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Ethics in Nursing Profession

The nursing philosophy, in general, can be referred to as the conceptual mold or framework; which nurses utilize in making a guide to their practice, interpretation of phenomena, observation making, and in general thinking. In general terms, the philosophy of nursing views both the client and the profession as a systematically balanced collection of information and knowledge. The nursing philosophy, in general, can be argued to be a collection of the values, consolidated world view, obligations to the profession, and choice-making in areas of practicing dispute (Denehy, 2000).

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Some of the personal values which are basically personal attributes and which have been helpful in building my worldview and philosophy in nursing include the following; honesty, trust, respect, humaneness, benevolence, rationality, sensitivity, and tolerance. For instance, the value of being humane helps and guides me in relating with patients; in a way indicative to them that I want the best for them and that I can feel the extent of their problem. Together with these are the cultural values that have further helped determine my worldview and the nursing philosophy I have developed. However, it should be noted that these cultural values vary from one culture to the other; even though the general standpoint is uniform. Some of these values include those that in general define what is important, acceptable, operable, and right. A few of these values include devotion to work and sacrifice to save lives. Together with these values are those of the spirit which are more religious-oriented including that humans belong to God, that every act will be paid against on the judgment day, and that I am God’s messenger (Denehy, 2000).

Personal values like being honest and humane help me deal with patients in a way; which is likely to enhance their healing as it creates a sense of being loved and belonging, along with the service administration. The cultural values I hold further contribute to my nursing practice through that; they guide me in making the right choices, making decisions in ways any rational individual would have; and ensuring the general wellbeing of the patients, my profession, and the reputation of healthcare institutions. As a result in the course of operating based on these values and constructions; I administer the best possible service, get recommendations from my superiors and make patients and their relatives happy; which makes me feel that I am doing the right thing I was meant to do (Denehy, 2000).

A few of the fundamental principles under the practice of ‘nursing being a caring profession’ are; truthfulness, self-sacrifice, human poise, social impartiality, and self-sufficiency. The values of nursing are those standards and measures pursued to ensure that nursing is the caring profession it is supposed to be. Nursing ethics are the moral considerations that come up in the practice of ethical judgments like the confidentiality of patients. Nursing morals on the other hand are the personal explanations of what is right or wrong; within the practice of the profession (Denehy, 2000).

My philosophy, worldview, and values are oriented towards protecting the rights, privacy, freedom, and wellbeing of every patient. However, some situations lead to the development of a conflict between my obligation to serve within this profession and the personal philosophy I have developed. Such cases bring in ethical dilemmas; as I have to make a decision either to sacrifice the welfare of the patient or fail to uphold my philosophy. An example of such a case involves a patient I diagnosed as being HIV positive; but to whom I had to lie about their HIV status as the relatives had informed that he had suffered instances of heart attack, from being told unpleasant news. As a result, I had to lie to the patient and in turn confide in the relatives; which is against my professional observance in observing personal confidentiality (Denehy, 2000).

From a personal point of view; I highly consider that the wellbeing of the patient is of more importance than the question of what is right or wrong; especially with regard to the issues of ethical dilemmas, where one has to act against ethical considerations for the best of all interest. With regard to my personal views and their effect on my behavior and decision-making; I can strongly argue that my personal views are based on my philosophy and the nursing philosophy in general. These guide the decisions and the choices I make as the two are oriented towards achieving the best from every situation (Denehy, 2000).

Having discussed the importance of personal, cultural, and spiritual values in shaping a practitioner’s philosophy and worldview; it should be noted that these two greatly contribute to the general quality and outcome of the practice. It should also be noted that morals, values, and ethics in the context of nursing practice help in making decisions especially in instances that place the individual in an ethical dilemma. Lastly, it should be noted that the personal views held by a practitioner greatly affect the decisions made, and the behavior they take on.

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