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🏆 Best Essay Topics on African American

  1. African American Women: Domestic Violence and Integrity
    At present, gender profiling still remains an issue, and the present-day African American communities are infamously known as a graphic example of women abuse in society.
  2. The Issue of Class Oppression Among African Americans
    The years of slavery in the USA provoked a lot of social problems and contradictions which were not resolved even after the years of the Civil War.
  3. African Americans Stereotypes and Prejudices
    From the 16th century, African American people were facing racial discrimination. As they had a different color of skin, they were treated unfavorably and even violently.
  4. The African American Soldiers in the American Revolution
    The slaves joined the military with a patriotic spirit. This revolutionary army also included free African-Americans who willingly joined the fighting force.
  5. Cardiovascular Disease in African American Population
    This paper assembly could provide assistance to improve the distinguishing of racial differences in cardiovascular disease in the framework of the context of the United States.
  6. Higher Education for African American Women: Problems and Challenges
    African American women experience problems in the sphere of higher education. The research identifies barriers and factors connected with this problem.
  7. African American Politics and Their Representation in the Media
    This paper provides a discussion on African American politics and generally looks at how African Americans are represented in the media.
  8. African Americans and Politics in the Media
    This paper generally discusses African American politics in the media. The paper is developed using secondary sources accessed through Google books as well as journal articles.
  9. Obesity in African Americans: Prevention and Therapy
    According to the official statistics, African American people present the group of American citizens which is the most susceptible to obesity.
  10. Portrayal of African Americans in the Movies
    This paper discusses the changing portrayal of African Americans in 1930-1960s films with reference to Negro Soldier, Gone with the Wind, and Double Indemnity.
  11. Prostate Cancer: African American Cancer Initiative
    The initiative will to create awareness about the risks of prostate cancer and the importance of regular screening. It has been designed reduce the health disparities between the races.
  12. Higher Education Role for African American Women
    The data analysis on the role of higher education for African American women consists of such steps as the analysis of the secondary data, qualitative data, and the quantitative data.
  13. Cardiovascular Diseases in African Americans
    The research provides essential information to impact nursing practice because it informs key measures professionals should use to eliminate racial disparities in the prevention of stroke.
  14. African Americans and Equality Under the Law
    The purpose of this paper is to indicate the challenges faced by African Americans and their quest for a law that governs equality in the United States of America.
  15. Presentation of African Americans in Education Programs
    This paper looks at peer-reviewed journals relate to culturally diverse pedagogy and African American student experiences in general and special education.
  16. Health Issues Affecting African Americans and Hispanics
    Healthcare practitioners should provide adequate care to different members of the community. This exercise examines the health issues affecting African Americans and Hispanics.
  17. Descendants of Slaves: African Americans
    The psychological consequences of slavery for African Americans are discussed widely in society. In order to discuss the problem it is necessary to find the answer to the research question.
  18. Improving the African Americans Health in the USA
    Majority of the people in the community are Latinos and African Americans. The community has been dealing with a wide range of health conditions and diseases.
  19. Diet Educational Intervention for African Americans
    Obesity among African American middle-aged and older adults is an important problem that is not sufficiently addressed in research.
  20. Health Status of African American Community
    The health of minority groups often requires additional attention due to a variety of socio-political, cultural and socioeconomic factors.
  21. Stroke Education Needs of African American Women
    The author conducted a series of interviews in order to raise such an important topic as stroke symptoms awareness among a specific group represented by African American women.
  22. The Number of African Americans in Baseball
    Researchers in sociology acknowledge that the reduced number of African Americans in baseball is a reflection of America’s past race relations.
  23. Hispanics and African Americans in Miami Community
    Miami is one of the diverse communities in Florida. This is the case because it is characterized by different ethnic groups such as African Americans, Latinos.
  24. African American Family Assessment and Diagnosis
    Some of the goals that the family expects to achieve overtime include advancing their children’s education and starting a business that will increase the family revenue.
  25. Healthcare: Stroke Education Needs of African American Women
    This paper criticizes an article by Beal, which is based on a study aimed at exploring the perception of African American women pertain stroke and evaluate their health searching tendencies.

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  1. How African Americans Change the Sport?
    This paper going to take a trip to the past and explored the barriers and problems that African-Americans had to face in order to be included in American sports.
