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Pigeon Creek Residence – a Dream Home


As a nature-lover, I have always dreamed about a modern house with a large garden located very close to a forested area. Pigeon Creek Residence is a medium-sized cozy house designed and built by Lucid Architecture in western Michigan that brings this dream into reality. This paper is aimed at discussing the features that make this building my dream home, the setting, and the upkeep.

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Why Pigeon Creek Residence is a Dream Home

Among the things about the building that appeal to me and make it a dream home are its architectural style, excellent interior design decisions, and the setting. Regarding the style, I find the use of rigid geometric forms and pitched roofs that make the building look modern extremely appealing. Due to the interior design, including a lot of yellow elements, natural textures, and bright lightning, the house differs from the stereotypical understanding of modern architecture as the preponderance of metal constructions that undermine coziness. Aside from that, it is essential to pay attention to the setting. The building is surrounded by high trees from all sides and has large windows and a small balcony, which enables its inhabitants to enjoy fresh air and forest views in almost every type of weather. Together, the discussed elements turn Pigeon Creek Residence into the house of my dream.

Setting and Upkeep

The selected building’s setting plays a critically important part in the effect that it produces on me despite the potential challenges surrounding upkeep. Being located in a densely forested area in the western part of Michigan, the house is surrounded by a leaf-bearing forest with old trees and looks out over the Pigeon Creek wetland (Lucid Architecture, n.d.). Aside from these picturesque views, the building has its own small garden with flowers in pots that serves decorative purposes and helps the building to blend into its green environment even more. Regarding efforts to keep the house in a proper condition, maintaining the building clean and neat is probably rather challenging and costly since there is a lot of glass to wash. Also, the regular removal of green waste, such as dead leaves, is required. The building’s location may also create additional challenges, such as the risks of falling trees or power failures resulting from unfavorable weather conditions.

Architectural/Visual Elements

The building’s architectural elements have been carefully selected to create a cozy environment. For instance, its large rectangular and square windows and a guest room with glass walls support the inhabitants’ ability to observe nature without diminishing their comfort and safety (Lucid Architecture, n.d.). Other prominent elements include asymmetry in terms of window location and inclined roofs that enable rain and green waste to come off more easily and offer protection. Being divided into three large sections, the building also features an outdoor recreational area without a roof.

The formal or visual elements also add to the positive impression that this building can produce on people. As per its designers, the house has been inspired by “a long-abandoned railroad” and rail cars (Lucid Architecture, n.d., para. 3). However, instead of massive metal constructions resembling the aesthetics of rail cars, the designers have made extensive use of natural textures, such as cedar and stone. These features, along with the use of roof and wall lights, allow connecting the building to the environment and ensure coziness by compensating for the absence of light in the forest.


To sum it up, Pigeon Creek Residence is a beautiful building that combines modern architectural decisions with natural textures. Aside from that, since it is located in a densely forested environment, the building enables its inhabitants to take breaks and relax after being in crowded and noisy urban areas. Along with the brilliant interior design decisions, all of this makes this building my dream home.


Lucid Architecture. (n.d.). Pigeon Creek Residence. Web.

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