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  1. The Crete Battle of World War II
    World War II consisted of various battles among them, the Crete battle in which Germany invaded the territory that was hitherto controlled by the British and Greece troops.
  2. The Civil War and the Cold War
    The Civil War and the Cold War were two important stepping stones that have proved that people’s views very much depend on the time and place and a difference in opinions causes a major conflict.
  3. “The War on Human Trafficking: U.S. Policy Assessed” by Anthony M. DeStefano
    “The War on Human Trafficking: U.S. Policy Assessed” by Anthony M. DeStefano is an overview of American government’s efforts to combat the human trafficking.
  4. Religious Values of Peace and War in Islam and Christianity
    The paper proves that it is not the religious beliefs that define people’s existential mode, but people’s racial affiliation defines the essence of their religious beliefs
  5. The Right of Habeas Corpus in the Context of the War on Terror
    Habeas corpus is associated with the Americans’ main civil rights and liberties because this writ protects the US citizens from the illegal detention.
  6. War on Terrorism: Reasons, Essence, and Social Outcomes
    This paper will focus on the clearing up of the circumstances of that tragedy and the essence of the war on terrorism it caused.
  7. “The Cold War: A New History” a Book by John Lewis Gaddis
    In the book, The Cold War: A New History John Lewis Gaddis proposes a unique vision of the Cold War and its impact on the world and relations between the USSR and America.
  8. War and Diplomacy
    War and Diplomacy, the two tactics of different nations through the ages have been used very effectively throughout history.
  9. Why and How did the US get Involved in the Korean War?
    This research paper seeks to establish the reasons behind U.S involvement in the Korean War as well as the course of the actual war.
  10. “The War of 1812”
    United States and Great Britain engaged in war in 1812, hence named “The War of 1812”. This war lasted for three years, that is, from 1812 to 1815.
  11. The Civil War. The Letters From the Soldiers
    The essay under consideration represents the analysis of the soldiers’ letters within the larger sequence of historical events.
  12. Asian Studies: The Vietnam War’s Key Points
    There were several key points in the Vietnam War that have decided its course and the way people thought about the events taking place.
  13. History: Civil War Experiences
    The Civilian War experiences portray the critical role that citizens can play, even if they are not part of the military, towards tackling an adversary.
  14. The Persian War and Athenian Progress – Ancient History
    This paper will analyze the Athenian progress of attaining democracy and economic variations that resulted after the Persian war.
  15. War and Social Development
    This essay seeks to address the impacts of the conflicts on the social development between 1500 and 1815.
  16. American History: U.S. Civil War
    The idea of switching leadership is a common topic of debate when it comes to the outcome of the U.S. Civil War.
  17. The Cold War and Its Effects on American Policies
    This paper discusses how the Cold War that occurred after 1945 influenced U.S. governmental foreign and domestic policies.
  18. The Umayyad-Hashemite Civil War and the Birth of the Sunni-Shiite Islamic Schism
    The Umayyad-Hashemite civil war is attributed to the succession disputes, which took center stage after the death of Prophet Muhammad.
  19. The Reaction of the American Citizens to the US Entry into World War I
    World War I left a lasting impact on America, influencing the next ten years of American foreign policy and domestic policy.
  20. The Cold War History
    The facts surrounding the Cold War have forced many people to define it differently. This paper describes the responses provided by three interviewees.
  21. The Cold War and Decolonisation History
    The Cold War did not cause decolonisation; however, the war schemes employed by the United States incited the decolonisation process.
  22. The Great War and the Position of the USA
    The participation of the U.S. in the military actions was evolving quite quickly and efficiently. By the end of 1918, approximately 300,000 American combat troops were in France.
  23. Edmund Blunden and Nella Last’s War Literature
    The experience of the First and the Second World War influenced the historical writings of Edmund Blunden and Nella Last respectively. This paper discusses some of their works.
  24. The Arab Defeat Reasons in the 1967 War
    This paper set out to discuss the main reasons behind the Arab defeat by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) in 1967 war which attack only lasted for 6 days.
  25. History of Cold War and War on Terror
    The strategies used in Cold War intended to reform, not to destroy other countries. The current strategies are to obliterate terrorism wherever they are and these are extensive objectives.
