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  1. Fashion as Performance – The Ballets Russes
    Fashion and the performing and visual arts have always been intertwined for those with the financial resources to indulge in one or all three.
  2. Democracy and National Economic Performance in China
    The economic growth in China may lead to further democratization, as the accumulation of wealth causes the need for protecting it by means of democratic institutions.
  3. The Balanced Scorecard: Measures That Drive Performance
    One of the main problems of managers in the business world is how to evaluate the company’s achievements fast and effectively.
  4. Gender Discrimination and Performance in the Workplace
    While talking about the gender discrimination, both sexes are considered although on discrimination the female are mainly on the receiving end.
  5. Walmart Company Performance on the Market
    Wal-Mart Stores is a multinational company that operates retail stores in different set ups across the world. It operates more than 9667 retail units in 28 countries.
  6. Organization’s Performance Measurement: Key Components of the Corporate Mechanism
    The measurement of an organization’s performance presupposes a thorough evaluation of the key components of the corporate mechanism, including both the internal and the external.
  7. Control Charts in Performance Environments
    The application of control charts as one of the most efficient tools for the analysis of the company’s performance is crucial for the environment of the global economy.
  8. Supply Chain Performance in the Chinese Market
    “Third-Party Logistics (3PL) and supply chain performance in the Chinese market: A conceptual framework,” affirms that supply chains are turning highly developed.
  9. Performance Dashboard in Healthcare
    The creation of performance dashboards allows for easy identification of problems enhancing the making of important decisions. Healthcare performance dashboards have important characteristics.
  10. Performance at the Grammy Awards
    The paper explains why the performance of Justin Bieber ft Jaden Smith & Usher with their song Never Say Never at the 53rd Grammy Awards demonstrated that they deserve the award.
  11. Management: Effective Teamwork Role for Organizations Performance
    Groups usually pass several important stages: forming, storming, norming, and performing. Depending on the stage, teams and groups demonstrate unique organizational features.
  12. Performance Enhancing Drugs and Professional Sport
    The most dramatic and unexamined effect of using drugs by professional sportsmen is the negative impact on the athletes’ health.
  13. Performance Measuring for Supply Chain
    The aim of measuring the supply chain performance is to optimise internal operations to increase profits by satisfying demand with the right quality and quantity of products.
  14. Employment Effect on the Performance of the Firm
    Employees form a very important component of an organization, and their output directly reflects the overall performance of an organization.
  15. Amazon Company Performance Evaluation
    The purpose of evaluating a company’s performance is to determine the efficacy of organizational strategies, the attained progress and goals, and provide recommendations.
  16. Better Academic Performance Working Conditions
    The facilities and technological equipment are connected to the academic progress. A person should be in favorable conditions to improve the learning development.
  17. Using Motivation to Improve Employee Performance
    Motivation refers to the internal and external factors that encourage an employee to perform assigned tasks or achieve set goals and objectives.
  18. “Story Performance and Event” by Richard Bauman Literature Analysis
    The “Story Performance and Event” by Richard Bauman is relatively a short book, but very deceiving. Bauman illustrates the necessity of novel strategies in the conceptualization of oral narratives.
  19. British Petroleum Company: Organization’ Social Performance
    British Petroleum is a multinational company that deals with gas, crude oil, and petroleum products. BP is the second-largest oil and gas producer in the U.S.
  20. JCB Company’s Corporate Performance Management
    The article addresses the main issues of corporate performance management, which are based on the experience of global companies.
  21. Institutions and Their Effect on Economic Performance
    This essay provides critical insight into the meaning of institutions by critiquing the evidence of their formal effects on economic performance.
  22. American School Uniforms and Academic Performance
    This paper argues for the introduction of school uniforms in public schools in the US. It shows the correlation that subsists between school uniforms and academic performance.
  23. Elon Musk’s Entrepreneurial Performance
    This report focuses on Elon Musk as an entrepreneur of choice to explore how luck accounts for entrepreneurial performance.
