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Discussing the Family in Joe the King

Multiple systems recognition is essential for a proper understanding of any given situation. The movie Joe the King is an exceptional example of the interaction between the biological, psychological, and societal spheres of life. This work’s characters suffer from a diverse number of issues, which will be discussed in this work. An example of the systems’ interaction will be explained and supported by scientific evidence.

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A viable example of proper interaction between the three central systems can be seen in Joe’s working situation. As a child with an abusive father, Joe is forced to find an additional income in order to battle the economic pressure. From a biological standpoint, the family must cope with poverty difficulties, lack of food, and exhaustion. Moreover, Bob’s physical violence is an essential signifier of the biological system’s impact.

An additional challenge is presented by the psychological system. A complicated relationship with the father can be an emotional burden for young boys, who require support and careful guidance (Berscheid & Regan, 2016). Moreover, Joe cannot receive the assistance he lacks due to his mother’s fear of Bob, the child’s father. It is clear that both biological and psychological systems impact Joe’s family at the same time, causing various issues.

Societal influence is seen as an essential part of the situation described. Members of society often view abusive families negatively, which can be exceptionally strenuous for such people (Bentovim, 2018). Joe and his relatives desire to be seen as a normal part of the community, but that is impossible due to poverty and social standing. Overall, all three central systems interact during Joe’s working situation.

Cultural influences can be an incredibly viable concern for a disadvantaged family. As was discussed before, community expectations can influence individual systems, causing different events to arise. The biological system was exceptionally strained by the family’s poverty, lack of food, and extra resources. Joe’s father seems to affect this sphere most of all, as his alcoholism is one reason behind their financial situation. Considering the psychological system, a significant impact can be seen in Joe’s brother’s ignorance towards his relatives’ condition. His lack of support further shapes the outcomes of the film.

To conclude, Joe’s family suffers from unprecedented pressure from various systems. The characters are constrained biologically, psychologically, and societally, which is clearly seen during Joe’s working episode. Inputs from the family members and the community around them negatively affect all the systems simultaneously, causing drastic effects and substantial issues. It is highly essential to consider all three systems, as well as the messages from society, to understand the complexity of the event.


Bentovim, A. (2018). Trauma-organized systems: Physical and sexual abuse in families. Routledge.

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Berscheid, E. S., & Regan, P. C. (2016). The psychology of interpersonal relationships. Psychology Press.

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