  2. African Americans: Health Related Issues Identification
    There are many health-related issues that can be relevant to African Americans. Some of the issues are chronic health problems caused by poor living conditions.
  3. Racial Profiling of African American Drivers
    Driving while black is a concept that is widely used by journalists and bloggers to draw the audience’s attention to the problem of racial profiling.
  4. Racism Against African Americans as a Social Construct
    The relationship between African Americans and whites in the US demonstrates that racism is perpetuated by individuals through their actions and interactions.
  5. Melvin Tolson and Toni Morrison: African American Equality
    This paper compares and contrasts Melvin B. Tolson and Toni Morrison’s approaches in addressing African American equality, with a close focus on their literal works and the associated themes.
  6. HIV and AIDS among African American Women
    This essay gives a detailed description of HIV/AIDS among African American women. It also outlines the best leadership practices that can improve the level of social support.
  7. Diabetes Interventions for Aging African Americans
    Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a disease that affects the quality of life of many people. In this paper, aging African Americans with T2DM will be chosen as a focus group.
  8. Police’s Brutality Towards African American Males
    Police brutality and violence directed against African Americans is a common problem in the United States. This paper assesses this problem and determines how it can be addressed.
  9. The Historical Background of African Americans
    The paper presents the historical background of African American population. It states the historical events which brought African people to America.
  10. Asthma Factors Among African Americans in California
    The purpose of this study was to examine risk factors predicting asthma among adult foreign-born African Americans in California.
  11. Different Roles in African American Literature
    In both “We shall overcome” and Martin Luther King’s speech, there are different roles accorded to African American women of that time.
  12. Breaking Barriers Program: African American Women
    To evaluate the program Breaking Barriers: African American Women in Science effectively, it is necessary to concentrate on quantitative data and qualitative sources of information.
  13. Schizophrenia Features Among African American Men
    Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder that may occur at any age. African Americans usually have severe psychotic symptoms regarding the scope and quality of hallucinations.
  14. Diseases and Health Promotion in African Americans
    African Americans tend to be faced with certain adverse health conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, HIV, and stroke, more often than White individuals.
  15. African Americans in the United States’ History
    African Americans have managed to achieve justice and acquired the same status as other races of American society.
  16. Supporting African American Women in Pursuing Higher Education
    The goal of the phenomenological qualitative study is to examine the lived experiences of African American women participants seeking higher education.
  17. African American Women and Higher Education Barriers
    Critical Race Theory is theoretical perspective that support the research because it is effective to explain why African American women can face certain difficulties in higher education.
  18. Health Issues Affecting Latinos and African Americans
    This paper compares and contrasts how health issues affect the Latino and African American populations within the community with the view to suggesting actionable changes to their specific needs.
  19. African American Women in Science
    Science is one of fields which are overwhelmed by prejudice and bias especially when it comes to African American females.
  20. African Americans and Racial Profiling in the USA
    This paper highlights the problems of white privilege and racial profiling and emphasizes that both of these phenomena are common in contemporary America.
  21. Single African American Mothers’ Experiences With Sons
    Parenting adolescents is a challenging task in the modern American society. The problem is compounded when one is forced to raise such teenagers as a single mother.
  22. Diabetes in African American Patients
    This research project addresses the implications of diabetes for African American patients and reviews the possible ways of treating it.
  23. The Religion of African Americans during the 20th Century
    The theme of religion enables an appreciation of historical backgrounds of a people. The African-American society is seen to affirm to the concept of subordination, which encourages their slavery.
  24. Health Status and Promotion Among African Americans
    This paper not only looks into the current health status of African Americans, but also assesses issues of health promotion and health disparities as they relate to this group.
  25. Asthma Care Education in African American Children
    In African American children, will proper education on asthma management compared to no education help reduce the disruption of daily lives over a one-year period?

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  1. African American Women in Higher Education
    In the field of higher education in the United States, activities of public administrators are directed toward improving the availability of higher education for African Americans.
  2. Biases Against Female African American Researchers
    Qualitative studies are often regarded as biased. This paper includes a brief analysis of the possible prejudice being an African American female researcher.
  3. Higher Education for African American Women
    This study is aimed at investigating whether African American women experience certain barriers while obtaining their higher education.
