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  1. Cell Phone Effects on Family Life
    This essay will give recommendations on how to handle technological devices to improve the social structures in a family.
  2. Social Issues: Family in Saudi Arabia
    Family is given a lot of importance in the Islamic society, especially Saudi Arabia. Women, whether educated or not, are more respected when they are married.
  3. Infidelity and Societal Impact on Family Values
    Economic, educational, religious and family values, as well as societal acceptance, influence cultural infidelity values in a society and determine our actions and decisions.
  4. Effects of Divorce and Poverty in Families
    In the event of a divorce children are tremendously affected and in most cases attention is not given to them the way it should.
  5. The Role of Scientifically Based Knowledge on Marriage and Family Relationships
    This essay examines the significance of scientifically based knowledge on marriages and family relationships with a view of establishing how good choices increase longevity.
  6. The Impact of Divorce and Separation on Family Relationships
    Divorce and separation has become a tradition in the contemporary world. Spouses barely finish 10 years in marriage before they start having misunderstandings.
  7. Family Therapy Techniques
    Family therapy is a branch of psychology, working for nurturing the intimate relationship between family members especially couples.
  8. Family`s Factors Shaping Children`s Behavior
    During the lifespan, an individual passes through several stages of his/her development characterized by different processes.
  9. Impact of Depression on a Family
    The article makes a very powerful argument about the effects of depression on the relatives of the patient by identifying the major factors that put the family into a challenging position.
  10. Family Relationship in Marion Wiesel’s Book “Night”
    Marion Wiesel’s book titled “Night” has done a commendable job not only in documenting historical truths about some physical events that happened during the Holocaust.
  11. Changing Gender Roles in Families
    This essay analyzes two articles on family gender roles and argues that the changing gender roles in modern society is rapidly being driven by single parent family controversy.
  12. The American Family: Reduction in the Size of the Family and Its Historical Factors
    America is experiencing a reduction in birth rates. This has increased the proportion of elderly people in the population.
  13. Family Happiness Definition and Aspects
    A happy family life holistically relies on love, unity, good communication, mutual communion and consideration as well as forgiveness. It requires the input of all family members.
  14. Divorce and Single-Parent Families
    Families across the world face different challenges. One such challenge is marital instability, which in a significant number of families, lead to divorce.
  15. Families: Single Parent Controversy
    This paper explores single parenting and bases on the article “The single parent controversy: Does family research stigmatize single mothers and their children?”.
  16. Defining Domestic Violence Reasons – Family Law
    The social phenomenon of domestic violence has given rise to scholarly debates concerning its main causes and consequently the methods for handling the issue.
  17. Healthy Marriage and Family Relationships
    This essay examines the significance of scientifically based knowledge on marriages and family relationships with a view of establishing how good choices increase longevity.
  18. Family Medical Leave Act: Compliance and Maternity Leave
    Various measures have been enforced by government agencies to protect both the organizations needs and those of the employees when it comes to particular sensitive situations.
  19. Family Crisis Addictions in Psychology
    The paper describes the nature of addiction crisis, presents theories of addiction and approaches to prevention and interventions.
  20. The Family Relationship in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    Frankenstein’s novel talks about different thematic outlooks relying on what the reader identifies as the thematic impact of their modern culture.
  21. Community Health Nursing: Family Health Assessment
    The purpose of the assessment is to discuss the specifics of the family composition, psychological and physical health, and to analyze the social aspects of the family development.
  22. Family History Role in Primary Health Care
    This paper reviews a qualitative study by Daelemans et al. that examined the physicians’ utilization of family history data inpatient treatment.
  23. American Nuclear Family’s Health Assessment
    The health assessment was carried on an American nuclear family with permanent residence in Raleigh, North Carolina. The family consists of five members.
  24. Family Nursing Care Plan’s Development
    For performing the family health assessment, the Yosleidy family residing in Miami, Florida, was selected. The researcher has conducted interviews with each member of the family.
  25. The Theory of Family Intervention
    The theory of family intervention that has been selected for this case is the uncomplicated grief counseling presumption.
  26. The Family Health Assessment in the Nursing Practice
    The study will help to understand the different aspects of nursing assessment and, thus, will make a significant contribution to the improvement of professional clinical practice.
  27. Garcia’s Family in the Film “Real Women Have Curves”
    The family of Garcia is strongly associated with the Hispanic cultural legacy, which in turn presupposes that its members are being endowed with the acute sense of “family-solidarity.”
