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  1. Music Artist Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur was an American artist who had great influence on the hip-hop genre of music in the United States.
  2. Renaissance Artists: Palmer Hayden and Jacob Lawrence
    In this study, the researcher will focus on the works of Palmer Hayden and Jacob Lawrence, great African American artists who made a great contribution in redefining the cultural identity.
  3. The Middle Eastern Artists
    This essay examines three artists from the Middle East, Abdulnasser Gharem, Imran Qureshi, and Sabhan Adam, in terms of their socio-political surroundings and the nature of the arts they produce.
  4. Tish Jones, a Contemporary Artist
    Tish Jones is an influential artist, poet, emcee, and a master of the spoken word. This paper highlights how he interacts with the society and his contribution to the world.
  5. Contemporary Artists in Culture
    This paper discusses the specific features or factors that interest people in contemporary artists’ works and what questions they pose.
  6. Yayoi Kusama, Japanese Avant-Garde Artist
    Yayoi Kusama remains to be one of the most significant artists in the modern art. Her style is easy to define and what is most special – she is sticking to it throughout her life.
  7. Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?
    The essay and the arguments that Nochlin has brought forth have increased the awareness of the restrictions that women face today in any sector.
  8. Bachata as a Music Genre and Artists’ Creativity
    One of the most popular vocal and dance music genres came from the Dominican Republic known among music enthusiasts as the bachata.
  9. Artists Rauschenberg and Lin in Cultural Context
    Rauschenberg combines panels, collaged photographic images, fabric found images together with some pieces of furniture unified with gestural images of brushwork.
  10. Female Artists: War Paintings
    This exhibition is aimed at showing how female artists depict war, its catastrophic effects, and its futility. It is the main theme that the chosen painters explore.
  11. Iconography Artists and Their Installations
    Iconography is defined as the description and systematization of typological features and patterns taken by the portraying of any character or storyline scenes.
  12. Great Women Artists in the History of Art
    From the third-wave feminist perspective, it is easy to blame social structures for preventing the development of female artists.
  13. Artemisia Gentileschi as an Early Feminist Artist
    Artemisia Gentileschi is the first woman in the history of western art to make a significant and undeniably important contribution to the art of her time.
  14. Social Motivation of an Artist and Business Owner
    This paper studies the social motivation on the example of a woman, who has created a business providing services as a graphic designer and a photographer.
  15. Pierre-Augustus Renoir: A Famous French Artist
    Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) was a famous French artist who was one of the major contributors to the Impressionist movement.
  16. Banksy and Scott Wade: The Impromptu Artists
    Banksy provides a visual record of the places, people, and events that surround them as he is an artist working in England among the ‘common’ people.
  17. Influence of the Greek Art on Contemporary Artist Works
    The ancient Greeks introduced the humanities. The current government, architecture, literature, and sculpture take sources from ancient Greece.
  18. Music Artists and Advertising Deals
    There has been a change in terms of the attitude of artists regarding the issue of getting involved in advertising deals as a way of supplementing their income.
  19. French Landscape Painting: Main Artists
    Much of the art of France in the first part of the 19th century was dominated by the academic schools of the Academy, the School of Fine Arts and the Salon.
  20. Whether Artists Reject Society, or Are Rejected by Society?
    The concept of an artist with points of alienation, identity, self-martyrdom attitude, refusal of the society.

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  1. Tracey Emin, a Post-Modernist Feminist Artist
    The main characteristic of a postmodern artist, like Tracey Emin, is anything that anyone does which has a profound effect on somebody or something else.
  2. Post World War II Artist
    Big names in the sculpture industry as David Smith of the United States of America also could arguably be named as the most influential artists in the industry general.
  3. Henry Moore: Study of the Family Through the Prism of the Artist’s Works
    Moore presents the family in light of the government rules. While trying to correct the shortcomings in family life shown he employs the use of various government policies.
  4. Linda Nochlin’s “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?”
    The paper out by saying that it was and is a prevalently male-dominated society, where women are misrepresented in the structure of societal make-up.
  5. Man Ray Artist and His “The Gift”
    Man Ray, an American of Jewish descent, is one of the most prominent artists of the twentieth century and a true revolutionary.
  6. The Birth of Photography: Early Artists and Their Works
    The popularization of photography coincided with a revolution in art as such. An illustrative example can be found in the works of Alexander Rodchenko.
  7. Madonna as a Controversial Artist of the 20th Century
    One of the prominent controversial artworks of the 20th century related to sexual revolution and women empowerment is a song called “Like a Virgin” performed by Madonna in 1984.
  8. Grammy Award for Best Artist: Speech Preparation
    This document provides an example of a speech given prior to the presentation of the award to the honorable Grammy winner in the industry.
  9. Miguel Cabrera: The Outstanding Mexican and Spanish Artist
    This paper will provide information about Miguel Cabrera as an artist and analyze one of the most notable works, “The Virgin of Guadalupe”.
  10. Artist Profession: Relationship to Drawing
    Many artists do not have warm feelings for their profession. This essay aims to analyze such a historical figure as Michelangelo Buonarroti to explore his relationship to drawing.

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  1. Artists and Art and Learning During the Renaissance
  2. Impressionist Artists and the Influence of Japanese Art
  3. Neoclassical and Romantic Artists
  4. Roman Artists and His Influence on the Public‘s Opinion
  5. Promoting Professional Artists and Their Art
  6. African American Artists During the Great Depression
  7. The Most Significant Artists of Pop Art in America
  8. Renaissance and Baroque Artists and Musicians
  9. Male Pseudonyms and Female Artists
  10. Human Capital and Artists’ Labour Markets
  11. Great Artists Expressing Their Ideas Through Artworks
  12. Italian Women Artists Century Artistic Renaissance
  13. Visual Qualities Dutch Artists 17th Century
  14. Twentieth-Century Artists and Abstract Impressionism
  15. Female Artists and Its Effects on Society
  16. Rousseau and the Artists of the French Revolution
  17. Twentieth-Century African-American Artists
  18. Gustave Courbet Artists Who Have Influenced the Art World
  19. Renaissance Artists: Fillipo Brunelleschi
  20. The New Creative Skills That Artists Need for Making
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