56 World War 2 Essay Topics

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  1. The Crete Battle of World War II
    World War II consisted of various battles among them, the Crete battle in which Germany invaded the territory that was hitherto controlled by the British and Greece troops.
  2. History of Post WWII
    Every leader had own plan for the Yalta Conference: Roosevelt claimed for Soviet support in the U.S. Pacific War against Japan, particularly invading Japan.
  3. World War II Role for the United States
    World War II led to changing the women’s roles in the family and society, the general social pattern, and to worsening the economic situation in the United States.
  4. US – Japan Economic Relations in WWII
    The paper studies international relations between Japan and the USA, Japanese aggression and its role in World War II, and Japan’s economic growth.
  5. Women in the Workplace After WWII
    To understand how the position of women in the workplace changed after World War II was over, it is necessary to understand what conditions there were before the end of this war.
  6. World War II, The Cold War and New Europe
    The WWII and its aftermath resulted in the development of another opposition of superstates. The former allies were not able to able to determine the spheres of their influence and make a compromise.
  7. History: American Foreign Policy since World War II
    The post-Cold War era in the American society can be deemed as an essential epoch in the U.S. history, as it allowed for retrieving the answers to some of the most complicated questions.
  8. American Foreign Policy Since World War II
    This paper is a book review of American Foreign Policy since World War II, by Hook and Spanier. An acclaimed literary work, researchers have used the book in educational and political fields.
  9. United States-Japan Relations During World War II
    The development of relations between the United States and Japan, which led to the outbreak of war between the two countries, was a very complicated process.
  10. Women’s Representations Before and After World War II
    This paper analyzes two paintings representing young women performing leisurely activities and shows the differences between the painting, as well as their common theme.
  11. American Women in WWII-Related Film and Poster
    This paper examines the film “Casablanca” and the poster “It’s a Woman’s War Too!” in the context of determining the role of women, emphasizing contribution during wartime.
  12. World War II Impact on Racial Issues in the United States
    The situation with Japanese-American internees during World War II represents a unique and distinctive experience in American history.
  13. World War II: Why Germans Lost and Allies Won
    World War II began with Germany’s attack on Poland in 1939 and ended with the attack on Japan’s Hiroshima in 1945 with the atomic bomb.
  14. Escape from Sobibor: World War 2 Holocaust
    Escape from Sobibor is one of the many movies that focus on the mass murder of Jews in German concentration camps.
  15. World War II, Its Causes and Long-Term Effects
    World War II resulted in a decisive power shift away from the leading European states to the Soviet Union and the United States.
  16. Great Depression and World War II for Americans
    The Americans encountered numerous problems during the period of the Great Depression. The Second World War also led to many problems in the United States.
  17. World War II, Its Origins and Consequences
    World War II was a global tragedy. That conflict lasted for six years and led to numerous losses, atrocities, and political and ideological shifts across the world.
  18. Battle of the Bulge During World War II
    In retrospect, the Battle of the Bulge can be seen as one of the largest strategic mistakes made by Germany due to the false assumption of military superiority.
  19. Great Depression and World War II Impact on the United States Economy
    Both the Great Depression and World War II heavily impacted the US economy in the first half of the previous century.
  20. History of Aviation in World War I and World War II
    Aviation history has various periods that crafted its unique story. It began before the seventeenth century and is known for several momentous events that led to its development, such as World War I and World War II.

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  1. Social and Economic Problems After World War II
    Having borne the brunt of the Great Depression and World War II, the American people experienced serious social and economic problems.
  2. Social Effects in the West After World War II
    The post-war period was marked by changes in all spheres of social life including social security reforms and employment.
  3. Japan’s Transformation After World War II
    Despite the high technological level and dynamism, the economy of Japan remained as an economy of an industrial country and continued developing based on industrial dominants.
  4. Russian Climate and German Progression in WWII
    The country’s climate is close to generally continental, even though as it rises from west to east, the influence of the Atlantic Ocean reduces.
  5. World War II: Internment of the Japanese Americans
    President Roosevelt at the peak of World War II authorized the internment of Japanese citizens living in the United States.
  6. Women’s Backlash in the 1950s due to WWII
    The Second World War provided many horrors of war. The perspective of a woman’s position was changed forever. During WWII many women had jobs and were gaining independence.
  7. Impact of World War II on Balkan Nationalism, States and Societies
    To the Balkans, the impacts of World War II were enormous on states and societies. The interplay of military and political events from the war affected the region both positively and negatively.
  8. WWII and Iraq War Comparative Analysis
    This paper critically analyzes the use of theories to compare and possibly contrast the two wars, World War II and the War in Iraq.
  9. Pacific Theater of World War II
    The four Empires were against the Japanese as each had some interest in controlling the ocean and especially the Pacific Islands.
  10. Post World War II Artist
    Big names in the sculpture industry as David Smith of the United States of America also could arguably be named as the most influential artists in the industry general.
  11. How World War Two Affected Black Immigration?
    The black population benefited from World War Two in various ways but they also faced untold sufferings at the hands of people who considered them as none or less human beings.
  12. The Fall of the Grand Alliance Against the Axis Powers Before the End of WWII
    War is political. International politics have an influence on global wars. The Second War was a war of actions, words, and fierce battles between the UK, US, former Soviet Union and the Nazi rule.
  13. American-Japanese Military and Race Conflicts in the Book “War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War”
    The issues of prejudice, tunnel vision and inability to see the situation from all sides are described in the present book.
  14. Atomic Bomb Technology and World War II Outcomes
    The Hiroshima bombing, the event that ultimately led to the surrender of Japan, was an indication of the level of technological advancement.
  15. Japan After World War II: Main Events and Modifications
    This paper aims to investigate the situation in which Japan found itself after the events of World War II and how it influenced its society, culture and economic development.
  16. The United States and East Asia Since World War II
    World War II changed the world forever for the key players. While the USA and the Soviet Union fought together against the Nazi regime, the relationship between the two remained tense.

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  1. How and Why the Us Entered World War 2?
  2. Cinema During the Great Depression and WWII
  3. Why Were the Japanese So Cruel in World War 2?
  4. Jewish Resistance During World War 2
  5. Relationship Between World War 1 and World War 2
  6. How the Versailles Treaty Helped Cause World War II?
  7. Europe After World War 2
  8. American Foreign Policy Since World War 2
  9. The Battle Between Russia and Germany During the WW2
  10. Australia and World War 2
  11. Crime Rates During World War II
  12. American Families During WW2
  13. How Did American Foreign Policy Change After World War 2?
  14. The Changing Foreign Policy and Alliances During WWII
  15. Innovations During World War 2
  16. The Holocaust and the Nazi Regime During World War 2
  17. Poland Was the Aggressor in World War II
  18. How Was Air Security Changed After World War 2?
  19. Women and Society After WWII
  20. Benito Mussolini and His Impact on World War 2
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