  26. Vietnam War History: A Cold War Triggered by Vietnam’s Decision of Resisting Colonial Powers
    Vietnam War was a cold war era military conflict which had started in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia from 1st November 1954 to 30th April 1975.
  27. American History: Civil War Evaluation
    The paper proves that the civil war was a positive thing for the United States because of the outcomes: abolition of slavery and the union between the country’s south and north.
  28. Supreme Court’s and Habeas Corpus War on Terror
    Since the principles, which the war on terror is based by, are entirely against the postulates of habeas corpus, these postulates should be integrated into the process of combating the terrorists.
  29. Role of the U.S. and the USSR in the Korean War
    This paper explores the particulars of the Korean War, as the proxy war that the USSR fought against the U.S., and describes the effects of this war.
  30. French and Indian War
    The French and Indian War was a result of the dramatic opposition between the French and British forces which struggled for controlling more territories in North America.
  31. African-Americans in the Civil War
    The Civil War is a historical landmark that provided a fundamental point of social changes for the African-Americans and the entire American society.
  32. Germany and Its Position in the First World War
    Germany was in beneficial position at the beginning of the World War I, but it experienced significant damage as the consequences have been applied by the other states.
  33. World War II Role for the United States
    World War II led to changing the women’s roles in the family and society, the general social pattern, and to worsening the economic situation in the United States.
  34. World War I Provocative Phenomenas
    The World War I demonstrated the role of the alliance system, the use of poison gas, and the effect of the genocide on the nations’ development.
  35. United States in the Great War
    The Great War was one of the most large-scale military conflicts, which surpassed all the preceding wars. Parties to the conflict were the Entente and the Quadruple Alliance.
  36. The First World War Beginning: Causes and Reasons
    The First World War, considered as one of the deadliest confrontations in the world’s history, started on July 28, 1914, and finished on November 11, 1918.
  37. Winston Churchill’s Speech and Cold War
    The Sinews of Peace known as The Iron Curtain is the speech of Winston Churchill to the United States and Great Britain that outlined the onset of the Cold War.
  38. America and the Great War: Fundamental Drivers
    The Great War had a vehement impact on American society and the future history of the country. The primary goal of this essay is to follow American involvement in the Great War.
  39. Causes of Civil War in the United States
    This paper explores the real cause of civil war in the context of who started it and contributing factors. It discusses the contribution of the federal government, Northern and Southern states.
  40. Political Philosophies: Principles of “Just War”
    Lots of philosophers agree that wars will always occur due to human nature. Interestingly, the idea of just wars is also closely connected with the idea of just societies.

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  1. American Civil War and Reconstruction Era
    This paper looks at the different aspects of the Civil War and the Reconstruction era including the major figures, the political, judicial, social, and economic changes.
  2. History: The Communist Revolution in East Asia and the Cold War
    The collapse of communism and the end of the Cold War de-legitimized the system and removed the rationale that initially had underpinned the global economy fragmentation.
  3. The Book “Man, the State, and War” by Kenneth Waltz
    Waltz’s book contains a number of in-depth insights into what can be considered the main preconditions for wars to occur on a periodical basis.
  4. The Cold War: International Relations between 1945 and 1989
    During the Cold War period, international relations were characterized by rivalry, tension, self interest and the competition for nuclear supremacy.
  5. Culture Wars in Contemporary US Society
    Morris P. Fiorina believes that culture wars are non-existent in contemporary US society, as Americans are not divided into two camps.
  6. The United States Civil War: Soldiers’ Motivations
    This paper compares and contrasts the motivations of Union soldiers and Confederate soldiers, how were they different from each other and are there any ways they were the same.
  7. Lower Canada Rebellion: The Patriots War of 1837-38
    This paper analyzes two reports about Lower Canada Rebellion, one from Allan Greer, and the other one from Andrew Boethius.
  8. US Politics in “Culture War” by Morris P. Fiorina
    The Culture War by Morris P. Fiorina takes the reader through the political structure and organisation of the American politics arguing that the United States is not polarised.
  9. World War I and Political World Domination
    The complexity of the origins of World War I is undeniable, but it is possible to observe that one of the crucial factors was the struggle for domination on the political map.
