77 Photography Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Photography

  1. Photography as a Cultural History
    The photographer considered, that the main aim of a photographer is to demonstrate how our eyes percept world.
  2. Public Relations and Photography
    Public relations are usually related to broadcasting, publicizing, photography, and promoting. The experts require time and talent to advance relations with mass media.
  3. Photography Exhibition “Charles Harbutt, Departures and Arrivals”
    The exhibition “Charles Harbutt, Departures and Arrivals” reexamines photographic work and encourages the audience to appreciate photography and relate it to modern printing.
  4. Hines and Riis’ Photographs Analysis
    The photographs by Riis and Hine present the poor working conditions, including child labor cases during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
  5. Antikythera Mechanism: Photography and Radiography
    This paper studies the Antikythera mechanism. It uses recent evidence obtained from photography and radiography assessment of the device.
  6. “Humans of New York” Photographs by Brandon Stanton
    In his work “Humans of New York”, Brandon Stanton presented the public with the collection of photographs depicting New Yorkers telling their elaborate stories.
  7. Africa’s Visual Representation in Photography
    The article, written by Landau, discusses photography as a source that provides the visual representation of Africa and explains its connection with the colonial administration.
  8. Art: “Attitudes Towards Photography” by Gisele Freund
    The massive social and cultural changes of the previous century challenged many of the established traditions, including the perception of art.
  9. “Pepper No. 30” Photograph by Edward Weston
    Pepper No. 30 by Edward Weston is a black and white photograph that depicts a close-up of a “bell pepper on the concave surface” against a dark background.
  10. Photography and Paintings: Depicting the Truth
    Photography captures the beautiful moments of our lives that can be cherished by us and our children for years to come.
  11. Photography as Kind of Art
    Photography is an art and a science. Reflectively, the process is more than just capturing images. Proportionality, and introduction of effects determine the quality of an outcome.
  12. Photography: Hobby of Millions Unique for Everyone
    Millions of people take photos on a daily basis in all parts of the world. However, probably only thousands of them manage to capture something purely touching the soul.
  13. “Close” the Photography by Martin Stranka
    The present works of well-known photographers inspire other people to create pieces of art to show their perception of the original idea.
  14. Art Appreciation: Alfred Stieglitz’s Photography
    Alfred Stieglitz tried to explain the relationship between photography and art by a movement known as Pictorialism.
  15. Steve McCurry’s Photography “Afghanistan Girl”
    The Photography “Afghanistan Girl” reveals Steve Mc Curry’s perception of the world through the special inimitable and unguarded moments, which he captured.
  16. Annie Lebovitz – Famous Photographer
    Annie Leibovitz is one of the best portrait photographers in today’s era. She focuses her works on a variety of subjects but mostly among celebrity portraits.
  17. Paul Politis’ Black and White Photography
    This paper shall be discussing the works and the inspirations of renowned photographer Paul Politis who specializes in black and white photography.
  18. Photography’s Effects on Modern Art
    Photography has been hailed by the masses as one of the best means of bringing the rest of the world to the public, affording them views of far-away places and peoples.
  19. Procurement Management: Selecting Your Wedding Photographer
    This paper will provide a briefing of the factors that should be taken care of in the process of soliciting, selecting, negotiating with, and launching the wedding photographer.
  20. San Francisco Photograph by George R. Lawrence
    The discussed photograph is a daguerreotype of San Francisco taken right after the 1906 earthquake and fire. George R. Lawrence used kites to get photos of San Francisco.
  21. The Power of Photography: Photography’s Reality Effect
    The photograph’s evidential worth is held through a transformative method that is being put into play by a dynamic engagement, a stride into the image, on the reader’s part.
  22. Analysis of Lee Friedlander’s Photographs
    Friedlander is famous primarily for his street photography – raw, real, brazen. Lee Friedlander’s photos are like music, and that music is jazz.
  23. Reflection on Photography: An Art Piece or Mass Entertainment?
    It is important to define whether sphere of photography is only for professionals or, on the contrary, for the users of Instagram, travelers, and amateurs.
  24. The Birth of Photography: Early Artists and Their Works
    The popularization of photography coincided with a revolution in art as such. An illustrative example can be found in the works of Alexander Rodchenko.
  25. The Works of Photographer Steve McCurry: Consequences of the War
    In his works Steve McCurry aims at portraying the imprudent moment, experiences imprinted on people’s faces, and a soul escaping.
  26. Photography Impacts on Cultural Identity of Native Americans in America
    The photos of Native Americans often turn out to be disadvantageous to the appearance of the indigenous Americans, especially in this era of photography.
  27. The Role of Photography and Views on War
    Photography changed the attitude to war by demonstrating its horrors, and it triggered public debates about the value of human life and the need to stop military conflicts.

🎓 Most Interesting Photography Research Titles

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  1. Digital and Film Photography at a Glance in the 21st Century
  2. Are Photography and Printmaking Art?
  3. Crime Scene Photography: Importance and Strategies
  4. Alfred Stieglitz Revolutionizing the Art of Photography
  5. Communication, Photography and Social Media Class
  6. Fashion Photography and the Effects of New Image Technology
  7. Photography Boundaries and Uses
  8. Diane Arbus and the Revolutionary Arena of Artistic Photography
  9. Photography: Society’s Views Through the Ages
  10. Capturing Great Landscape Photography
  11. How Has Photography Changed Our View of the World?
  12. Barbara Rowe and the Art of Photography
  13. The Recent and Current Trends and Influences in Portrait Photography
  14. Photography Through the Modernist Movements
  15. Comparing Traditional Photography and Digital Imaging
  16. Photography Laws Surrounding Images of Children
  17. Color Photography and Its History
  18. ‘War Photography’ Carol Ann Duffy
  19. Darkroom vs. Digital Photography
  20. Aerial Photography: Capturing Spectacular Images up in the Air
  21. Photography and Its Omnipresent Nature in the World
  22. Calotype Negative and Early Photography
  23. Artistic and Creative Uses of Photography
  24. Civil War Life Captured in the Photography of Mathew Brady
  25. Brand New Images? Implications of Instagram Photography for Place Branding

💡 Simple Photography Essay Ideas

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  1. 20th Century Photography: Documentary Art
  2. Photography Books and the Photographers Who Created Them
  3. How Photography Helped Change People’s Opinions of the Civil War?
  4. Photography During Colonial Afric an Indispensable Tool
  5. Capturing the Personal Aspect of Portrait Photography
  6. Photography Limits Our Understanding of the World
  7. Black and White Photography in Australia
  8. Did Photography Destroy Painting Practice?
  9. World View and the Changes Brought About by Photography
  10. Photography and Graphic Design at Rinko Kawauchi
  11. Cultural Understanding and the Reflections of Photography
  12. Alfred Stieglitz and His Influence on Photography
  13. The Relationship Between Painting and Photography in the Work of David Hockney
  14. Beginners Digital Photography Equipment Tips
  15. How Photography Has Changed Our Lives?
  16. Ansel Adams: Discovering His Life and Photography
  17. Trevor Paglen’s Photography Work as a Bridge to Discovery About the Hidden World
  18. Wildlife Photography Catching the Animals by Surprise
  19. Photography Doesn’t Always Show the Reality of a Painter’s View
  20. Cecil Beaton’s Surprising Photography Experiences
  21. The Reasons for Preference of Photography Over Paintings in Occasions
  22. Photography: Impact Upon Western Civilization Over the Past Fifty Years
  23. Will Camera Phones Destroy Photography?
  24. Camera Technology and How It Changed Photography
  25. Understanding Water Through Photography: Edward Burtynsky
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