  24. Employee Personality and Performance Correlation
    Personality can be described as the different characteristics that make up an individual, which are common to the given individual.
  25. World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index
    The World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI) is constructed to assist countries in determining the key challenges and opportunities in logistics.
  26. Kodak and Fujifilm Companies Business Performance
    This paper seeks to explain why two rival companies, Kodak and Fujifilm have performed differently in the dynamic business environment.
  27. Aston Martin Company: Strategic Operations Performance
    Aston Martin wants to make its luxury cars more affordable and focus on a new strategy that would widen its target market base as competition becomes fierce and sales dwindle.
  28. Options Consulting Solutions Company’s Performance Management
    Options Consulting Solutions is a recruiting firm headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The firm was started more than two decades ago.
  29. Company X and Its Performance in the Global Environment
    Promoting change in the context of an organization requires substantial resources due to the need to address the emergent problems and keep the system viable.
  30. Performance Management: Warehouse Performance Measurement
    The analysis of the costs taken by the organization can be viewed as the first step towards identifying the changes in the warehouse business performance.
  31. Performance Management and Strategic Planning
    The purpose of this paper is to attempt to identify a link between performance management and strategic planning in an organization.
  32. Attention and Anxiety in Sports Performance
    Sporting activities have always played a crucial role in human life. Through these events, people are able to fulfill their fitness, social, and entertainment needs.
  33. Safaricom Company’s Structure and Performance
    The paper evaluates a communication industry by assessing Safaricom’s information, performance, structure, and its relation to the surroundings.
  34. Nigerian Democracy and National Economic Performance
    To showcase how democracy and economic performance can relate to each other, the case of Nigeria could serve as an example.
  35. “The Tempest” Performance by St. Louis Shakespeare
    St. Louis Shakespeare performed a version of The Tempest using a period drama approach to the adaptation of the popular play.
  36. Nestle Company’s Group Dynamics and Performance
    This study explored the impact of group dynamics on the performance of individual employees, which in turn affects the total productivity of the company.
  37. IMDB, Wikipedia, Amazon Website Performance Tests
    The analysis shows how IMDB, Wikipedia, Amazon websites work on a low-tier, mid-tier, high-tier phones, and desktop, and scores these websites using the scale at http//ready.mobi.
  38. Germany’s Macroeconomic Performance in 2015
    It is imperative to note that macroeconomic performance is a fascinating topic that is actively discussed by many scholars. The situation in Germany is especially interesting.
  39. New Employee’s Success and Performance Management
    Once a new employee is selected, strategies of how best to maximize employee success on the new job should be put in place.
  40. Business Performance Measurement: Essential Concepts
    This paper includes the definitions that can be viewed as the foundation for becoming an efficient team leader and improving the performance rates successfully.

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  1. Yerkes-Dodson Law: Motivation and Performance
    This paper examines and describes the aspects of the law specified by Yerkes and Dodson. This law covers the concept of motivation in its relation to performance.
  2. Clinical Activity: Performance Appraisal
    Effective appraisal allows the nurse leaders to find the best ways to differentiate the desired goals and find the best ways to motivate the clinical staff to achieve them.
  3. Six Sigma for Performance Improvement
    The emphasis on quality has always been strong in the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. The idea of meeting the corresponding demands has never gone beyond the company’s environment.
  4. Flybe Airline: Transforming Business Performance
    Flybe is a leading regional airline in United Kingdom. The pricing of its services and products makes the Airline a low-cost carrier.
  5. Indian Democracy and National Economic Performance
    This work examines the impact of the political organization on the successful national economic performance of India that implies steady growth in all economic spheres.
  6. Wal-Mart’s Performance and Business Strategy
    This paper determines the business strategy that will improve the performance of Wal-Mart and increase its compatibility in the context of the modern retail environment.