  28. Family Health Assessment Importance in Nursing Process
    The collected data about the family helped to identify three nursing diagnosis and compose a short plan with the use of a nursing process.
  29. Sociology Family Matters: Happy and Successful Marriage
    To be successful in marriage, couples need to spend time before entering into the relationship to ensure that minimal discrepancies exist in terms of mutual interests.
  30. Family Relationship in “Night” by Elie Wiesel
    In the book Night by Elie Wiesel, the relationship between Eliezar and his father appears to be complex. In this essay, the author analyzes how this relationship changes throughout the novel.
  31. Developing a Detailed Picture of Family Health
    Family health assessment has proved to be an effective practice to find out the atmosphere in the chosen family that might be useful for choosing the right way to treat the patients.
  32. Nursing and Health Promotion in Family Pediatrics
    The modern approach to the delivery of nursing care is focused on the significant improvement of people`s quality of life and the environment in which they live
  33. Qatar Family-Owned Businesses’ Governance
    This research proposal applies principles of business management to addresses some corporate governance issues witnessed in Qatar family-owned businesses.
  34. Building Family and Community Relationships Standard
    The standard Building Family and Community Relationships shows that involvement of parents and supporting community is “essential for successful early childhood education”.
  35. Family Centered Services: Client Strengths and Resilience
    This case was referred to Family Centered Services (FSC), FSC was asked to assist the mother in understanding the importance of setting boundaries and discipline her children.
  36. Standard 2: Family Engagement in Education
    The paper reviews the NAEYC standard of building family and community. The family is the first social environment of children, tt develops a child’s abilities.
  37. Family Building in Symbolic Interactionism View
    The analysis of the role of social institutions of education and religion in modern family structure from the perspective of symbolic interactionism.
  38. Family Centered Services in Florida
    Family Centered Services is a program of Children’s Network of Southwest Florida, which examines the welfare of children, parents, and protect families as social support systems.
  39. Blended Family History and Nursing Diagnoses
    The interviewed family is a blended family, where the parents are married not for the first time, and their children come from the previous marriages.
  40. Asian-American Family Analysis and Nursing Care
    The decision-making in the family is split into two areas of responsibility – the father manages finances, while the mother makes the decisions about the child and the household.

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  1. Family-Oriented, Focused, Community-Based Nursing
    Family-focused care also known as family-centered care (FCC) can be defined as a collaborative approach to making decisions related to health care.
  2. Family Health Assessment and Diagnosis
    This paper reports the results of a family health assessment done on an African American family of five living in a nucleus setup.
  3. Building Family and Community Relations Standard
    This critical writing discusses NAEYC Standard Two Building Family and Community Relations to explain how beginners should prepare for their professional practices.
  4. Family-Based Childhood Obesity and Parental Weight
    The article examines the multifactorial nature of the growing health issue of childhood obesity and investigates the correlation between childhood BMI and parental obesity.
  5. Russian-American Family Health Assessment
    The purpose of this paper is to summarize the findings of the interview using Gordon’s functional health patterns and identify two potential family health issues.
  6. Gabriela Family Health Assessment
    The assessment on the issue of medical attention and on whether the family visits a health facility regularly led to an eventuality that there is a need for improvement.
  7. Family with a Chronically Ill Member: Health Assessment
    The family usually provides an individual with emotional and social relationships in the most important moments of their life.
  8. The Family Centered Services (FCS) Program
    The Family Centered Services (FCS) program offers effective support and care to at-risk children. The agency also supports the needs of the targeted families.
  9. African-American Families’ Socioeconomic Issues
    The research paper examines the obstacles that African American families face that emanate from social, economic, and cultural issues, and provides respective solutions.
  10. The Impacts of Divorce on Family Relationships
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of divorce and separation on family relationships. The researcher will apply qualitative research approach to analyze data.
  11. Multinational Family Assessment and Care Plan
    The symptomatic approach focuses on a set of measures to reduce stress overload by often change of the type of activity, frequent walks, and prioritization of goals.
  12. Family Nurse Practitioner’s Role
    The family nurse practitioner’s role to be discussed is the provision of private health care, serving as a sole health care provider for a particular family.
  13. Caucasian Family Assessment and Nursing Diagnosis
    The current development stage of the family is characterized by the presence of two children. The family has successfully gone through all of the previous developmental stages.