  10. Why Do Strong States Sometimes Lose Wars Against Weak Ones?
    Paradoxically, history suggests that strong states have lost wars against weak ones despite their military superiority. This paper examines how are they able to achieve this.
  11. American Drug War and Its Ineffectiveness
    In the war against drugs, race has appeared prominently as a motivating factor for heightened police control, surveillance and exploitation of certain communities.
  12. Drug War’s Impact on the US Correction System
    The War on Drugs started largely due to public demand. The amount of drugs flowing through the Mexican border was frightening.
  13. The Cold War in Realism Theory
    The definition of the Cold War refers to the conflict between the Western countries against the Eastern Bloc and is also known as the conflict between capitalism and communism.
  14. Causes of War: Comparative Politics and Peace Studies
    The essay seeks to prove that the study of comparative politics and peace studies are most applicable in understanding the causes of war and ways of enhancing peace in the world.
  15. America and the Great War
    The Great War (also known as the First World War) was sparked by the sudden assassination of Austria-Este’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914.
  16. Greeks Between Bronze Age and Peloponnesian War
    The Bronze Age was one of the most successful and influential in the history of Greece. Many social, economic, and technological changes occurred during that period.
  17. Iraq and Afghanistan Wars for American Safety
    The US considered that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were able to ensure the country’s safety and minimalize the possibility of future attacks.
  18. European Alliances, Wars, Dictatorships and Depression
    The decades leading to World War I had unusual alignments. The European nations were still scrambling for Asia, Africa and parts of undeveloped Europe.
  19. The Iraq War in Structural Functionalism
    Through the analysis of the functionalist theory, the paper addresses the significance of the Iraq war, conflict perspective, its positive and negative benefits.
  20. US Civil War in “A People at War” by Nelson & Sheriff
    In the book A People at War, Nelson and Sheriff explain how the events of the American Civil War affected the soldiers and civilians involved in the military campaign.
  21. World War II, The Cold War and New Europe
    The WWII and its aftermath resulted in the development of another opposition of superstates. The former allies were not able to able to determine the spheres of their influence and make a compromise.
  22. War Changes in Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carry”
    In his book The Things They Carried, O’Brien uses a variety of techniques and approaches in order to deliver his own impression of the war in a form as authentic as possible.
  23. World War I Aftermath for the United States
    World War I is one of the darkest moments in modern times. It erupted in 1914 with the world’s powerful nations forming opposing alliances.
  24. The Great War Outbreak: Nationalism, Militarism, and Imperialism
    The First World War was one of the most bloody and large-scale conflicts in human history. It began July 28, 1914, and ended November 11, 1918.
  25. Cuban Revolution and Seven-Step War Model
    The Cuban Revolution can be considered one of the most famous events in the history of Cuba. The name of Fidel Castro is also known throughout the whole world.
  26. American Civil War and North-South Confrontation
    The paper is to discuss the causes of the conflict between the South and the North of the country, which has evolved into a war and reviews the ramifications of the confrontation
  27. American Neutrality and Contribution in the Great War
    As for the United States of America, despite its neutrality in 1914-1917, the country was able to change the flow of events in the world history.
  28. History: American Foreign Policy since World War II
    The post-Cold War era in the American society can be deemed as an essential epoch in the U.S. history, as it allowed for retrieving the answers to some of the most complicated questions.
  29. American Foreign Policy Since World War II
    This paper is a book review of American Foreign Policy since World War II, by Hook and Spanier. An acclaimed literary work, researchers have used the book in educational and political fields.
  30. The War on Drugs and the Corrections System
    The War on Drugs, which was conducted from the 1980s to 1990s, is considered to be a massive failure in almost every way. It has affected the prison population and correctional facilities in the US.
  31. Great War, US Participation, and Versailles Treaty
    The discussion will seek to determine why America joined the war at the time it did. On the same note, the essay will give some reasons as to why the treaty of Versailles failed.
  32. The Great War and America’s Entry and Contribution
    Work analyzes how the forces of nationalism, imperialism, and militarism led to World War I, the events that drew the US into war, and led to the defeat of the Treaty of Versailles.