  7. XYZ Hotel’s Performance Appraisal System
    The paper discusses the theoretical foundations of a performance appraisal system and provides a real-life example of the system based on XYZ Hotel’s experience.
  8. Construction Company’s Staff’s Quality Performance
    The purpose of the study is the identification of the links between the application of the diversity-related strategies, the motivation of the employees, and the staff’s rates.
  9. Kauflauf GmbH Company Performance: Jess Westerly Approach
    Kauflauf GmbH experiences problems with its performance. The paper analyzes the problems in Jess Westerly’s approach toward changing the company’s performance management.
  10. Compensation System: Employee Performance
    This paper considers the integration of compensation systems as one of the fundamental strategic issues in the contemporary business environment.
  11. Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola Companies Performance Management
    Coca Cola and Pepsi must review their communication channels to ensure that all employees understand performance measures and motivation principles.
  12. Aetna Healthcare Corporation: Performance and Stability
    Aetna Inc. is a differentiated healthcare aids corporation. The company proposes a variety of classic, voluntary, and patient-oriented health insurance goods and associated facilities.
  13. Theater Performance: Mrs.Warren’s Profession
    The play takes place in Victorian England where a young woman, who spent most of her life in various boarding schools, is preparing to meet her mother whom she has not seen for a very long time.
  14. Human Resource Practices and Employee Performance
    The performance of employees within an organization is strongly connected with the nature of the relationship between the management of an organization and the employees.
  15. Moreno Medical Center’s Financial Performance
    It is vital to understand the significance of different ratios when interpreting the firm’s operations by using an example of Moreno Medical Center.
  16. ADMA Company’s Performance Management
    This project assesses the performance of ADMA Company in developing its business needs, meeting the needs of stakeholders, and the welfare of the society.
  17. “The Tempest” Performance by Savage Rose Theater
    The performance The Tempest was running in the Savage Rose Theater. Although it is a modern theatre company, it adheres to classical drama and does not experiment.
  18. Performance Enhancement Tools and Strategies
    By focusing on the identification of the crucial factors that define the success of product quality measurement, one is likely to create prerequisites for the rapid progress of the organization.
  19. Bidco Oil Refinery Ltd.’s Performance and Ethics
    The paper analyzes Bidco Oil Refinery Limited, its mission and vision, financial performance, potential acquisition, employees’ motivation, and ethical behavior.
  20. Library Media: Impact on the Performance of Students
    Educational institutions, including library media specialists, should be committed to the vital mission of instructing and directing students on acquiring essential skills.
  21. Employee Performance: Positive and Negative Factors
    In this paper, the spotlight has been specific employee performance in light of various personal and organizational variables that affect production, both directly and indirectly.
  22. General Motors Company: Financial Performance
    In 2016 and the first three quarters of 2017, GM has been experiencing significant financial issues, namely a steep growth in liabilities.
  23. Literacy and Academic Performance in ELLs
    The main purpose of multilingual schooling is to enhance understanding of the contents of academic programs amongst learners who are not proficient in the native language.
  24. McDonald’s Performance in 2011 and Next 5 Years
    McDonald’s is the most prominent foodservice merchant globally. The foodservice dealer owns more than 33,500 local cafeterias.
  25. Nonfinancial Performance Measures and Promotion-Based Incentives
    Dennis Campbell was inspired to find out the mechanisms that triggered decisions related to promotions and demotions within a business enterprise.
  26. Performance Appraisal, Harassment, Job Analysis
    This paper attempts to present and define three of the concepts from the human Resource Management: performance appraisal, sexual harassment in the workplace, and job analysis.
  27. South African Democracy and National Economic Performance
    In South Africa, the shift towards democracy has been characterized by a notable range of outcomes. The economic and social progress which has been achieved.
  28. Marks&Spencer Company’s Business Performance
    Marks and Spencer is a departmental store that deals with retail of garments. Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer founded the company in 1884.