  14. Child and Family Welfare Agency’s Services
    Apart from IT-based means, there are other ways of enhancing the current bureaucratic capacity as well as the organizational structure of community-based agencies.
  15. The Transcultural Approach to Family Health Care
    The transcultural approach is different from the individual approach; the former is mostly seen as family-centered, while the latter is patient-centered.
  16. Family-Focused Nursing and Community-Based Services
    Working according to the family-oriented care model, a nurse assesses such aspects of family life as communication patterns, health history, health potential, self-regulation
  17. Building Family and Community Relationships: Guide
    The paper summarizes the Standard of Building Family and Community Relationships and prepares questions to a professional about the aspects of the standard.
  18. Family Planning Services’ Effect on Budget
    This paper answer the question of whether eliminating funding on FPS would have a positive budgetary effect compared with the impact on individuals utilizing these services.
  19. Black Family’s Obstacles and Recommendations
    This paper looks at a number of issues that are faced by the black family and gives suggestions on how they can be resolved.
  20. Friedman Family Assessment and Nursing Diagnosis
    The structure and function of a family will be assessed with the help of an interview in order to identify three nursing diagnoses and develop a plan of nursing intervention.
  21. Family Nurse Practitioners: National and Global Dynamics
    The role of nurses in the healthcare setting has greatly increased in the recent years, both due to the expansion of the range of responsibilities and in response to the changing national dynamics.
  22. Family Nurse Practitioner’s Scope of Practice
    The job description of a family nurse practitioner is the following: they provide services to families throughout their lifespan, provide care to people of various ages.
  23. Latino, Black, White Families’ Heritage Assessment
    Since culture is a risk factor for health outcomes, practitioners must monitor the norms and practices associated with specific groups.
  24. Calgary Family Assessment Model in Healthcare
    Calgary Family Assessment Model is a tool utilized by health care specialists to evaluate the overall wellbeing of a family.
  25. Building Family and Community Relationships
    Standard 2: Building Family and Community Relationships requires advocates on behalf of children to understand the current family and community situation of children.
  26. Certified Nurse-Midwives and Family Nurse Practitioners
    This paper compares an Advanced Practice Nursing specialty of Certified Nurse-Midwives with the specialty of Family Nurse Practitioners specialty of Primary Care Providers.
  27. Sickle Cell Disease and Family Involvement
    The purpose of this case study is to provide analysis of sickle cell disease, investigate the involvement of family in making healthcare decisions.
  28. Family Nurse Practitioner and Other Roles
    This paper will provide an overview of the core competencies of direct and indirect care provider roles as well as the similarities and differences between the roles.
  29. Family Nurse Practicioner’s Primary Responsibility
    The study will review the scholarly articles devoted to FNP practice and the role of a family nurse practitioner according to National Patient Safety Goals.
  30. Community-Based Services for Family Health
    To promote health for families, professionals should refer to community-based services because they can reach more clients in this way.
  31. Family Relationships and Dominant Culture
    Personal preferences, values, and attitudes are largely conditioned by the social and cultural environment in which people live.
  32. Nuclear Family Health Assessment in Nursing
    The assessment of a family is important in identifying family health care needs for appropriate nursing interventions.
  33. Postmodern and Family Systems Therapy
    Postmodern therapy is a field in psychology that concentrates on deconstructing common beliefs as well as examining their value in a person’s life.
  34. Miami Family Health Assessment and Nursing Care
    The purpose of this paper is to assess the health of the chosen family which lives in Miami. One can make the diagnoses for each member of the family and suggest the care plans.
  35. Early Education, Family and Community: Standard 2
    Standard 2 of the National Association for the Education of Young Children emphasizes the need of well-developed partnerships with parents for the children’s growth.
  36. Work-Family Conflict Implications in Strain Levels
    The article by Ioannidi et al. dwells upon the interaction of work and family domains in the case of conflict in their relation to health.
  37. Leadership for Graduate Family Nurse Practitioner
    This paper analyzes the leadership style and discusses the attributes of leadership needed for a graduate-level nurse, specifically as a family nurse practitioner.
  38. African American Family Assessment and Diagnosis
    Some of the goals that the family expects to achieve overtime include advancing their children’s education and starting a business that will increase the family revenue.
  39. Miami Family Health Assessment in Nursing
    The report’s main purpose is to understand current and future health implications of family structures on societies.
