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Nursing Career Plan Development


Decisions in life are sometimes influenced by the pedigree from which a person comes from. Sometimes certain families exhibit a distinct pedigree which is manifested in various ways including hereditary diseases, vocations, professional ambitions, talent characteristics and many other characteristics. Having been born and bred from a family with an ancestral history in medical profession, it was not uncommon that I too developed interest in the medical profession since childhood. This is why I pursued and attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing with the intention of pursuing further and attaining a Masters degree. I chose nursing because I felt that it changed people’s lives and I longed to be part of that change.

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Currently in my work place, I offer nursing services in every capacity as a nurse. I usually assist patients in their motor coordination skills through therapy medication and treatment. Offering general nursing services to patients in the Center is something I do exceptionally well because I am a good listener and communicator. What I consider my development areas is the art of child communication. I can certainly improve my communication skills in this area, and get to comprehend the intricate nature of children who are especially in need of medical attention.


My ambition is to become a nursing administrator in one of the well established nursing homes in the state. Since nursing deals with human beings who are subject to emotional changes and different responses, I would like to be the nurse responsible for setting out the programs for the nurses in these nursing homes. The achievement of my objective would result in proper placements of nurses in nursing homes, less time taken by patients in the nursing homes, and enrich both the nurses and patients’ experience in the nursing facility (Katz, 2007).

Roles of a Nurse Administrator

Being a nursing administrator needs administrative skills in the fields of human resource management. Some of the duties and responsibilities of a nurse administrator involve the overall responsibility with regard to patient care and supervision of the nursing staff and also preparing schedules for them. A nursing administrator is also concerned with enhancing communication between the management and nursing staff.

He is also involved in analyzing diagnosis decisions and nursing treatments prescribed and given to patients (Clifton 2005). The nurse administrator is primarily engaged in the establishment and documentation of administrative procedures for the nursing staff. Employee counseling and patient consultation are also some of the responsibilities of a nurse administrator. The nurse administrator is also involved in team building exercises for the nursing staff and management. (Vallano, 2008).

This will mean that I need to advance my nursing knowledge to a higher level which can accommodate and assist me in the administration of specialists, and other highly qualified nursing personnel. In this regard, learning the system of distributing nurses within nursing homes, and by extension States will be my first initiative towards achieving my objective. In this way, I will be slowly orienting myself with the system in such a way that I will have a personal view about what I would like to put into practice in the future.

I would begin the process of screening as well as learning what criteria are followed in distributing the nurses right from my current work place. I would also liaise with other nurses from other hospitals which would give me a broader and better understanding and perception of the things happening in other nursing homes “Learning Express Organization, 2009”.

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In order to become a nursing administrator, I will need to further my education to a master’s level at one of the state universities which offers masters degrees. This will be a two year program after which I will get enrolled in one of the national nursing bodies in the country which regulates nursing activities in the state. To achieve this, I will need to fund my post graduate education at the university, and I intend to increase my savings from the salary I am getting from my current work place for it. In case the State University is a distance away from where I work and reside, I intend to enroll in student correspondent programs to enable me to go through the academic semester while working at the same time.


The attainment of my prime objective of becoming a nursing administrator will give me the satisfaction which can only be celebrated by giving it back to the community. This would make me feel that I am part of the change that I would have liked to see in this world. Change is constant and inevitable and hence becoming a nurse administrator would fulfill my ambitions in life. Becoming a nurse administrator would also contribute to the fact that I have contributed to the family pedigree of medical practitioners in whatever field. This fact would give me great satisfaction and a pure sense of belonging in my family and community at large.


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