  33. Second World War: Cause and Technology
    This essay discusses the major cause of the WWII. It explains how the technological advancements in the Second World War have shaped modern warfare in the world.
  34. The First World War or the Great War
    The First World War is sometimes referred to as the Great War. It earned this name as it involved the countries from all continents and it led to the death of millions of people.
  35. “The War and the Workers” by Rosa Luxemburg
    In her writing, Luxemburg explains that the problems faced by Germany during the First World War were mainly ignored since the leaders focused on the war.
  36. American Civil War in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
    The American Civil War occurred between 1861 and 1865. Without a doubt, it is one of the darkest political upheavals in the history of the United States.
  37. Outbreak of World War I
    The World War I was inevitable as it resulted from the existing differences, leaders` personal ambitions, and the unstable international situation.
  38. Global War on Terrorism: Main Challenges
    Terrorism has been a menace for the past decades. It has generated some impacts on many countries globally particularly the developed countries.
  39. Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War
    Abraham Lincoln was a person who has prevented the collapse of the USA and who has liberated slaves. He is considered as an adherent of the American democracy.
  40. Civil War Poetry by Whitman, Melville and Dickinson
    This essay discusses the war poems of Whitman in his Drum-Taps, Melville’s Battle Pieces, and those poems written by Dickinson on the civil war. The paper compares the style of writing.

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  1. Central Intelligence Agency in Vietnam War
    A military confrontation between North and South Vietnam in the 20th century took place for almost 20 years. They were receiving substantial support from two superpowers.
  2. The Iraq War, Its Causes and Opposition
    The Iraq war began in 2003 when President George Bush led the invasion of the USA troops in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. This essay addresses the causes and effects of the Iraq war.
  3. Pan-Slavism and Nationalism as Causes of World War I
    Both nationalism and imperialism were major forces that drove the alliances toward World War I. The Pan-Slavic movement was not created by Russia to achieve its political goals.
  4. Post-War Britain: Decline or Growth?
    The debate whether the British economy declined or grew during the post war decades among scholars especially economic historians has been going on for decades.
  5. National Security and Press Media in Vietnam War
    This paper explains how national security collided with Press Media on societal issues. It reflects on events that took place during the Vietnam War.
  6. Tenets of the Cicero’s Just War Theory
    The tenets of Cicero’s theory of just war include the right intention for the war, the announcement by an appropriate authority, fighting for a just cause.
  7. World War I: Nationalism and the US Impact
    In the case of WWI, nationalism led to the development of a competitive worldwide environment where each country felt the urge to overpower its closest rivals.
  8. Sino-American War in Realism and Peace in Liberalism
    Realism is the most used theory explaining international relations. It provides the most influential insight into the state of war between countries worldwide.
  9. Crisis and Civil War Events in Nigeria
    The crisis in Nigeria had a major effect on the lives of many civilians and brought to light many human rights issues, which had to be addressed through global efforts.
  10. World War I: Franz Ferdinand’s Death and Alliances
    The Great War caused the death of at least 8.5 million soldiers and 7 million civilians. The Great War maimed and injured 20 million people.
  11. Drug War Failure and Associated Problems
    One of the challenges that the United States has been dealing with over the last several decades is the illegal drug business.
  12. The United States’ Involvement into World War I
    Historians agree that numerous forces played a role towards initiating this war. This essay gives a detailed analysis of the major causes of the war and its aftermath.
  13. War Law Transformation Throughout History
    Wars are inevitable in a world where people have different views and ideologies in almost all aspects of life.
  14. American Civil War and Its Predetermination
    To date, the Civil War remains the greatest battle on the U.S. territory and one of the most significant events in the American history.
  15. Pan-Slavism in Fueling World War I
    The role of Pan-Slavism in fueling WWI has often been put in the center of discussions about this historic event.
  16. United States-Japan Relations During World War II
    The development of relations between the United States and Japan, which led to the outbreak of war between the two countries, was a very complicated process.
  17. Rosa Luxemburg’ Opposition to War
    Rosa Luxemburg was a prominent Marxist theorist and philosopher, whose contributions to revolutionary socialism were evident from her anti-war position.
