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    Welcome to our conclusion generator. It’s an online tool that will help you to summarize and conclude your text.

    A key to a lasting impression is a dynamic and memorable concluding paragraph. The way you finish your text plays a crucial role. Through conclusion, you can make the readers think of a particular issue, engage them in further investigation of the topic, or even motivate them for action. Our automatic tool will help you end your essay effectively.

    How do you use our conclusion generator?

    Follow three simple steps:

    1. Insert the text you need to summarize in the box.
    2. Click the button.
    3. Enjoy the result!

    Doubting whether our tool is worth using? Continue reading to see that our conclusion maker is a perfect option for you. In the article prepared by our team, find some useful tips on how to write a conclusion for an essay, research paper, etc.

    🔮 Why You Should Use Our Conclusion Generator

    You may not be sure if our tool will help you. That’s why we listed the benefits of our conclusion maker below.

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    Essential advantages of our tool are as follows:

    1. It works with different paper types. No matter what you are writing (an essay or research paper), our tool will generate an appropriate concluding paragraph for you. Our machine can handle any type of text!
    2. The conclusion generator is online and user-friendly. You don’t have to download any apps or install special software. Everything is simple. You go online, insert the text, click the button, and get your conclusion!
    3. No registration or payment is required. Our conclusion maker is absolutely free. What’s more, you won’t spend any time on registration. You can use the tool right away.
    4. You’ll get your conclusion in a second. The tool is fully automatic and generates the summarized text within a moment. So, you will save a lot of time.
    5. We guarantee total privacy. The texts you insert and the concluding paragraph you get won’t be saved in the system. Don’t worry about confidentiality and plagiarism issues. Your privacy is our top priority!
    6. You can use it multiple times. Use our conclusion generator as much as you need! We don’t establish and limits or free trials.

    🔎 4 Components of a Perfect Conclusion

    Our generator will make a significant part of the work. Yet, we recommend you polish the result since any automatic tool may make certain inaccuracies.

    Let’s start with the basics: what are the purposes of a conclusion?

    • It leaves the final impression on your reader.
    • It wraps up your piece of writing.
    • It proves to the reader that you accomplished your goal.

    To ensure the flawlessness of your concluding paragraph, you should have a clear understanding of how it should look like. In the following sections, we will discuss the essential elements of a strong conclusion.

    📎 Linking Words

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    To make the transition to the final paragraph smooth and logical, use linking words. Sometimes, it might be challenging to choose the most appropriate one. Here, we will tell distinguish between effective and weak linking words.

    A writer aims to deliver information clearly and logically. The words that help you connect your ideas within and between the paragraphs are called linking words (or transitions). They ensure the smooth flow of sentences and play a crucial role in making the text coherent.

    Now, let’s figure out what transitions are indeed effective in academic writing! Make sure the conclusion paragraph generator chose the most appropriate word.

    Checklist Card

    ✒️ Restated Thesis

    Once you’ve linked the main body of your essay with your concluding paragraph, you need to connect it with the introduction. Do it in the topic sentence, which is the first one in the paragraph. Here you should restate your thesis statement that you’ve previously written in your introduction.

    Here’s how you restate a thesis in your conclusion:

    • Change the wording.

      Use a wide variety of synonyms the English language offers you! Experiencing some troubles with finding appropriate alternatives? Use an online generator! But do it carefully: always check if the word fits within the context and doesn’t confuse the readers.

    • Use a different structure.

      There are so many ways to do that. Use different tenses, grammar constructions, or just present your main points in a new order. These simple tricks will effectively differentiate your topic sentence from your thesis statement.

    • Separate your key points.

      In the introduction, you’ve probably listed your main points in a row. However, as you investigated the topic, you can make your conclusion more complex and present your critical ideas from a broader perspective. Spread them across the entire paragraph and prove to your readers your competency.

    For example, your thesis statement might be the following:

    Living in a city is better than living in a village because cities offer more educational and career opportunities.

    Now, let’s try to apply the three mentioned-above strategies and restate our thesis:

    Life in a city is a perfect choice for a modern highly-motivated person. Here, any individual will have the possibility to get an education in a preferred field. Moreover, urban dwellers can actualize themselves throughout their fascinating career path.

    🖇️ Summary & Connections

    In the last paragraph, you need to retell what the text was about. Our conclusion writer is a perfect tool to complete this task. But there are still a couple of things you should be aware of:

    • Don’t just summarize but synthesize: connect the arguments and logically.
    • Don’t provide any new supporting details in the last paragraph of your paper.
    • Don’t add any new points, ideas, arguments in your conclusion.

    And bear in mind that your concluding paragraph should include:

    • Key ideas. Identify the essential points and restate them in your conclusion. Avoid including any secondary information – only the most crucial ideas.
    • Ground facts. Remain objective. Include the facts you based your key ideas on in your conclusion.
    • The connection between ideas and facts. Demonstrate a clear correlation between your main points. Convey that even the supporting facts are linked in some way. It will prove to the reader your credibility and professionalism in the chosen area.

    📌 Final Words

    Use your concluding sentence to make the last good impression on the reader. To achieve it, you can restate the start of your introduction, provide a rhetorical question or call-to-action. Let’s explore some tactics for making the closing words memorable.

    Overall, your last sentence should:

    • provide a sense of closure;
    • demonstrate the significance of your findings;
    • leave a long-lasting impression;
    • motivate a reader for action, if necessary;
    • wrap up your essay on a positive note.

    Does it seem to you that the last sentence created by the essay conclusion generator is too simple? Wondering how to conclude your piece of writing dynamically? Consider applying one of the following strategies to improve the text generated by the automatic tool:

    • Framing. Make the first and the last sentences of the paper identical/similar/complementary.
    • Call to action. Motivate your readers to perform the activities that would change their lives, bring value to society, etc.
    • A joke. Include a short anecdote at the end of your essay to leave a positive vibe.
    • A quote. Sometimes, an impressive saying can make your reader remember your paper for a long time.
    • A question. Leave the food for thought for your readers so that they will be willing to explore your topic further.

    🚫 Conclusion Types to Avoid

    Now you know what should be in your conclusion. It’s time to discuss what shouldn’t be there!

    Four strategies for wrapping up the text you should avoid:

    1. Raw thesis restatement.

      Indeed, you should refer to your thesis statement in your conclusion. However, it doesn’t mean that you can just paraphrase it. The ending of your paper will be too short and weak. Instead, you should develop your thesis statement, adding the findings you’ve got while writing the text. It will show that you did learn and achieve something, composing the paper.

    2. Revealing effect.

      Sometimes, students wrongly assume keeping the thesis secret until the very conclusion is a powerful strategy to make the readers intrigued. Well, it may work out in fiction literature. But for academic essay writing, this is not a beneficial tactic. Here, you need to come up with a clear thesis statement in the introduction. Then, structure your arguments according to it. In your conclusion, you should restate your thesis, not mention it for the first time.

    3. Emotionless essay conclusion phrases.

      Something like “I love my mother very much” will not impress the reader. Try to be more creative and emotionally appealing. How about ending your piece of writing in this way: Charley Benetto has once said: “When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” I believe this is the best description of the feelings that awake inside my heart when I’m close to my mom.

    4. Too broad conclusion.

      The best way to end an essay is to create an impressive and concise concluding paragraph. Do not include any unnecessary information, irrelevant facts, or random arguments here. By the way, we know how to prevent this mistake. Use our online conclusion maker and be sure your last paragraph includes only indeed essential ideas.

    Thanks for reading this article. We hope our automatic conclusion writer can help you complete any written work correctly. Share it with your peers who may need the tool as well.

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