  40. Heritage Assessment and Family Health in Nursing
    Using the heritage assessment tool, it has been found that the interviewee’s parental grandparents come from Phoenix, Arizona, and her maternal grandparents are from Atlanta.

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  1. Problem of the Alcohol Addiction in Modern Families
    The increasing cases of alcoholism, also known as addiction, have led to a rising concern and a research on its challenges and remedies.
  2. Family-Based Interventions to Prevent Overweight
    The incidence and prevalence of overweight has been increasing rapidly; today the problem has become a major health concern.
  3. African-American Family Heritage Analysis
    The importance of analyzing one’s heritage lies in people’s need to understand their culture and compare it to the customs of other people.
  4. Family Nurse Practitioner’s Advanced Role
    FNP is an advanced practice registered nurse who collaborates with other professionals to ensure quality family-focused medical services are available to the targeted clients.
  5. Suicide Among Adolescents and Family Support
    The research problem is suicide ideation among adolescents, and the particular area to be studied is the role of family and professional support.
  6. Family Health Assessment and Care Plan
    The conducted study showed conclusively that the family members did not have any psychological or physical conditions.
  7. Caucasian Family Health Assessment and Problems
    The assessment revealed the problems in nutrition and tobacco addiction in the family, which should be eliminated to improve health behavior and life quality.
  8. Family Development, Health Beliefs and Issues
    A stage of a family life cycle can be indicative of challenges that the family has to overcome through the development of new skills.
  9. Family Nurse Practitioner in Professional Organizations
    The nursing profession, in addition to professionalism, requires dedication and endurance, bordering on self-sacrifice.
  10. Afro-Latino Family Health Assessment in Nursing
    This essay will give a detailed health assessment plan for the targeted family. The essay will identify three nursing diagnoses and offer a short plan of care.
  11. Family Relationships and Response to Health Issues
    A family is an integral part of modern society. The majority of people tend to create families. All the members of a family have certain roles.
  12. Family Health History Genogram Assessment
    The purpose of this case study is to conduct the genogram assessment with reference to the collected data, identify health risks for younger family generations.
  13. The Role of Family in Childhood Obesity
    Families and healthcare providers develop numerous interventions in order to provide their children with a chance to avoid obesity complications.
  14. Family Health Interview and Assessment
    All family members try to stay healthy by taking part in sports competitions and activities at home or work but do not utilize any specific techniques to maintain their health.
  15. American Corporations and Family Related Issues
    On the matter of family related issues American corporation always have response. This paper will show how American corporation have attended to family related issues.
  16. Gender Stereotypes Developed Within Families
    The researchers hypothesized that parents’ views on gender roles as well as their stereotypes would be adopted by their children.
  17. The Needs of Family Members of Patients in Intensive Care
    The intensive (critical) care unit (ICU) could be a challenging setting for the family members of patients, particularly when the loved ones are at an immense risk of death.
  18. The Total MD Family Medicine & Urgent Care Management
    In this paper, the Total MD Family Medicine & Urgent Care management is analyzed in terms of the four critical managerial functions, which are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
  19. Caucasian Family Background and Nursing Diagnosis
    The family has not experienced a huge crisis. However, they have developed a communication mechanism to help the children with any form of change.
  20. Psychosocial Interventions in Family Nursing Practice
    This paper assesses the methodology of the article “Influences on clinical reasoning in family and psychosocial interventions in nursing practice” by Thirsk et al.
  21. Why America Loves to Hate the Kardashian Family
    Americans hate the Kardashian family since it is so successful in entertaining viewers by mostly misrepresenting the best and the worse of the American culture.
  22. Summary of Family Health Assessment and Nursing Wellness Diagnoses
    The primary goal of the paper is to present the summary of family assessment while covering different topics such as sexuality, nutrition, and coping strategies.
  23. Single-Parent Family Health Assessment
    The current family development stage is ‘a family with school-aged children’, and the family managed to accomplish the tasks of previous stages rather well.
  24. Divorce Activities and Family Psychology
    After reviewing the results of the study, the researcher came up with several recommendations regarding before- and post-divorce activities.
  25. Family Structure, History, Health Assessment
    A healthcare practitioner needs professional skills and knowledge to provide health assessment evaluating the health condition of family members and detecting possible changes.
  26. Family Nurse Practitioner: Requirements and Responsibilities
    Every representative of the nursing profession has certain educational requirements. It seems significant to highlight educational requirements for family nurse practitioners.
