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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Construction

  1. The Social Construction of Gender Roles
    Gender is an underlying characteristic all societies and the social construction of gender roles, behaviors and expectations is an importance aspect of modern society.
  2. Social Community Constructions, Expected Social Conduct, and Economic Structures Within the Society
    This paper outlines social community constructions, expected social conduct, and economic structures within the society.
  3. Construction of the America’s Great Wall
    The paper highlights some of the reasons why the Great Wall was a bad idea. The government realized that the control act did not give the expected results.
  4. The Social Construction of Gender
    Gender refers to the social construction of the differences between men and women. This paper explores the stereotype to avoid misleading conclusions.
  5. “The Construction of Homosexuality” a Book by David Greenberg
    The book, The Construction of Homosexuality by David Greenberg presents the reflection of the author on historical timeline of the struggle by homosexuals to get their rights.
  6. Saudi Marine Construction Projects and Risks
    The Saudi Arabian marine construction works revolve around the establishment of ports and harbors. The ports must be constructed to facilitate tourist arrival.
  7. Soil Mechanics in Construction Engineering
    Soil mechanics is a relatively new discipline in civil engineering, which entails the study of the engineering properties of soil relative to the design of various engineering structures.
  8. Social Construction of Technologies: Tablet Computer
    This paper is aimed at discussing the development of such a technology as the tablet computer. In particular, it is necessary to apply such a concept as social construction.
  9. Dubai Construction Cost and Its Political Factors
    This research paper determines how political factors affect the construction industry in Dubai and what can be done to lower these costs.
  10. Madina Azahra Palace Construction
    Medina Azahara means the City of Flowers and it represents the ruins of the fortified Arab Muslim medieval palace in Spain. The palace was built in 929 by Abd al-Rahman.
  11. Construction Company’s Staff’s Quality Performance
    The purpose of the study is the identification of the links between the application of the diversity-related strategies, the motivation of the employees, and the staff’s rates.
  12. Quality Improvement in the Construction Industry’ Context
    Focusing on quality improvement is essential in the context of a multicultural corporation. The introduction of the Six Sigma DMAIC framework was tested as a possible tool.
  13. Truss Construction Shop Workplace Incident
    This paper analyzes the incident that occurred in the Truss Construction Shop when a worker was injured while performing his work with the help of a machine.
  14. Canadian Housing and Construction Statistics
    Growth for housing starts, completions, and under construction was negatively affected by the economic downturn in 2008 with only 187,923 units registered.
  15. Construction Company’s Operational Risk Management
    This work presents an operational risk assessment connected to standard masonry techniques and procedures in the development of five-story apartment blocks.
  16. Schedule Delay Analysis in Construction Projects
    Within a construction environment, it is rather common that both the contractor and employer are worried about the time for performance.
  17. Gray Construction Company’s Business Communication
    Gray Construction is a family-owned construction company that, by utilizing the system of open forums, tries to increase the success of business-related communications.
  18. Risk Management of Construction Megaprojects
    Long-term projects can be considered an integral part of the modern world. At the same time, the management of projects is a complex task because of many issues and obstacles.
  19. Stakeholder Management in Construction Projects
    The paper discusses the stakeholders’ management as a whole with a point of view on the cost and scope of construction projects.
  20. Construction Waste Management
    Managing construction waste is often a difficult process because its poor implementation could lead to unintended consequences for contractors, clients, and the public.
  21. Construction Industry Disputes in the UAE
    There is still very little literature in the UAE on the negotiation strategies and how the same impacts on the outcomes in the dispute resolution.
  22. Portfolio Construction: Choosing a Suitable Investment Option
    Investing in trustworthy and promising ventures so that the specified goal can be achieved can be viewed as the secondary objective of the project.
  23. Risk Management in Healthcare Construction Projects
    A risk is any occurrence that has the potential to alter the progress of a project significantly. A risk may be positive or negative.
  24. Cultural Rift in the UAE Construction Industry
    This paper will explore cultural differences and organizational cultures in the UAE. It will also explore ways of harmonizing the two to minimize conflicts.
  25. Silver Fiddle Construction Project Risk Management
    When it comes to defining the key risks associated with the project one must point to the fact that the project is very costly and requires a substantial amount of time.

