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  1. Life Insurance: Theory and Practice
    Life insurance can be defined as the contract between the insurer and the person owns the policy. Some countries include some events like bills and death expenses are included in the premium policy.
  2. The Insurance Regulator in the State of New York
    This report examines the disciplinary measures that have been employed by the insurance regulator in the State of New York in a bid to determine what constitutes a good insurance company.
  3. Insurance Management: Burglary and Thrift Exposure
    In order to prevent the shop owner from suffering major financial losses in the case of a raid, such a method as noninsurance transfer can be suggested.
  4. Medical Insurance among the Citizens: Statistical Research
    Healthy People 2020 is the project that comprises numerous recommendations related to health care and health promotion among Americans.
  5. Robinson Insurance Agency’ Leadership Assessment
    Robinson Agency faces the challenges of selection, transition, and replacement associated with the human resources because of the necessity to select persons who have great leadership potential.
  6. Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance Benefits
    The Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance benefits (OASDI) is one of the Social Security programs that every American is entitled to as their social right.
  7. Risk Management and Insurance Principles
    The risk manager should develop allocate some funds into risk insurance. This will enable the company get the necessary funds to be able to reduce losses.
  8. Anthem Insurance Companies’ Cost Benefit Analysis
    This paper provides a cost and benefits analysis (CBA) and the evaluation of patient safety issue from the perspective of Anthem.
  9. Anthem Insurance Companies’ Risk Management
    The organization in question is an insurer Anthem that has to provide reimbursements to medical establishments for their services.
  10. General Worldwide Insurance Company Information Technology
    Generali Worldwide Insurance Company recognizes the need for the effective and safe use of information technology for furthering its governance, risk, and compliance functions.
  11. The Federal Insurance Contributions Act: Economic Burden
    Payroll tax, such as the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA), is a form of tax imposed on the wages that employees receive from a given firm.
  12. Anthem Insurance Companies’ Process Improvement
    Anthem is an insurance company that prioritizes the value of plans it provides to clients and accountability in its work.
  13. Lloyd’s Company Solvency: Unique Insurance Strategy
    It is crucial for Lloyd’s to develop its information management approach and work on the means to promote a better cohesion between its members.
  14. Allstate Insurance Company’s Diversity Goals
    Allstate insurance company is one of the companies in the world that are enjoying the benefits of having set diversity management as one of its strategic goals.
  15. Market Analysis of Allstate Insurance Company
    An in-depth analysis on the marketing strategies employed by Allstate Insurance Company identifying critical issues in organization that need to be addressed from the SWOT analysis.
  16. Australian Insurance Market Segment Analysis
    The report elaborates a specific market segment of Australian motor car insurance via an understanding of its customers.
  17. Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance
    Credit insurance and credit disability insurance are services provided by several insurance companies. Credit life makes an effort to cover the remaining loan when one dies.
  18. McKinsey & Company: State Farm Insurance Assessment
    In this paper, McKinsey & Company is to be discussed as a management consulting firm that deals in consultancy, especially at senior management levels.
  19. Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation’s Negotiations
    It is important to apply the guidelines that will enable Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation to facilitate effective communication during the negotiation.
  20. Why the HIH Insurance Collapsed?
    This ‘historical point of view was not only in terms of the extent of losses, but also for the far-reaching effects on the Australian community.
  21. Benefits for Teachers: Social and Medical Insurance
    If an education system can provide health and other security to the teachers, they will provide sustainable development through remarkable improvement in work efficiency.
  22. Prepaid Insurance or Payment Adjustments
    Prepaid insurance is a kind of prepayment that stands for the installments made for the expenses which have not been procured yet.

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  1. Accident Insurance Claim Personal Injury Insights
  2. Bank Runs and Moral Hazard: A Review of Deposit Insurance
  3. Choosing the Right Insurance for Homeowners
  4. Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers
  5. Employer-Provided Health Insurance and Job Change
  6. Crop Insurance Under Restricted Access to Financial Markets
  7. Case Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation
  8. Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance and Shareholders’ Protection
  9. Crop Insurance, Moral Hazard, and Agricultural Chemical Use
  10. Corporate Insurance With Optimal Financial Contracting
  11. The Importance of Financial Innovation in Deposit Insurance
  12. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  13. Choosing the Right Pet Insurance Policies
  14. Examining the Insurance Industry in Nigeria
  15. Financial Instability and Life Insurance Demand
  16. Bad Debt Loss Insurance in Settlement and Litigation
  17. Health and Health Insurance Trajectories of Mexicans in the US
  18. Children’s Health Insurance Program: An Evaluation 1997-2010
  19. Disability Insurance, Population Health, and Employment in Sweden
  20. Crop Insurance Moral Hazard From Price and Weather Forecasts
  21. Employment and Adverse Selection in Health Insurance
  22. Canadian Immigration and Health Insurance
  23. Background Uncertainty and the Demand for Insurance Against Insurable Risks
  24. Affordable Health Insurance for Unemployed
  25. Dealers’ Insurance, Market Structure, and Liquidity
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