  18. America Role in the Great War
    The expanding rivalry between European countries for power and status through the globe led to fatal competitions that exploded into World War I.
  19. Mark Twain’s “The War Prayer”
    As Mark Twain is a famous author in the US, this essay discusses how one of his works, The War Prayer, has influenced and shaped American literary history.
  20. Faceless War and Dehumanization
    Although we are living in the most peaceful times, this peace is incomplete, and it was preceded by some of the most inhuman and deadly conflicts in the history of warfare.
  21. Women’s Representations Before and After World War II
    This paper analyzes two paintings representing young women performing leisurely activities and shows the differences between the painting, as well as their common theme.
  22. Japan’s Aggressive War and Sino-Japanese Relations
    This paper will show how Japan’s aggressive war against China in the early 20th century influenced future relations in East Asia.
  23. Loudness War in Sound Engineering
    “Loudness war” describes the practice of parallel compression that makes the record louder, but at the expense of the dynamic range.
  24. Popular Culture and the Cold War
    Popular culture was strongly restricted. The Cold War had an immense influence on the lives of people since they were afraid to be considered communists.
  25. The League of Nations’ Activity After World War I
    It should be noted that President Roosevelt, although concerned about Germany’s actions, only gave one speech in Chicago, but no action had followed.
  26. War Veterans’ Mental Health as Social Issue
    This work discusses the current issue on the War Veterans returning home and not receiving proper mental health care due to a lack of professionals serving the Armed Forces.
  27. “Culture Wars? The Myth of a Polarized America”
    The author of “Culture Wars? The Myth of a Polarized America” by Morris Fiorina stresses that there is not such a process in the US society, as culture wars ceased to exist in the early 2000s.
  28. Hawaii’s Solar Wars and Variable Pricing Solution
    This paper explores the article by H.Trabish, “Is variable pricing the way out of Hawaii’s solar wars?” which addresses a problem and offers a possible solution to it.
  29. “The Lies That Led to War” and “To Sell a War” Documentaries
    The two documentaries – “The Lies that Led to War” and “To Sell a War” display the way mass media present information and falsify facts to distort the representations of people.
  30. The Star Wars Story, Plot and Characters
    The Star Wars story takes place in a galaxy that is going to face numerous threats. The main characters have to complete a mission and meet various allies during their journey.
  31. Female Artists: War Paintings
    This exhibition is aimed at showing how female artists depict war, its catastrophic effects, and its futility. It is the main theme that the chosen painters explore.
  32. The First World War and America’s Contribution
    The main goals of this paper are to analyze aspects that led to the war and evaluate America’s contribution to resolving this conflict.
  33. Historical Essay: America and the Great War
    The US support for the Entente predetermined victory of the latter. After the First World War, the United States entered the galaxy of the winners, playing a meaningful role in world politics.
  34. Pakistan-US Relations Post-Cold War
    Relations between Pakistan and the United States have been tumultuous since the 1950s, a trend that continued after the Cold War ended in 1991.
  35. Music During the Vietnam War: An Intangible Weapon
    American music during the 1960s was initially written to express emotions. It became a social tool for applying pressure to the US government to end their involvement in Vietnam.
  36. American Revolutionary War and Its Challenges
    In 1783, the American Revolutionary War that pitted Americans against Britain in their quest for freedom finally came to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Paris.
  37. War in “Maus” by Spiegelman and “Persepolis” by Satrapi
    This paper explores the negative social consequences of war and reviews two novels on war: “Maus” by Spiegelman and “Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood” by Satrapi.
  38. World War II Impact on Racial Issues in the United States
    The situation with Japanese-American internees during World War II represents a unique and distinctive experience in American history.
  39. World War I, Its Chronology and Impacts
    This paper focuses on World War I that was identified as an important mark in the world’s history. It provides a detailed description of the war and explain its impacts.
  40. World War One: Fundamental Reasons
    The paper examines the fundamental reasons that have led to World War One and make an accent on the reasons that drew the United States of America into the world conflict.

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  1. North-South Gap as a Cause of American Civil War
    This paper discusses how the economic systems of the North and South contribute to a context of modernization that polarizes these societies and cause the American Civil War.