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  1. Environmental Impact of the Football Stadium Construction
    The construction of Football Stadium in the district of Tipner, Portsmouth, UK is a great challenge for the site’s environments and ecological situation.
  2. Assessing Learning and Test Construction
    Evaluating students’ performance is one of the foundations of the learning process. There are several arguments highlighting its importance in education.
  3. Motivation and Performance in UAE Construction Industry
    One of the most important revelations in the research was that workers and managers in the UAE construction industry were not motivated.
  4. Race as a Social Construction in the US
    The idea of the social construction of race is the basis on which modern theory refutes the initial assumptions used to justify the American practice of slavery.
  5. Ethics: Tellico Dam Construction vs. Snail Darter Fish
    The argument against the Tellico dam construction concerns the role of the snail darter in the ecological system of the Little Mississippi River.
  6. “Uncoupling: The Social Construction of Divorce” by Robboy et al.
    This paper aims to analyze the article “Uncoupling: The Social Construction of Divorce” by Robboy et al. and summarize the main ideas from it.
  7. Family, Work, and Social Construction of Intimacy
    The paper examines various aspects of family life and the real problems of families. The work-family relationship may sometimes result in work-family conflict.
  8. Authentic Leadership in the Construction Industry
    This paper seeks to examine the concept of authentic leadership and why it can become the best option for improving management and supervision in the construction industry.
  9. Sexual Orientation as a Social Construction and Reality
    Even if sexual orientation, gender roles, and sex are all socially constructed, it does not mean that they are not real.
  10. Generational Differences in Galliford Try Construction Industry
    The study illuminates how various challenges affect the company and aligns them with theories such as transformational, authentic, servant leadership and leader-member exchange (LMX).
  11. Carillion Construction Company’s Story of Decline
    This report analyses the Carillion company’s performance, identifies some causes for its decline, and discusses the roles of the directors and auditors in it.
  12. The Range of Regulations Applicable to Health and Safety in Construction
    The regulatory systems have done more good than bad in the general growth of safety conditions for workers in the European Union.
  13. The Construction Industry in Australia.
    The construction industry in Australia commands some significant linkages with other key sectors, and this has led to its major impact on the economy.
  14. Wood as a Construction Material: History, Properties, Use
    Today, wood is still a common material in the building of boats and houses. The use of wood in the construction of the frames of a majority of domestic houses is also common.
  15. Top Ten Construction Site Hazards.
    In the construction industry, the laborers and site workers are liable to face innumerable dangers and risks of health and safety each day.
  16. Construction. The Hines Group and Babcock & Brown
    The Hines Group and Babcock & Brown provide the highest standards of security of workers and the best organization of the material delivery, storage, and usage.
  17. Shortage of Skilled Workers and Its Impacts in Middle East Construction Industry
    Presently there is a huge shortage of structural and civil engineers, project managers, safety managers, on-site supervisors and tradesman, like welders and fitters.
  18. Construction Law. Negligence, Tort and Duty of Care
    The cases Chapman v. Hearse and Voli v IngleWoodshire Council are both legal cases that were tried in the High Court of Australia in the years 1961 and 1963 respectively.
  19. Shortage of Skilled Workers in Middle East Construction Industry
    The construction industry in the Middle East has been facing the risk of rising labour costs and labour shortages, which in turn is squeezing up the smaller contractors.
  20. Project for the Construction of a New Cottage Town
    The project is devoted to the building of the new cottage town in the country and is aimed at the satisfaction of citizens’ needs and providing them with a new wonderful way of life.
  21. Construction Companies and Ethics
    Many construction companies do not have an ethical program at all. It is important that people in the company undergo training in order to understand the ethical standards that have been set.
  22. The Study of the Construction Methods for Firefighters
    The study of the construction methods allows the fire officers to predict the effects of the demolition and possible way to preserve the construction in a better condition.
  23. A New Building Construction Project Analysis
    The management of AXBC PLC needs to allot more time for constructing a new building as the analysis has clearly shown that the management may be overly optimistic.
  24. Construction of the Sense of Meaning and Identity
    The most contributing factors to the construction of human sense of meaning and identity are relational processes between person and group, as well as different social processes.

