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Speech: On the Importance of Blood Donation

Attention Getter

Who among you likes needles? (Pause) To be honest, I hate needles.

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(Transition) But they can be a tool that makes you feel better and increases your happiness. And not by injecting any illegal substances! I am talking about blood donations.

Thesis Statement

(Statement of Purpose): I want you to realize how regularly donating blood benefits you.

(Transition) You heard me right. Instead of focusing on the abstract good of the whole society, we will talk about you specifically.


(Establish your credibility) Why should you listen to me? I recently learned about a whole body of new research into the personal benefits of blood donations for donors.

(Transition) Now I am here to share my knowledge with you.


Reason #1

First of all, you can receive a bunch of practical benefits.

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    1. Example 1 – Many blood centers will give you a small gift, such as a pin you can carry around for bragging rights. You can even collect such bonuses as indicators of your achievements.
    2. Example 2 – More importantly, most of the centers will provide you with blood screening before accepting your donation. This is a free opportunity to check your main health indicators. If you donate blood regularly, you will always have up-to-date information about your health and have a chance to address issues at the early stages.
    3. Example 3 – In addition to routine blood work, many centers have recently started to check their donors’ cardiovascular health (Goel et al. 250). It is essential for those leading a sedentary lifestyle or having a stressful life since both are significant risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

(Transition) Why donate blood rather than undergo a regular screening at your local clinic, you might ask.

Reason #2

It is well-known that blood donations save lives. For many people, they are necessary to receive life-saving blood or plasma-based medicine that we cannot manufacture otherwise.

  1. Example 1 – According to the Red Cross data, one donation can save three lives (Blood needs & blood supply). Isn’t it the easiest way to be somebody’s hero? You get a morning off, relax in a comfortable chair, and save several people.
  2. Example 2 – While this is true, some people need large amounts of blood. For instance, those who lost a lot of blood in a car accident will require transfusions from multiple donors. That is why a regular blood supply helps hospitals prepare for emergencies. No matter how many lives your donation saves, it is priceless.
  3. Example 3 – Besides that, pharmacists can use donors’ blood to extract plasma-derived medicinal products. PDMPs are crucial for some chronically ill patients, which means, once again, the regular donations help save lives (Blood safety and availability).

(Transition) We can all agree that human life is precious. And most of us have dreamt of becoming superheroes as kids. As we have grown up, we have an opportunity to turn saving lives into a simple hobby.

Reason #3

However, blood donation is not just an ordinary hobby. It is among the most useful activities when it comes to bringing you joy. Imagine how triumphant, how blissful, how rightfully proud helping save a life makes you feel.

  1. Example 1 – Scholars have proven that the main reason people donate blood is the emotional benefit they receive. While altruistic motivation is the least important for donors (Russell-Bennett et al. 771). Therefore, it is only natural to donate for personal gain.
  2. Example 2 – A study into donors’ emotions before, during, and after blood donation shows that subjects felt happy from start to finish. Moreover, after it was over, the donors felt relaxed, relieved, satisfied, and proud (Williams et al. 96). It is clear that the very act of blood donation makes one happier, provides a sense of achievement.
  3. Example 3 – Finally, it is possible that since the donation relaxes a person, it might slightly reduce the level of stress and have a therapeutic effect.

(Transition) The emotional advantages of donating blood suggest that blood donation can be beneficial for mental health. That is one more reason to do it regularly.

Conclusion (Summary of your reasons and examples)

In conclusion, you should start donating blood regularly to help other people, and stay informed about your health, improve your mental well-being, earn bragging rights, and other small yet satisfying bonuses.

(Transition) Plus, it is easy and way more pleasant than it sounds.

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Final Appeal

Seriously, though, donating blood is surprisingly good for your physical and mental health. And one day, it might save your loved ones.

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