  4. Education Issues for African American Women
    This work presents the literature review of a discussion on the barriers and success strategies for African American women to obtain higher education.
  5. African American Minority in the School Workplace
    This paper discusses the issue of the minority in the workplace, using an interview with an African American male, the employee teacher in a secondary school.
  6. African American Cultural Group and Heritage
    This paper contains presentation about African Americans as cultural group and African American Heritage as socio-cultural group using scientific literature, Internet resources, and other sources.
  7. Are African Americans More Harassed by Police?
    The paper explores the hypothesis that members of the African American community are more likely to be harassed by the police than members of other ethnic groups.
  8. African American, African and Haitian Heritage Culture
    African American and African cultural group is represented by individuals who live in Africa or in the African Diaspora in the USA. Haitian Heritage’s socio-cultural group includes people from Haiti.
  9. African American Expressive Culture
    The belonging to the American and African culture at the same time made me more inclinable and amiable towards other cultures.
  10. African American Women’s Education and Barriers
    This qualitative research study will examine cultural, economic, spiritual, and social barriers that African American women face in obtaining higher education.
  11. African American Studies: Political Socialization
    The dual process of political socialization can be defined as the acquisition of political views from a combined overview of self and others.
  12. Single African American Mothers: Research Methods
    This project narrows down the focus of the study to single African American females’ experience of being mothers to their adolescent sons.
  13. African American Female College Students’ Barriers
    The literature reviewed discussed the barriers and success strategies for African American women to obtain higher education.
  14. Single African American Parents: Literature Review
    Parenting among single African American women poses serious challenges. This paper reviews existing literature to understand what other scholars have found out in this field.
  15. African American Revolutionary Era
    The revolutionary period that took place in the eighteenth century is among the most eventful eras in United States history.
  16. Harlem Renaissance and African American Society
    The research paper will answer the question of the influence of the Harlem Renaissance on the progress of African American society in terms of religion and family.
  17. African American Stereotype Threat
    The present paper reveals the reasons for and outcomes of the stereotype threat and emphasizes the prospective advantages of such a kind of influence.
  18. African American Students’ Civil Rights History
    The Civil Rights movement in the United States has a long history. Starting in the 1950s, this social impetus for change implied taking direct action.
  19. Harlem Renaissance: African American Identity
    Harlem in New York became the center of the cultural recovery for African Americans after the Great Migration of Blacks to the Northern states of the country, including New York.
  20. Teaching Sessions for African American Children With Asthma Issue
    The problem is that African-American children are likely to have this disease twice more compared to other races. These children are at risk regardless of social status and family income.
  21. HIV Among Caucasian, African American, and Latino Homosexual Men
    Creating awareness at the community level would play a significant role in reducing the number of new HIV infections among Caucasian, African American, and Latino homosexual men.
  22. Health Promotion Among African Americans
    The present paper offers the analysis of health problems faced by African Americans and suggests health promotion approaches to reduce the risks.
  23. Single African American Mothers’ Experiences of Relationships With Their Sons
    During the review of the literature, different factors were identified, which may have a direct influence on the relationship between single African American mothers and their adolescent sons.
  24. African American Women Education: Barriers Population Faces
    The present phenomenological study involving African American women aims to explore the barriers that the population faces when seeking higher education
  25. Factors Influencing Breast Cancer Screening in Low-Income African Americans in Tennessee
    This article focuses on understanding the factors that are associated with the decision and obstacles to breast cancer screening in African-American women living in Tennessee.

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  1. Lung Cancer Early Screening in African Americans
    New communication policies should be incorporated into the healthcare system in the US to enhance annual CT screening for high-risk patients exposed to smoke and chemical poisons.
  2. Data Mining Techniques for African American Childhood Obesity Factors
    One of the major healthcare problems that manifest significant racial disparities is obesity. In the US, research suggests that African American children have increased risks of developing the issue.
  3. HIV Management in African American Residents of Houston, TX
    Due to the drop in health literacy levels among vulnerable groups, along with restricted access to the necessary healthcare resources, the levels of HIV have risen among the specified demographic.
  4. Single African American Mothers and Their Relationship With Adolescent Sons
    The study focused on investigating the experience of single African American mothers of their relationship with their adolescent sons.