  29. Mobility and Economic Performance
    In “Mobility and Economic Performance: Are Emerging Economies Different?” Edwards explores whether capital mobility influences different factors related to economic growth or not.
  30. Early Literacy and Academic Performance in ELLs
    The main aim of delivering educational content in more than one language is to enhance literacy among all members of the society.
  31. Smarter Working Initiative for Employee Performance
    Smarter Working has become actively applied in modern organizations, especially agile ones, to recognize employees’ needs, address their talents, and improve their productivity.
  32. Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts: Menu and Performance
    Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are the most popular coffee shops in the country, each with its stable client base.
  33. Transparency and Organizational Performance
    This paper dwells upon transparency in organizations and the advantages of the use of balanced scorecards and strategic diversity. It provides a model improving transparency.
  34. Performance-Based and Personal Communication
    The given paper will comment on how performance-based and personal communication are beneficial for students and how they can be used to support teaching.
  35. Conference Types and Performance
    Along with different purposes of conferences, several types of performances may be developed in classrooms to deal with discomfort and unfamiliar situations and encourage effective learning.
  36. Hip Replacement Performance and Outcomes Measurement
    This report aims to examine performance indicators and outcomes measurement for hip replacement procedures and recommend best practices that can be adopted.
  37. Employee Self-Efficacy for Innovation Performance
    This paper evaluates the role of self-efficacy in the process of improving the innovation performance of employees and discusses through the works of Bandura, Zimmerman, Luthans.
  38. Managers Financial and Non-Financial Performance Indicators
    The Balanced Scorecard methodology has become a holistic strategic management tool for analyzing the performance of an organization.
  39. Brazil’s Democracy and National Economic Performance
    Brazil’s economic performance was occurring simultaneously with political development and was affected significantly by the political regime.
  40. Employee Tardiness in Annual Performance Review
    Before the annual review, a manager should prepare by evaluating the performance of the employee based on measurements of productivity used in the company.

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  1. Precast Tunnel Lining Segments’ Mechanical Performance
    PCTL has been increasingly used in tunneling construction due to the efficiency and economic benefits that it brings in comparison with traditional in-place lining techniques.
  2. Contractor Performance for Project Scheduling
    The paper draws attention to the influence that the performance of the contractor has on project scheduling and complications that may be introduced.
  3. Employee Performance Evaluation Challenges
    Employee evaluation is one of the most important functions of HRM, its not only enables an organization to enhance labor productivity but plays a vital role in reducing cost labor.
  4. Staff Performance and Administrator’ Roles
    The following paper is intended to evaluate the role of nurse administrators in staff performance, management, and collective bargaining.
  5. Businesses Performance: Financial and Non-Financial Measures
    The purpose of the present research is to evaluate the implementation of non-financial measures of performance in small and medium enterprises (SME) as a predictor of enhanced performance.
  6. Performance Management Issues: Types and Factors
    Performance management aims to ensure the effectiveness and growth of the organization through the definition of strategic objectives and management activities.
  7. Beach House Company’s Team Performance Management
    Promoting employee engagement and performance improvement is an essential step toward succeeding in the environment of the global market.
  8. Professional Performance Characteristics and Workplace Effectiveness
    The paper reviews the effects of personality and emotion on individual behavior and performance at work and provides diagnostics of personality and emotional competencies.
  9. Pavement and Bridge Infrastructure: Performance Indicators
    Evaluations based on performance measures lead to the development of reasonable alternatives for improving “roads, highways, or bridges that require repair.
  10. Veteran Student Performance and Activities
    This paper introduces an evaluation design plan to be applied to the Armed Services Arts Partnership program and the analysis of the effects of its co-curricular activities on student veterans.
  11. Healthcare Policy, Leadership and Performance
    The paper identifies the healthcare policy priority, approach for communicating with a policymaker, and discusses leadership and performance of healthcare systems.
  12. Employee Engagement and Its Role in Performance
    Employee engagement is a crucial approach that contemporary companies are emphasising to enhance their performance and productivity levels.