  27. Work and Family in Pakistani Working Women’s Views
    The experiences of Pakistani working women who have to work in quite an oppressive working environment and balance their work with domestic responsibilities.
  28. Childhood Obesity and Family’s Responsibility
    Who should be blamed for childhood obesity? What can be more effective to treat childhood obesity? Is it a psychological or physiological problem?
  29. Family Violence Types and Statistics for New York
    This essay discusses the three types of family violence and provides a statistical analysis of the incidence of family violence for the state of New York.
  30. Family Institution and Sociological Theories
    The branch of science that studies the behavior of human beings as a team is known as sociology, which is the holistic study of society.
  31. Family Heritage Assessment and Health Traditions
    The idea of support and cooperation as the key to further recovery was an important part of our family’s health philosophy.
  32. The Family Law Court System Functioning
    The operation of the judiciary in the sector of family law is crucial for the development of society. The complexity of family law is reflected in the absence of identical cases.
  33. Family Nurse Practitioner’s Clinical Roles
    The advanced nursing role chosen for the project is that of a family nurse practitioner. FNPs need to have a certificate to be able to perform their functions.
  34. Childhood Obesity and Eating Habits in Low-Income Families
    The paper uses an experimental method of influencing child obesity rates by changing the nutrition habits within several families.
  35. Nursing: Family Interview and Cultural Assessment
    It is more difficult for a nurse to evaluate an ethnically diverse family, since the cultural characteristics of a family may hamper the evaluation if a nurse is unaware of them.
  36. Family Self-Care and Disaster Management Plan
    The intervention that may be suggested for the family is the home-based self-care intervention delivered by a healthcare provider.
  37. Physical or Psychological Conditions: Family Assessment
    This nuclear family consists of two parents and their two children. The father is the leader in the family and the primary provider.
  38. Family Health Assessment
    Family health assessment is conducted during a therapeutic conversation. Such conversations proved to be efficient in improving family health.
  39. Interpersonal Relationship: African-American Families
    This study explores the way African American females raised without a father describe the process of developing intimate partnerships.
  40. Heritage Assessment and Family Health History
    Every individual comes from a family. The heritage assessments provide helpful information about the historical record of Anne and Peter.

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  1. Changes in Family Structure
    This paper aims to explore the changing history of the family structure, describe the differences between families according to various aspects.
  2. Family Hui Hawaii: Nonprofit Organization’ Marketing
    Family Hui Hawaii (FHH) is a nonprofit organization located in Oahu that aims to prevent child abuse and neglect by engaging parents and caregivers of young children.
  3. Standard 2: Building Family and Community Relationships
    The paper discusses NAEYC Standard Two for Initial Early Childhood Professional Preparation aimed to improve skills in developing family and community relationships.
  4. Roots Miniseries and The Saga of an American Family
    Roots are the miniseries based on the novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family written by Alex Haley. They describe the history of the United States.
  5. Family Business: Entrepreneurial Challenges and Financing
    This paper gives a detailed discussion of the entrepreneurial challenges that emerging or new family businesses face. It also identifies the major sources of funds for such ventures.
  6. The Cultural Heritage Assessment of Three Families
    The cultural heritage of three families has been assessed in the context of health care traditions and practices. The highest score was received by a Hispanic family.
  7. Family-Oriented and Focused Care in Pediatrics
    Family-focused (family-centered) care is the term that was initially created in developed countries with high levels of healthcare.
  8. Gender Stereotypes in Family: Research Methods
    Family is one of the most important factors that affect the development of children’s perceptions concerning gender roles.
  9. Policies Related to Family Presence During Resuscitation
    The paper under consideration has had a purpose of giving a description of Family Presence During Resuscitation and discussing it from the viewpoint of nurses.
  10. Divorce as a Family Affair and Its Consequences
    Divorce is not necessarily the best option to solve problems within a family, but if it is inevitable, one should be ready for it, both mentally and physically.
  11. Alzheimer’s Disease and Family Counseling Services
    Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has become one of the leading death causes. The goal of the paper is to study the effects of family support with and without family counseling services.
  12. Family and Society in Tartuffe by Molière
    Tartuffe was first performed in 1664. The play is about a beggar by the name Tartuffe, and Orgon’s family, which has taken the responsibility of helping him.
  13. Human Growth and Development: the Finkleys Family Case
    The process of the human development is complex and intricate. Being affected by a range of factors, it requires the support of family members and encouraged a cognitive and a social change.