  5. Major Problems in African American History by T. Holt
    The resistance to slavery seem to have been evolved from the culture and the way the communities interpreted the incidents happening around them.
  6. African Americans and the Quest for Civil Rights
    The Law proclaimed equal rights for all, African Americans are not slaves any more, and they have the same rights as Native Americans, but still the problem remains.
  7. African Americans in Films
    Acquiring equal status in white society gave African Americans a possibility to take part in its social life; this resulted in their self-realizations through literature, music, etc.
  8. History of African Americans in Florida
    African Americans are people who are either citizens or residents of the United States of America whose ancestors came from one of the black populations inhabit African continent.
  9. African American Leadership: Articles Review
    It is very evident from the articles described above that African American leaders had a lot of challenges in the earlier days.
  10. Jim Crow Laws for African American
    Jim Crow laws of separate but equal facilities and services for the whites and black Americans were not ideal. African American continued to suffer from inequality.
  11. Africa’s Role for African Americans in Literature
    Africa means the consciousness of having a particular way of doing things. This is because the African culture has so many events which are carried out seasonally.
  12. Wilson and Hughes’ Portrayal of African Americans
    The twentieth century was the era of the African-American cultural movements and numerous, besides, successful attempts of African- Americans to present themselves.
  13. United States History and African American Movements
    This essay is about the rise of the different movements that fought for African American emancipation, the government’s reaction and action towards them
  14. African American Women Obtaining Higher Education
    Over the past few years, African American women have gained a number of opportunities for pursuing higher education. Women in their 40s-50s are finally capable of getting a degree.
  15. The African American Art Expression
    Nowadays the existence of art is independent and democratic throughout the world unlike America’s 20th century battles for African Americans’ art implementation the way they saw it.
  16. Retention Rate for African American Women Aged 40-50 in Obtaining Higher Education
    Recent reports have shown, that the retention rates among African American students aged 40–50 remain comparatively low despite the latest changes in standards for job applicants.
  17. African American Women and Stroke Education
    The investigations prove that when it comes to stroke education, African American women are the little-informed category.
  18. The Making of African American: American Historiography
    The change in the number of African Americans in USA was even felt in church congregations. In New York, immigrants composed well over a third of the whole black population.
  19. African American Population in the United States
    Socioeconomics of the African American population demonstrate that Black American middle class has long since established in the United States.
  20. Social Sciences: African American Stereotypes
    Dating back to the colonial years of settlement, stereotypes have been part of America, especially after inheriting slavery.
  21. Mathematics Performance Among African Americans in Los Angeles
    This essay will act as an advocacy piece for African American students who have registered varying performances in mathematics within the Los Angeles School Department.
  22. African Americans in the Revolutionary War
    Slavery and its factors such as the lack of basic human and civil rights, severe living conditions resulted in many African Americans joining the Revolutionary War.
  23. African American Females’ Experiences in Community Colleges
    Although African American women receive many opportunities to get a degree, there are still some barriers that can be faced by women of color on their path to higher education.
  24. The African American Nurse: Discrimination Case From the Elderly Patients
    Elderly patients who have discriminatory tendencies simply do not respect or trust doctors or nurses who are from a minority.

💡 Simple African American Essay Ideas

  1. African American: History and the Present
  2. American Society and the Impact of the African American Family
  3. African American Contributions During the Civil War
  4. General Characteristics Afro-American Religion and Its Origins
  5. African American Leaders Post Reconstruction
  6. Overview of African American Artists During the Great Depression
  7. African American Colonial Lifestyle Overview
  8. Analysis of African American Music and Its Impact on American Culture
  9. Causes of Migration of African Americans and Foreign Immigration
  10. African American Paintings During the Harlem Renaissance
  11. African American Integration and Independence
  12. Overview of Stereotypes of African American Youth
  13. African American Males and Disparity in the Justice System
  14. General Information on the African American Civil Rights Movement
  15. African American and Racial Generalization
  16. African American Males and Secondary Education
  17. Abraham Lincoln and the Use of African American Troops
  18. African American Men and the United States Prison System
  19. Analysis of African American Cultural Beliefs
  20. African American Literature and Spirituality
  21. African American Athletes and Their Role in Foreign and Domestic Policy
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