  13. Does Performance Related Pay Increase Productivity?
    The Performance Related Pay (PRP) method is widely applied in modern business as companies try to increase the employees’ motivation and thus, the general productivity as well.
  14. Veteran Student Performance: Co-Curricular Activities
    In this memo, the main goal is to choose a non-profit program that can be applied to veteran student performance and propose a program evaluation regarding an appropriate program theory.
  15. Boosting of the Academic Performance
    The following useful research tips can help you boost your academic performance, save time, work efficiently and stay focused on the goal of achieving the highest possible marks.
  16. Baldrige Standards for Performance Excellence
    This paper interprets the Baldrige Model by focusing on its evolution and the application of the framework’s operations criteria to facilitate performance excellence.
  17. Workforce Diversity Effects on Employee Performance
    The present literature review is focused on the exploration of the effects of racial discrimination in the workplace and the ways workforce diversity can be managed.
  18. Performance Management System: Role and Advantages
    Performance management systems play an important role in the achievement of organisational goals, mission, and vision
  19. Emirates Airline: Leadership Styles and Performance
    The study investigated the influence of four leadership styles on the organizational performance of Emirates Airline from the perspective of communication.
  20. SmarTrans Product’s Quality and Performance
    SmarTrans is a technology product that will be implemented at facilities that choose to purchase and install the technology.
  21. Advanced Technology Investment Company’s Performance
    The aim of this research is to investigate, comprehend, and construct the orchestration of performance of Advanced Technology Investment Company.
  22. Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance
    This paper discusses the role of corporate social responsibility in the corporate world and its implications for a company’s financial performance.
  23. Congressman Andre Carson’s Performance and Leadership
    Carson has been committed to bringing change in the lives of Americans. He has shown exemplary leadership, which respects the rule of law and democratic values of the society.
  24. Employee Performance Management System
    In human resource management, it is important to ensure that employees are motivated and satisfied with their work. It can achieve by carrying out employee performance management.
  25. Early Literacy and Academic Performance in English Learners
    Since the success of bilingual programs in US schools is dubious, and there are still gaps among natives and immigrants, it is vital to change current educational practices.
  26. Competence and Performance Definitions by Chomsky
    Chomsky defines ‘competence’ as “the ability of the idealized speaker – hearer to associate sounds and meanings strictly in accordance with the rules of his language.”
  27. Class Sizes and Student Performance Research Methodology
    This paper includes the methodology of the research that argues that increased class sizes, to include more special education students, will impact overall student performance.
  28. Co-Curricular Activities in Veteran Student Performance
    This paper discusses the effects of co-curriculum activities on the achievements of student veterans within the Armed Services Arts Partnership Program (ASAP) program.
  29. Arabtec Company: Strategic Analysis of Business Performance
    This paper discusses strategic analysis and its importance to organizations. A case study is done on Arabtec to apply the theory of strategic analysis.
  30. Employee Performance and Recognition Program
    Employee performance is not always dependent on monetary rewards, rather, some of the most efficient drivers of employee performance are when employees are self directed.
  31. Performance and Commitment in the Workplace
    There are four characteristics in demand: high market responsiveness, fast developments, low cost, and high levels of creativity, innovation, and efficiency.
  32. Chapters 4-5 of “Story, Performance, and Event” by Bauman
    This report summarizes chapters four and five of the book “Story, Performance, and Event: Contextual Studies of Oral Narrative” by Richard Bauman.
  33. Remington’s Restaurant: Performance and Satisfaction
    The purpose of the research project is to explore the research methodology of Remington’s Restaurant, assess how patrons perceive the performance, and determine customer satisfaction.
  34. Apple Inc. Analysis: Company’s Performance
    Apple Inc. seems to have no insurance from the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation. Moreover, it is said that the company does not maintain insurance coverage.
