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Introduction to Modern Art: Stylistics

What is Stylistic Evidence?

To examine a masterpiece, historians may use specific methodologies on particular art’s features basis. Stylistic evidence is one of the approaches to recognize the age of an example of art. It applies to a distinctive way of artifact production that may be common to a certain period. For instance, caves curved with rocks indicate primitive peoples primary attempts to create art and its ancient origin.

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What is Personal Style?

Personal style is an artist’s manner of creating his masterpieces. It is used to examine art pieces with the same distinguishing features when the evidence about their author is missing. The purpose of personal style detection is to discover the artist who created a work. For instance, Aivazovsky’s paintings usually hold the same line that may help find the work, which belongs to him, referring to his style.

What is Iconography?

Pictorial subjects are divided by historians into categories such as portraiture, religious, historical, and others, depending on what represents a piece of art. Iconography means a particular subject and research of its features. The instances of subjects are represented but not limited to colors, texture, symbols, and composition. Iconography is used to recognize a hidden meaning an artist put into his masterpiece and determine its affiliation to a specific art genre.

Why Look at Art?

Art is a significant component of culture, which provides people with visual images. A substantial part of art is presented in most objects people consider “common” ones, such as newspaper photos, works in a museum, birds, and many others. But sometimes, art contained in surroundings conceives a temptation to stop the time and take a deep look at its beauty. This moment makes a person see beyond the first impression and is a reason why people look at art.

Hirst’s Shark: Interpreting Contemporary Art

Hirst’s Shark is a piece of art representing death’s physical impossibility from a living human’s perspective. This work shows the fear to its viewer, as a shark is considered a threat to a person’s life. It may not be possible for ordinary people to imagine death, as the human consciousness cannot perceive this understanding. Artist used a shark in vitrine to make an illusion of existence on the edge of extinction.

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