  14. Health Assessment of a Nuclear Family
    This paper gives a health assessment of a nuclear family, the members of which belong to the African American cultural group, and presents a powerful care plan for its members.
  15. Family Resource Programs and Participants
    Family resource programs are community-centered organizations that, through close partnership with other service providers, “create a web of supportive services for families”.
  16. Monitoring Family Health and Developing a Care Plan
    The conducted family health assessment indicates the problems in a certain family which require the solution with the focus on the nurse’s assistance.
  17. Patient- and Family-Centered Care for Recovery
    A correct understanding of a nurse’s duties and effective collaboration with family members appear to be the factors that influence a recovery process.
  18. Family Nurse Practitioners’ Qualifications
    Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) are accountable for providing health care to people in the context of their community, paying close attention to the prevention of diseases.
  19. Strategies in the Family Nursing Practice
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss important issues in credentialing and review the strategies that can strengthen advanced nursing practice.
  20. Family Psychoeducation for Schizophrenia Patients
    This work reviews a meta-analysis on FPE conducted, focusing on the effectiveness of the educational approach in treating patients with schizophrenia and supporting their families.
  21. The Evolving Role of Family Nurse Practitioners
    The present paper will review the evolving role of FNPs and explain major global and national forces that influence the job market for this profession.
  22. Family Psychoeducation Methods in Iraq and India
    This paper identifies the effectiveness of family psychoeducation and summarizes the two articles that describe how FPE intervention methods differ in Iraq and India.
  23. Family Relationships and Divorce Psychology
    The paper dwells on the problems that may arise throughout the divorce process. The researcher discusses the consequences of divorce and compares the outcomes for boys and girls.
  24. Nuclear Caucasian Family’ Health Assessment
    This paper performs a health assessment on a Caucasian nuclear family, the Johnsons, using open-ended questions touching on 11 functional health domains related to the family.
  25. “A Death in the Family” Novel by James Agee
    “A death in the family” is an autobiographical book by James Agee based on what happened when the author visited his father, who was suffering from a heart attack.
  26. Family Life and Structure in the UK
    Notable statistics indicate that the average British family endeavor to cut down on their daily average expenditures.
  27. Theatre Play: “The Addams Family”
    The Addams Family is an action-packed musical comedy based on a book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice. The paper at hand will analyze a recent theatrical performance.
  28. Infant Development and Family Situation Analysis
    The observed child is two-month-old. She has good reflexes and normally develops except for being underweight.
  29. Marriage and Family Counseling
    The woman in the discussed situation decided to preserve her autonomy, and in case the marriage is truly frustrating for her, then she has the right to act so.
  30. Assessments and Screening in Family Therapy
    Information-gathering is as crucial as the actual writing of the report. The final report will only refer to the methods employed in the process of acquiring relevant information.
  31. Trauma of Internment for the Nikkei Family in No-No Boy
    John Okada’s No-No Boy recounts the story of challenging cultural identity of a Japanese American young man named Ichiro.
  32. Marriage in Family Life and Government Policies
    Marriage is essential in every family. People get into the lifelong covenant of marriage for spiritual protection, joy, security, and meaning to the people involved.
  33. Family Life Education: Heritage Assessment
    The assessment of heritage characteristics of three families revealed some common traits and also differences. It seems appropriate to analyze each family in detail.
  34. Child’s Angry Outburst Management and Family Therapy
    The parents had problems with their child, who had conflicts at school. The goal of the social worker is to improve the climate and atmosphere in the family.
  35. Qatari Family-Owned Businesses and Management
    This research explores issues of corporate governance and long-term strategies of family-owned businesses in Qatar, applying principles of business management.
  36. Christian Counseling for Marriage and Family
    This paper discusses Christian counseling for marriage and family described in “Love and Respect” by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.
  37. Family Assessment and Diagnosing
    Stress reduction would be useful because it will help to reduce the pressure and tension that is present. Monitoring would be essential in this case because it would allow identifying primary causes of this condition.
  38. Gender Identities Within the Farm Family
    The major phenomenon considered in the article is the development of gender identities within the farm family living in Northern Ireland.
  39. Reforms to Improve the Level of Family Education
    Children’s education of great importance for tightening up the relations between the state and family units because the success of social reforms largely depends on this issue.
  40. Gender Stereotypes in Family and Academic Settings
    The persistence of gender stereotypes in the USA as well as the rest of the world is one of the most burning issues.

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