  35. Leadership Style and Performance in UK Restaurants
    This research paper explores leadership behavior orientations within the restaurant sector in the UK in terms of their relationship to employee motivation.
  36. Shirts and Skirts Company’s Performance Improvement
    The Shirts and Skirts Company uses long-term agreements which are hard to adjust and thus despite the changes in the market, they are forced to stick by the agreement.
  37. Bank’s Performance Financial Regulation
    Net income which signifies the profits that a bank makes after taxes gives us a direct view of a bank’s performance in terms of its ability to pay dividends as well as retain earnings.
  38. Developing Business Performance: Principles and Strategies
    Operation Strategy refers to the actions chosen, mandated option and is stimulated by an organization within its operations functions to be able to meet the mission and objectives.
  39. Supervisor’s Motivation and Employee’s Performance
    Two shifts in the factory are falling behind in production. The senior manager wonders if that lack of motivation of supervisors is rubbing off on the workers.
  40. Unions and Performance Appraisals in Organizations
    This paper discusses the operation of unions, their need, and examines the importance of effective performance appraisals in an organization.

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  1. Silver Wheaton Company’s Missions and Performance
    Wheaton has established streaming partnerships with mines located in politically stable nations of South America, North America, and Europe.
  2. Metrics and Performance Measurement in Operations Management
    Metrics is indeed a powerful management tool in aligning company strategies and objectives and ensuring people are working towards a common direction.
  3. Group Presentation Performance: Analysis of IKEA
    The essay discusses a group presentation in a business research class. The essay focuses on the group experience as well as the lessons learned.
  4. Training Manual: Performance and Materials
    The analysis of the training field reveals that the theoretical knowledge of training cannot be completely applied in practice. It is necessary to work out a model of the transfer process.
  5. Problem Solving for Performance Enhancement
    This work determines the relationship between problem-solving and performance enhancement with particular regard to routine, rational, and creative problem-solving approaches.
  6. Management Functions for Better Company Performance
    Managing an organization is not easy when one has to the role of a leader, the role of a manager, and the role of an HRM specialist.
  7. Performance Management and Appraisal Plan
    The Office of Human Resources presents a Management by Objectives (MBO) performance appraisal plan and process that will be implemented in the next month.
  8. Bombardier Inc.’s Performance Analysis
    Bombardier Inc. was incorporated in June 1902 and today leads the global market in manufacturing planes and trains. The company is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.
  9. Statistics: Academic Performance Correlation Study
    This correlation project determines whether there is a relationship between academic performance in reading and academic performance in science courses.
  10. Call Center Performance in the Telecommunications Industry
    Business process Outsourcing is a growing phenomenon in the global telecommunications sector. Many firms are embracing the process because of the cost and quality advantages associated with it.
  11. Afren PLC and Apache Corporation: Current Performance
    This study analysed Afren PLC and its competitors in the UK and also Apache Corporation with its competitors in the U.S., incontext of the current performance in the situation of the industry’s operations.
  12. Leadership, Management Style and Organizational Performance
    The focus on globalization and multiculturalism has emphasised the importance of understanding Organizational productivity and team effectiveness.
  13. Positive Leadership Styles for Organisational Performance
    Due to the need for businesses to remain competitive, leaders should adopt positive leadership styles that would improve organisational competitiveness.
  14. Learning Styles for Better Academic Performance
    Learning style is a set of unique and specific approaches employed by individuals during the process of studying. Using a learning style correlates with school performance.
  15. Math Vocabulary and Performance: Research Design
    The author investigates the relationship between the learners’ vocabulary comprehension and students’ performance.
  16. Mathematics Vocabulary and Student Performance
    Most teachers do not think about teaching a vocabulary for mathematics thus mathematics is perceived as being a conceptual subject.
  17. Training, Stress and Performance: Study Findings
    The hypotheses on the differences in the performance of non- and trained participants and differences in the performance of persons with high and low-stress levels are supported.
