57 American Dream Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on American Dream

  1. Concepts of American Dreams
    Historically Americans have been seeking to achieve the American dream of fame, success and immense wealth through changes and much effort.
  2. Social Studies: The American Dream’s Concept
    The American dream focuses on making life better for its citizens and immigrants. It entails the aggressiveness instilled in the residents of America.
  3. American Dream, Religions and Sikhism
    The USA represent a unique cultural phenomenon. On the one hand, it is a country of many cultures, nationalities, and religions co-existing in the same area.
  4. The American Dream: Civil Rights and Opportunities
    Civil rights have much to do with citizens having an opportunity to achieve the American dream. Discrimination is a massive obstacle that prevents the country from economic growth.
  5. Conception of “The American Dream” in US
    “The American Dream” means living a better life. Americans have different opinions on describing this better life. Though some may express this issue as an illusion, it can become real.
  6. American Dream in the XXI Century
    The understanding of the concept of the American dream today and several decades or even centuries ago is quite different.
  7. American Dream vs. Reality Throughout History
    The American dream became a powerful driving force in the United States from the 1930s. Within the next few decades, the concept encouraged many citizens to work hard.
  8. American Dream in Clint Eastwood’s Film “Gran Torino”
    Gran Torino film, shot by Clint Eastwood, represents the life of Walter Kowalski, a veteran of the Korean War and a true American with his views and moral principles.
  9. The Concept of American Dream in Plays
    The American Dream is often presented in art as an impossible or corrupted ideal that causes more suffering to the people striving to reach it than it does benefit.
  10. Youthful View of the American Dream During Uncertain Economic Times
    The American Dream for youth is now all about helping the country reclaim it’s rightful place of leadership in the world.
  11. Fleeing to U.S., the American Dream for Cubans
    From time immemorial Cubans have been moving to America in search for greener pastures. This eventually worked for the formation of American-Cuban connections around the United States.
  12. Recession and the American Dream for Education
    This paper analyses the ill effects of the recent recession which has occurred and the terrible consequence which families, students, and children in America are currently facing.
  13. The American Dream and Social Disorganization
    American Dream is the belief that everyone in the state can attain success due to the uniqueness of the U.S society and environment.
  14. The Challenge of the American Dream in Cinematography
    “Midnight Cowboy” and “McCabe & Mrs. Miller” are similar in challenging the idea of success presented in the conventional context of the American Dream.

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  1. Wealth and the American Dream in the Great Gatsby
  2. Choosing the Right Path Towards the American Dream
  3. American Liberalism and the Democratic Dream: Transcending the American Dream
  4. How Does Gatsby Represent the American Dream?
  5. Adam Smith’s American Dream
  6. Democracy and the American Dream
  7. Work Ethic and Ethical Work: Distortions in the American Dream
  8. Women and the American Dream
  9. Black Identity and the American Dream
  10. Depression and the American Dream
  11. Ben Franklin and the Definition of the American Dream
  12. How Are Millennials Redefining the American Dream?
  13. Disillusionment and the American Dream
  14. Debunking the American Dream
  15. Factors Influencing the American Dream
  16. American Tragedy and the Futility of the American Dream
  17. Westward Expansion and the American Dream
  18. Capitalism, Drug Abuse, and the American Dream
  19. British Colonization and the American Dream
  20. Exploring the American Dream in Great Gatsby and Grapes of Wrath
  21. Asian Americans and the American Dream
  22. Does Income Inequality Affect the American Dream Of Upward?

💡 Simple American Dream Essay Ideas

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  1. American Dream and Ben Franklin
  2. Corporate Scandals: How Greed Consumed The American Dream
  3. Inequality and the American Dream
  4. How Has the American Dream Changed Over Time?
  5. African Americans Must Work to Achieve the American Dream
  6. American Dream America Immigrants British
  7. Albee and Twain: Demystifying an American Dream
  8. Deconstructing the American Dream
  9. American Dream: Accessibility vs. Achievability
  10. Crime and the American Dream With Regards to Sociology
  11. African Americans and the American Dream
  12. Dramatizing the American Dream
  13. Commercialism Deteriorates the American Dream
  14. American Exceptionalism and the American Dream
  15. How Long Has the American Dream Been Around?
  16. Understanding the Real Meaning of the American Dream
  17. American Dream Delayed: Shifting Determinants of Homeownership
  18. All Men and Women Have the Right to the American Dream
  19. How Social Stratification Dictates the American Dream, It Is?
  20. Abraham Lincoln and the American Dream
  21. Willy Loman’s Idealistic American Dream
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