84 Popular Culture Essay Topics

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  1. Popular Culture: Introductory Perspectives
    Population culture includes all the aspects of life that we live by. Popular culture helps businesses to grow because they have to get what is trendy at to meet the people’s needs.
  2. Popular Culture’s and Fashion Industry’s Influences
    The popular culture influences particularly the youth. This paper creates awareness for the audience concerning the effects of the manufacturers’ advertisements.
  3. Cars in Popular Culture and Mass Media
    The entirety of ideas, fancy images, attitudes, and perspectives within the cultural mainstream define what is known as popular (or pop) culture.
  4. Pop Culture in America
    Pop culture is a multidimensional concept acting in many interpretations as the opposite of elitist types of cultures and is often replaced by the term mass culture.
  5. Popular Culture and the Cold War
    Popular culture was strongly restricted. The Cold War had an immense influence on the lives of people since they were afraid to be considered communists.
  6. Female Pop-Culture in “Where the Girls Are” by Douglas
    In “Where the Girls Are”, Susan J. Douglas analyzes the state of the media in the 1960-1970s. She describes and explains the female pop-culture images of the time.
  7. Rhetoric in “Pop Can: Popular Culture in Canada”
    The way words are presented has a huge influence on the manner readers will get the intended message while interpreting aspects such as logic, emotions, etc.
  8. Interconnection in Popular Culture
    With globalization and commercialization of culture, every aspect of culture seems to be merged into one single realm.
  9. Pop Culture, Entertainment and Media Representation
    This paper reviews three articles: Medhurst’s “Batman, Deviance, and Camp,” McBride and Bird’s “From Smart Fan to Backyard Wrestler,” and Kidd’s “Methodology Moment.”
  10. American Popular Culture and Globalization Effects
    The ubiquity of wealth-concentrated American popular culture in the lives of modern people threatens the generally accepted system of values and causes adverse shifts in it.
  11. The Influence of Popular Culture on Society’s Perception of Wealth as Life’s Priority
    The modern world has long entered the era of technological advancement that broadened the scope of popular culture manifestations.
  12. The Popularity of Fantasy Films in the Pop Culture
    Once people escape into this irrational world of fantasy, they are allowed to wonder and question conventions that have been accepted as truths.
  13. Michael Jackson’s Influence on Pop Culture
    Jackson has received a place in pop history as a pioneer and legend, which is why he will always be remembered as the King of Pop.
  14. Exploring Popular Culture in Architecture
    The given work is considering a popular culture in architecture as an important part of the architectural field.
  15. Resistance in Popular Culture
    In the 1970s, with the development of equal rights movement, popular music was enriched by a number of songs, which sought to de-construct androcentrism.
  16. Popular Culture: Native American Communities
    BBC and Reuters, the Times, and the Look portray that low-class location prevents many Native Americans to obtain social respect and opportunities available for the white majority.
  17. Dickson’s “I’m Nobody! Who Are You?” & Pop Culture
    Emily Dickson vividly portrays that modern society is influenced by mass culture and customization which leads to the selfless and nameless society.
  18. Pop Culture: Developments, Recycling and Revitalizing
    Pop can be defined as the usual way of life of Americans. It refers to the popular culture that at least all Americans agree to.
  19. Pop Culture in Movies: How Far Can It Get?
    Pop culture is music, films, products etc. in a particular society that are familiar to and popular with most ordinary people in that society.
  20. “TV, Ideology, and Emancipatory Popular Culture” by Douglas Kellner: General Idea and Sub-points
    The author sees mass media as a powerful tool of influence on the public as well as a great sphere for the social struggle against social unfairness.
  21. Hip-Hop Influence on American Popular Culture
    The sphere of the hip-hop influence on American popular culture is constantly extending, involving new forces and new interpretations.
  22. Popular Culture via the Lens of Marxism, Postmodernism, and Psychoanalysis
    The purpose of this paper is to describe a popular culture through the lens of Marxism, Postmodernism, and Psychoanalysis.
  23. Pop Culture and Stereotypes
    The majority of movies in the military and action genre involved Russians as primary antagonists. Such films used the stereotypical version of Russians.
  24. Pop Culture as a Potent Globalization Tool
    Pop culture popularizes different ideas and makes them familiar to people from various countries, which helps to minimize the number of misunderstandings.
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  1. Gendered Details and Variations Between Popular Culture
  2. Method Acting and 1950’s Popular Culture
  3. Differences Between Popular Culture and Indigenous Culture
  4. Baseball and American Popular Culture
  5. How Does Popular Culture Mirror America Life?
  6. Media and Popular Culture During World War I
  7. Popular Culture and Border Musical Audience
  8. American Popular Culture Definition
  9. Popular Culture Affect Gender and Sexuality
  10. American Music and Popular Culture
  11. Advertising and Senior Citizen Treatment by Popular Culture
  12. Popular Culture and Consumerism
  13. European Witchcraft and Popular Culture
  14. Christianity and Popular Culture
  15. Did the Popular Culture of 1960 Do More Harm Than Good?
  16. Popular Culture and the Influence of TV News
  17. Shakespeare and Modern Popular Culture
  18. Contrasting and Comparing Mass Society With Popular Culture Media
  19. How Does Popular Culture Stereotype Latinos?
  20. Bureaucratization and Popular Culture
  21. Asian Americans and Popular Culture
  22. American Popular Culture and Advertisement
  23. American Popular Culture and Gender Roles
  24. Immigration and Popular Culture
  25. Korean Popular Culture and Its Influence in India
  26. Society’s Changing Views Reflected on Popular Culture
  27. Popular Culture American Family in Television Entertainment
  28. Moscow’s 1980 Olympic Games and Russia’s Popular Culture
  29. American Influence on Popular Culture in Australia
  30. Japanese Popular Culture and Traditional Culture
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  1. The American Popular Culture in New York City
  2. Modern Popular Culture: Katabasis
  3. Latin American Popular Culture’s Transformed
  4. The Erudite and Popular Culture and Music
  5. New Femininities, Gender Constructs, and Popular Culture
  6. Heroes Throughout History and Popular Culture
  7. Asia and American Popular Culture
  8. Subcultures: Popular Culture and Cultural Capital
  9. Popular Culture, Gender Constructs, and “New Femininities”
  10. Heterosexuality and Gender Ideals in Contemporary Popular Culture
  11. Has Popular Culture Turned Marriage Into a Joke
  12. Market Imperative and Popular Culture
  13. Communism and Popular Culture
  14. Vampire Genre Storms Popular Culture
  15. Transcendentalism Through Popular Culture Project
  16. Politics and Popular Culture During the 1960s
  17. The Air Jordan Brand as Popular Culture Object
  18. Popular Culture and Media Portrayals of Child Abuse
  19. Japanese Popular Culture and Eastern Media Societies
  20. Popular Culture and Feature Films
  21. Popular Culture and Music Affect U.S. Public Opinion On
  22. Critical Thought and Popular Culture
  23. Popular Culture Affect Gender and Sexuality
  24. Australian Popular Culture Influenced by the United States
  25. Popular Culture: Historical Icons and American Culture
  26. Mass Media, Popular Culture and the American Dream
  27. Indian Cinema and Popular Culture
  28. Folk Culture and Popular Culture
  29. American Popular Culture: Trends and How They Affect Personal Decisions
  30. Gender Roles and American Popular Culture
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