  2. “Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope” by George Lucas
    In general, “Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope” was a real breakthrough in cinematography. George Lucas created something special, unusual for those times.
  3. Communist Revolutions and Cold War in East Asia
    This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the historical significance of communist revolutions in East Asia, especially in China and North Korea.
  4. Broadcast Effect of H. Wells’s “War of the Worlds”
    The paper evaluates how a story may influence the behavior of people on the example of the broadcast of Herbert Wells’ dramatized novel “War of the Worlds” in 1938.
  5. America in the Great War and Leading Factors
    Many historians believe that the Great War was an unforgettable event that changed global relationships forever. The purpose of the essay is the issues surrounding the Great War.
  6. Behind the War on Drugs
    The war on drugs has not been properly fought. The government has ended up aggravating the problem when it was expected to be solving the problem.
  7. American Civil War, Its Main Figures and Events
    Henry Jackson Hunt, the Chief of Artillery during the Civil War helped shape the results of the war. He recorded several success measures.
  8. Battle of the Bull Run in American Civil War
    The first biggest land clash in the history of the American Civil War is the battle of the Bull Run also popularly known as the First Manassas.
  9. The First World War and American Contribution
    In WWI, the opposite sides were presented by the Central Powers of Austria-Hungary and Germany and the Allies represented by Russia, France, and Great Britain.
  10. Colombian Civil War and the Issue of Political Economy
    The guiding research question is how political economy can explain the protracted Colombian Civil War, specifically between the state and FARC.
  11. Voice of America during the Cold War
    The case of the Voice of America demonstrates the power of the public diplomacy. In order to establish a better environment for compelling transmission activity, the listeners have to acknowledge its impact on them.
  12. Roommate Wars: What to Do When Your Roommate Is a Jerk?
    Quite often, when one roommate is a jerk, the result is a roommate war. However, a room is a small place to fight a war and you might want to try some other things as well before that.
  13. The Kansas-Nebraska Act: the Civil War
    The legal act was primarily intended for the public administrators working in the new territories of Kansas and Nebraska.
  14. The Role of Nationalism in the Two World Wars
    This article provides a critical analysis of the causal relationships between nationalism and World War I in different countries.
  15. Slavery and Civil War: American History
    American history is defined by slavery. The founding fathers of America, in the 17th and 18th century, grew the economy through slave labor.
  16. The U.S. Civil War
    The US government faced a daunting task of resupplying the troops now stationed at Fort Sumter. In this effect, President Buchanan ordered shipment of more men, supplies and arms to Fort Sumter.
  17. Latin American Economies After the Cold War
    The economies of Latin American countries were developing at a high pace in the 1960s, and international financial institutions such as the World Bank.
  18. Civil War in “The American Tradition in Literature”
    The American Tradition in Literature book is helpful for reasoning the historical events. It provided an insight into the Civil War reasoning and issues facing the early Americans.
  19. Modernization in Post World War I Turkey and Iran
    After World War I, the important and contradictory process of modernization of Middle Eastern countries could be observed. The prominent examples are Iran and Turkey.
  20. Cold War in Realism and Neorealism Theories
    The definition of the Cold War refers to the conflict between the Western countries against the Eastern Bloc and is also known as the conflict between capitalism and communism.
  21. Causes and Consequences of World War I
    The WW I is considered one of the most devastating and horrible military conflicts in the history of humanity, which resulted in the creation of the new world order and the collapse of numerous states.
  22. Events and Causes of World War I
    World War 1 took place between 1914 and 1918. A number of authors and scholars have come up with possible causes of the First World War. It took place between rich countries.
  23. Colombian Civil War’s Political and Economic Reasons
    The main goal of this literature review is to discuss the main political and economic reasons for the protracted Colombian Civil War.
  24. The Great War and the United States’ Role in It
    World War I still has an influence on the global political situation. There is a need to understand its nature and characterize the role of the US in the course of events.
  25. World War II: Why Germans Lost and Allies Won
    World War II began with Germany’s attack on Poland in 1939 and ended with the attack on Japan’s Hiroshima in 1945 with the atomic bomb.
  26. War Attitudes in American and British Poems
    The paper identifies the different attitudes towards war presented in “The Charge of the Light Brigade,” “Dulce et Decorum Est,” “The Concord Hymn,” “The Man He Killed” poems.
