal policies regarding the above mentioned areas of public interest will be scrutinized and discussed at length.
  21. Economic Issues: Factors of Production Growth and Unemployment Rates
    Assessing the factors such as the rates of production growth, the selected financial systems, and the rates of unemployment is essential for determining the threat to the state economy.
  22. Inflation and Unemployment in Bavaria
    Considering the normal state of the economy and the existing level of employment close to full, the President of Bavaria is not recommended to pursue an expansionary fiscal policy.
  23. Unemployment Rates in the United States
    Unemployment is unevenly distributed across the US population, with regards to race, age, gender, and education.

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  1. Earnings-Related Unemployment Security, Employment and Lifetime Income
  2. Employment, Unemployment and Real Economic Growth
  3. Business Cycles and Compositional Variation in US Unemployment
  4. Crime, Earnings Inequality, and Unemployment in England and Wales
  5. European Unemployment: Cause and Cure
  6. Demographic and Education Effects on Unemployment in Europe: Economic Factors and Labour Market Institutions
  7. Centralized Wage Bargaining and Regional Unemployment
  8. Capital Shortages and Asymmetries in UK Unemployment
  9. Disarmament, Unemployment, Budgets, and Inflation
  10. Demography, Capital Flows, and Unemployment
  11. Duty-Free Zone, Unemployment, and Welfare a Note
  12. Factors Affecting the Adjustments to Unemployment
  13. Capital, Wages, and Structural Unemployment
  14. Earnings, Unemployment, and Housing in Britain
  15. Canada’s Interwar Unemployment From 1919 Until 1939
  16. Aging and the Labor Market: Age Structure, Cohort Size, and Unemployment
  17. Community Unemployment and Immigrants’ Health in Montreal
  18. Employment, Unemployment, and Underemployment in Africa
  19. Correlation Between Crime and Unemployment
  20. Equilibrium Labor Turnover, Firm Growth and Unemployment
  21. Changing Identity: Retiring From Unemployment
  22. Equilibrium Unemployment and Retirement
  23. Employment Turnover and Unemployment Insurance
  24. Embodied Technical Change and the Fluctuations of Wages and Unemployment
  25. Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits in Great Britain
  26. Capital Immobility, Informal Sector, and Urban Unemployment
  27. Age Structure and the UK Unemployment Rate
  28. Economics Instability Increases the Unemployment Rate in Malaysia
  29. Australian Unemployment, Inflation, and Economic Growth
  30. Broadband Infrastructure and Unemployment – Evidence for Germany

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  1. Economic Recession, Skilled Unemployment, and Welfare
  2. Construction Industry Growth Economic Unemployment
  3. Agglomeration, Job Flows, and Unemployment
  4. Entrepreneurship, Asymmetric Information, and Unemployment
  5. Economic Freedom and Unemployment in Emerging Market Economies
  6. Absenteeism, Unemployment and Employment Protection Legislation: Evidence From Italy
  7. Environmental Policy, Efficient Taxation, and Unemployment
  8. Dynamic Contracts and Equilibrium Unemployment
  9. Agro-Manufactured Export Prices, Wages and Unemployment
  10. Banking Crises, Labor Reforms, and Unemployment
  11. Environmental Policy, Pollution, Unemployment, and Endogenous Growth
  12. Demographic Evolutions and Unemployment: An Analysis of French Labour Market With Workers Generations
  13. Employment and Unemployment Insurance Schemes
  14. Disability, Unemployment, and Poverty
  15. Business Volatility, Job Destruction, and Unemployment
  16. Aggregate Demand, Productivity, and Disguised Unemployment in the Chinese Industrial Sector
  17. Child Support and Involuntary Unemployment
  18. Efficiency-Wage Unemployment and Endogenous Growth
  19. Addressing Education, Inequality, and Unemployment in Uganda
  20. Economic Freedom and Unemployment Around the World
  21. Dual Labor Markets, Urban Unemployment, and Multicentric Cities
  22. Employment, Unemployment, and Problem Drinking
  23. Correlations Between Recessions and Unemployment
  24. Employment and Unemployment Effects of Unions
  25. Collective Bargaining, Firm Heterogeneity and Unemployment
  26. Equilibrium Unemployment During Financial Crises
  27. Capital, Heterogeneous Labour, Global Goods Markets and Unemployment
  28. Economic Policy, Industrial Structure, and Unemployment in Russia’s Regions
  29. Capital Stock, Unemployment and Wages in the UK and Germany
  30. Environmental Fiscal Reform and Unemployment in Spain
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