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  1. Intermediate Institutions and Technology Transfer in Developing Countries: Construction Industry in Ghana
  2. Building for the Future: The Potential Importance of the Construction Industry in Welsh Economic Development Policy
  3. Global Construction Equipment Market Industry Analysis
  4. Waste Processing Plants Construction in Saudi Arabia
  5. Investigation Into Waste Management on Construction Sites in South Western Nigeria
  6. Waste Processing Plants Construction in India
  7. Improving Health and Safety on Construction in Romania
  8. Channel Tunnel Construction: Project Management
  9. Indonesia Residential Construction: Market Update
  10. Improving Higher Education for Construction Management
  11. Worker’s Attitudes Towards Safety in the Construction Field
  12. Case Studies About Australian Construction Firms
  13. Chinese Culture and Successful Implementation of Partnering in Singapore’s Construction Industry
  14. Iowa River Bridge Steel Method Construction
  15. Civil Engineering: Bridge Construction Issues
  16. Good Research Paper About Planning of Construction of Tall Buildings
  17. Transforming Municipal Solid Waste Into Construction Materials
  18. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants Construction in India to 2019
  19. Building Information Modelling Analysis Construction
  20. Ethical Case Study Bhopal Disaster Construction
  21. Global Market for Agricultural and Construction Equipment
  22. Ireland Industrial Construction: Market Update
  23. Incorporating the Lean Cell Process Into Repair Stations Construction
  24. Environmental Impacts From Dam Construction
  25. Improving Construction Site Safety

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  1. Internet Marketing Strategy for Small Construction Firms
  2. Cdm Baseline Construction for Vietnam National Electricity Grid
  3. Analyzing the Malaysian Construction Industry
  4. Building Plan Commission, Construction, and Alterations
  5. Commercial Bank Lending Practices and the Development of Black-Owned Construction Companies
  6. Industry Research- Construction, Homebuilding
  7. Housing Demand and Residential Construction in Thailand
  8. Establishing Quantitative Indicators for Measuring the Partnering Performance of Construction Projects in Hong Kong
  9. Establishing the Association Between Collaborative Working and Construction Project Performance Based on Client and Contractor Perceptions
  10. Institutional Capacity for Climate Change Responses: An Examination of Construction and Pathways in Mexico City and Santiago
  11. Innovative Construction Technology for Affordable Mass Housing in Tanzania, East Africa
  12. Collaboration Environments for Small and Medium-Sized Architecture, Engineering and Construction Enterprises
  13. Total Quality Management and the Learning Organization: A Dialogue for Change in Construction
  14. Client-Led Strategies for Construction Supply Chain Improvement
  15. Indian Construction Industry and Risk Assessment Construction
  16. Analyzing the Drivers for Early Contractor Involvement Adoption by Construction Clients
  17. International Construction: Floor Packaging Method
  18. How Dilation Was Used in the Construction of the Pyramids of Egypt
  19. Workplace Injuries and Fatalities in the UK Industry Construction
  20. Close Entanglements: Aligning the Construction and Finance Industries
  21. Interaction Between the Economic Growth and the Construction Industry
  22. Germany’s Construction Industry: Stabilization on the Horizon
  23. Welfare Facilities During Construction Work
  24. The Ethical Issue, or Issues, Affecting the Construction Industry Today

📌 Easy Construction Essay Topics

  1. Whether the Construction Industry Is the Pillar Industry in Hong Kong?
  2. United Kingdom Residential Construction: Market Update
  3. Issues, Problems and Risks in Construction Projects and Ways of Mitigating Them
  4. Good Faith and Co-operation Under Construction Contracts in UK
  5. Health and Safety Considerations for the Construction
  6. Worker Flows, Entry and Productivity in the New Zealand Construction Industry
  7. Building Methods and Policies That Govern the Construction
  8. Building Construction Types for People in the Fire Service Field
  9. Ziggurats Their Construction and Uses in Ancient Mesopotamia Irrigation Systems
  10. Greece Industrial Construction: Market Update
  11. Business E-solutions for Small Construction Companies
  12. Architect E.j Lennox’s American Courthouse Construction
  13. Houston and the Global Market for Engineering and Construction
  14. Waste Minimizing and Recycling in Construction
  15. Understanding the Divergence Between Output and Employment in the UK Construction Industry
  16. Information Technology and the Construction Contractor
  17. Capital Structure and Return on Capital Employed of Construction Companies in Nigeria
  18. Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Sharing, and Innovation Performance: Evidence From the Chinese Construction Industry
  19. Workflow Software for Building and Construction Companies
  20. German Construction Industry: New Residential Construction at Cyclical Peak – Public Construction Gaining Ground
  21. Transaction-Related Issues and Construction Project Performance
  22. Chinese Urban Residential Construction to 2040
  23. Work Health and Safety, Competitive Advantage, and Organisational Performance in Small Construction Firms
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