  27. Escape from Sobibor: World War 2 Holocaust
    Escape from Sobibor is one of the many movies that focus on the mass murder of Jews in German concentration camps.
  28. Life Development in the “Star Wars” Movie
    Popular culture draws philosophic topics to help us understand ourselves. This essay analyzes the “Star Wars” movie from their philosophical description of the human experience.
  29. World War II, Its Causes and Long-Term Effects
    World War II resulted in a decisive power shift away from the leading European states to the Soviet Union and the United States.
  30. World War I and American Participation
    This paper analyzes the events that drew the United States into World War I. It clearly discusses why America first remained neutral between 1914-1917.
  31. World War I: Nationalism, Imperialism, Militarism
    This paper analyzes how nationalism, imperialism, and militarism irrevocably led to World War I, and how the alliance system contributed to the ultimate outbreak of war.
  32. World War I and the US’ Role During and After It
    This paper is dedicated to revealing the causes of World War I as well as defining the role of the United States during the war and after its end.
  33. Moro Conflict in Mindanao: Ethnic Civil Wars
    “Philippines to Fast Track Muslim Self-Rule in Mindanao” describes the positions of the Government of the Philippines regarding the conflict among Muslims and the local population.
  34. World War I: Pan-Slavism in German-Speaking States
    This paper analyzes the role of nationalism, imperialism, and militarism and especially the rise of Pan-Slavism in Eastern Europe in German-speaking states.
  35. Great Depression and World War II for Americans
    The Americans encountered numerous problems during the period of the Great Depression. The Second World War also led to many problems in the United States.
  36. Price Wars in the Wireless Market
    A company in the wireless industry can embrace a strategy to decrease prices only to attract customers from rival companies since the customer base has already been exhausted.
  37. The Vietnam War and American Music
    American music was initially written to simply express emotions, later it became a social tool for applying pressure to the US government to end their involvement in Vietnam.
  38. War on Drugs Through a Socio-Political Framework
    Drug addiction is a problem that concerns not only the health of particular members of society suffering from this disease but also the country as a whole.
  39. Peace & Global Security: Vietnam War & Israel-Palestine Conflict
    Military conflicts are difficult to approach from an objective standpoint. Often being emotionally dueled in addition to the political agenda by which they are supported.
  40. World War II, Its Origins and Consequences
    World War II was a global tragedy. That conflict lasted for six years and led to numerous losses, atrocities, and political and ideological shifts across the world.

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  1. How America Lost the Vietnam War?
  2. Can Pre-emptive War Ever Be Just?
  3. Did Civil War Just Become Inevitable?
  4. How Was Adolf Hitler Responsible for World War II?
  5. Did Britain Really Win the War?
  6. How Were African Americans Treated in the USA Before and After the Civil War?
  7. Has the Cold War Really Ended?
  8. Are There Any Winners in War?
  9. Did African American Participation in the Civil War Change?
  10. Did Abraham Lincoln Cause the Civil War?
  11. Are Governments Around the World Doing Enough to Combat the Risks of Global War?
  12. How Americans Have Fought War Throughout History?
  13. Can the United States Justify the Civil War?
  14. Is the Coalition Winning the War in Iraq?
  15. Did Civil War Help or Hinder the Efforts of Women in the American Society?
  16. How Was Air Security Changed After World War II?
  17. Has the Culture War Affected the Liberal Education?
  18. Can Development Aid Contribute to Social Cohesion After Civil War?
  19. How Was the American Civil War Irrepressible?
  20. Are Terrorists Really Small Scale Agents of War?
  21. Did Economics Cause World War II?
  22. Has the War Between the Rent Seekers Escalated?
  23. How 1940’s America Viewed World War II?
  24. Can Religion Cause War?
  25. Are Nations Ever Justified in Going to War?
  26. Did America Win the Cold War?
  27. Can Nonhomothetic Preferences Explain the Post World War II Growth in Trade?
  28. Can Arms Races Lead to the Outbreak of War?
  29. Can the West Possibly Win the War on Terror?
  30. Are Americans Ready for Another War?
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