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Functional Strategies for Google Inc.

Every year the Fortune Magazine selects 100 best companies based on given competencies such as number of employees and company growth. Based on Fortune Magazine, top 5 companies to work for include Google, SAS, Edward Jones, Wegmans Food Markets, and Nugget Market (Goldman, 2020). I have chosen Google which has over the last decade experienced a growth of 20 percent annually. This techno giant company has also managed to recruit from a wide diversity surpassing 100,000 employees in 2019 (Goldman, 2020). Google Inc. uses several functional strategies that have placed the company ahead of its competitors. A functional strategy includes all approaches taken to achieve an organization’s set objectives by maximizing productivity.

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Google Inc. has over the years delved in marketing, research and development (R&D) of functional strategies which have kept the organization relevant to the field of technology and innovation. Concerning the marketing strategy, Google has fully utilized ads display which have worked in getting attention of clients and promoting the products effectively (AppInventiv, 2015). Google ads have infiltrated all digital platforms including social media sites to websites. Google Inc. has also tapped R&D functional strategy in its uniquely developed applications.

Through its techno-based applications Google has served well in both socio-eco political and medical field. Some of the top most Google’s R&D include future prediction, cancer treatments, smart thermostats, climate change insurance, medical improvements, clean energy, space elevators, driverless cars, robotics, and home automation (AppInventiv, 2015). All these advancements have placed Google Inc. on top of its competitors which can be emulated by other companies. Other competitors such as Yahoo should apply the strategies used by Google Inc. in marketing alongside providing solutions to problems in medical field among other areas. Companies should benchmark Google marketing strategies which seem to reach a wide array of clients globally effectively. Additionally, such companies should also tap into the problems facing society and provide innovative sustainable solutions.


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