84 Mental Illness Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Mental Illness

  1. Mental Health, Mental Illness, Risk, & Resilience
    It needs to be said that the way mental health and mental illness are perceived has changed over the years, and a broad range of concepts has been developed.
  2. Mental Illness History: Early Beliefs and Theories of Mental Health
    The theories of mental health have undergone a series of evolution over the ages. Psychologists have studied various facets of man’s character to develop a probable theory.
  3. Vincent Van Gogh and His Mental Illness
    This paper analyzes Van Gogh’s state of mind by studying his paintings and the time sequence of when they were painted from both the personal and social perspectives.
  4. Van Gogh’s Art, Gogen’s Influence and Mental Illness
    Vincent Van Gogh made a significant influence on the art of the 20th century. This researcher has also been influenced by Van Gogh and wanted to learn more about him
  5. Abnormality and Mental Illness in Social Psychology
    The first explanation of abnormality is nonconformity to social standards. The main problem with this definition is that social norms change quickly.
  6. Schizophrenia: Physiological Basis of a Mental Illness
    Schizophrenia is mental illness with a genetic basis and its complexity is presents in form of chronic psychosis and the cognitive ability of the individual becomes impaired.
  7. What Is Mental Illness?
    Mental illness is a disorder of the brain, which may cause problems in coping with one’s own life. This medical condition may disrupt a person’s mood, a person’s feelings.
  8. Mental Illness Stigmatization in Media and Literature
    The problem of labeling persons with mental illnesses is actively discussed by psychologists, sociologists, and other researchers in the context of making stigmas.
  9. Homeless People with Mental Illness and Healthcare
    This study answers the question of how should homeless people with mental illness be addressed, adopting a systematic literature review approach.
  10. Vincent Van Gogh: Art and the Mental Illness
    Vincent Van Gogh made a significant influence on the art of the 20th century. The research has also been influenced by Vincent Van Gogh, and wanted to learn more about him.
  11. The Problem of Perception and Adaptation of Mental Illness With Families by Wilson
    The academic questions for this article are related to the methods used by Wilson in his work concerning the problem of perception and adaptation of mental illness with families.
  12. Return to Work After Mental Illness: Intervention Strategies
    The paper identified different levels and types of intervention strategies available for the individuals who return to work after the recovery from mental illness.
  13. Experience of People With Mental Illness
    The passage outlined below deals with the experience of people with mental illness. Four groups, by name ‘focus groups’ have come forward with research programmes.
  14. Mental Illness and Work: Bipolar Disorder
    Bipolar disorder, previously termed manic depressive psychosis, is a serious mental illness characterized by mood swings with episodes of both elevated and depressed moods .
  15. Defining and Labeling Mental Illness
    The existence of mental-disorders has necessitated extensive studies for quite some time now. This owes to its undesirable impacts to the patient and the community.
  16. Improving Mental Health by Preventing Mental Illness
    Mental health is a broad concept used to refer to psychological well being. It entails the emotional or cognitive fitness and generally affects how people think or behave.
  17. Understanding Psychiatric Disorders: Mental Illness Treatment Strategies
    The combination of pharmacology and behavioral therapy can reduce the need for medication and provide an identical health outcome.
  18. Mental Illness and People of Color Misconceptions
    It should be noted that the term “mental illness” is rather vague, and various healthcare professionals may interpret it differently.
  19. The Teaching Plan for Mental Illness
    The current teaching plan targets adolescents and young adults who struggle with mental illness. The proposed seminar falls under the domain of educational policies.
  20. Stigma About Mental Illness Among Communities of People of Color
    The paper includes the actual rates of mental illness among ethnic and racial minorities, health disparities and their specific types.
  21. Mental Illness and People of Color: Misconceptions and Stigmas
    This research examined the personal attitudes, mistrust, and stigma of people of color regarding mental health services and their influence on the utilization of these services.
  22. The Prevalence of Mental Illness in the United States
    The prevalence of mental illness in the United States is high, and the number of people experiencing mental health conditions affects how society continues to function.
  23. Marginalized Women with Mental Illness
    This paper aims at exploring the specific features concerning the challenges that marginalized women with mental health problems encountered.
  24. Stigmas of Mental Illness and People of Color
    This study explores the factors that contribute to misconceptions and stigmas related to mental illnesses and their treatment that are common in communities of people of color.

🎓 Most Interesting Mental Illness Research Titles

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  1. Healthcare Concerning Mental Illness
  2. Behavioral Mental Illness: ADHD
  3. Anorexia and the History of Mental Illness
  4. Attitudes Toward Mental Illness 18th and 19th Century England
  5. Social Anxiety Disorder and Mental Illness
  6. Mental Illness and Social Justice
  7. Living With the Stigma of Mental Illness
  8. Mental Illness, Abuse, and Its Effect on Relationships
  9. The Correlation Between Religion and Mental Illness
  10. Poverty and Its Ensuing Mental Illness
  11. The Criminal Justice System and Mental Illness
  12. Mental Illness: The Main Symptoms of Schizophrenia
  13. Gun Control and Mental Illness
  14. Mental Illness Among African-Americans
  15. Domestic Violence, Women and Its Effects on Mental Illness
  16. Healthcare Delivery for Persons With Mental Illness
  17. Homelessness, Mental Illness, and Social Intervention
  18. Combat Ptsd and Other Forms of Mental Illness
  19. Dominant Attitudes Towards Mental Illness in Society
  20. Conquering Mental Illness Depression
  21. Suicide Risk and Mental Illness
  22. Bipolar Disorder and Mental Illness
  23. The Connection Between Mental Illness and Creativity
  24. Mental Illness and Its Effects
  25. The Genius and Mental Illness
  26. Mental Illness and Health Care For the Mentally Ill
  27. Alcohol and Drug Use Related to Mental Illness
  28. Biological and Genetic Explanations for Mental Illness
  29. Mental Illness and Its Effects on Our World
  30. Examining Stigmas Towards Children With Mental Illness

💡 Simple Mental Illness Essay Ideas

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  1. Art, Artists, and Mental Illness
  2. Differentiating Mental Illness From Mental Health
  3. Medications for Mental Illness
  4. Risk Factors for Mental Illness
  5. Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Problems
  6. The Moral Dilemma Surrounding the Mental Illness Medication
  7. Mental Illness Among Prisons and the United States
  8. Juvenile Offenders With Mental Illness
  9. Physical Mental Illness Adolescents
  10. Mental Illness Among the Elderly
  11. Correlation Between Mental Illness and Violence and Crime
  12. Mental Illness and Its Influence on His Writing Style
  13. Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Perspectives on Mental Illness
  14. Criminality and Mental Illness
  15. Some Economic and Demographic Consequences of Mental Illness
  16. Psychological and Legal Issues Associated With Mental Illness
  17. Mental Illness and Its Effects on the Brain
  18. Genomic Variation, Evolvability, and the Paradox of Mental Illness
  19. Combating Mental Illness Discrimination
  20. Mental Illness and Confidentiality Issues
  21. Contributing Factors for the Degradation in Mental Illness
  22. Discrimination Against People With Mental Illness in Wales
  23. Penal System and Mental Illness
  24. Mental Illness and Its Effect on Society
  25. Case Management for Homeless People With Mental Illness
  26. Factors Influencing Mental Illness Rates in Pakistan
  27. Mental Illness and Criminal Justice
  28. Mental Illness and Child Development
  29. Social Factors and Mental Illness
  30. Recovery From Mental Illness
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