  18. Students’ Ethnicity, Performance and Intelligence
    The research question is whether there are differences in students’ academic performance scores and intelligence based on the factor of ethnicity.
  19. Transforming Business Performance: Creativity and Innovation
    In the modern world, the development of contemporary markets involves the application of creative and innovative approaches in business.
  20. Preston Store: Performance Management
    The newly-employed manager should work hard to deliver desirable results. The regional manager should monitor the contribution of every individual throughout the targeted one year.
  21. Apple Inc: Main Line, Markets and Performance
    The Apple Inc. sells a wide range of software, networking solutions, applications, and peripherals to creative markets, education, government, SMB enterprise, and individual consumers.
  22. Logistics Outsourcing Impact on Business Performance
    The research aims to investigate the influence of logistics capability and outsourcing on organizational performance.
  23. Organizational Performance: Motivation and Its Impacts
    The centrality of employee input in an organisation’s overall performance can only be ignored at the peril of an organisation’s long-term survival.
  24. Motivation and Performance in UAE Construction Industry
    One of the most important revelations in the research was that workers and managers in the UAE construction industry were not motivated.
  25. Personality Traits and Professional Performance
    Individual personality and attitude impact work performance. The development of the right attitude can be achieved if an employee and employer work together towards this goal.
  26. Poor Performance and Absenteeism at the Workplace
    A skilled and knowledgeable specialist must have had an unpleasant experience that became one of the reasons for his alcohol addiction and poor performance.
  27. Excellent Academic Performance: Causes and Effects
    By creating the setting in which factors encourage a student’s academic growth, one will be able to assist a learner in acquiring crucial skills and building a system of knowledge.
  28. Improving Performance and Commitment in the Workplace
    The current business setting requires managers to be knowledgeable about the strategies aimed at driving the team of diverse players towards productive communication and cooperation.
  29. John Logan’s “Never the Sinner” Play Performance
    The play “Never the Sinner” by John Logan delivers an ambitious and explorative experience. It is directed by Charles Falcon, who did an outstanding job of managing the team.
  30. Psychology: Attachment Styles and Employee Performance
    In recent years, researchers and employers have both shown increased interest in exploring contributing factors that shape employees’ attitudes and behaviors in the workplace.
  31. HR’s Contribution to Organizational Performance
    HR professionals usually contribute to business planning through the HRM strategy. HR interventions should align with both each other and other organisational policies.
  32. Coca-Cola Company’s Marketing Plan and Performance
    In the Coca-Cola company, customer relationship management is at an advanced level due to effective and modern interaction strategies.
  33. The Negative Impact of Long Working Shifts on Nurses’ Efficient Practice and Health
    This paper explains how long working shifts might hinder efficient practice and have a negative impact on nurses’ mental and physical health.
  34. Impact of Shift Work on Nurses’ Performance
    There is a myriad of negative effects on the health and performance of nurses due to shifting work which results in ineffectiveness, cognitive fatigue, and low job retention rates in the long run.
  35. Shift Work: Negative Effects on the Health and Performance of Nurses
    Nursing is notoriously known as a profession with erratic scheduling and constant fatigue from a lack of or inconsistent sleep.
  36. Performance Appraisal Process and Its Elements
    In personnel management, performance appraisal is a critical element of managing employees and ensuring their efficient work.
  37. Performance Management: Employee Performance Documentation
    Organizations that succeed in effective documentation of employee performance can feel secure in the current economic realities.
  38. Chicken Co.’s Performance & Talent Management
    The major problem with performance goals at various levels at Chicken Co. is the lack of clarity concerning these objectives.
  39. Clinical Leadership and Hospital Performance
    There are many ways how to improve the quality of health care and promote the effectiveness of management in hospitals.
  40. The Effect of Extra-Curricular Activities on the Academic Performance of Veteran Students
    The current research utilizes a qualitative study to test if the participation in extra-curricular activities has a positive effect on the academic performance of veteran students.

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