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  1. The History of Indus Valley Civilization
    Indus Valley civilization was once considered a subsidiary of the Mesopotamian culture; nevertheless, archeological findings proved this conviction a fallacy.
  2. “Technics and Civilization” by Lewis Mumford
    In his book, Mumford explores the diverse aspects of mechanization and invention. His primary focus is on the emergence of technologies in society and the impacts that follow.
  3. Christianity in Western Civilization and Thought
    The adoption of Christianity by the majority of Western Civilization peoples triggered by multiple changes in the social and political structures of the society.
  4. European Civilization: Cultural and Economic Challenges
    In order to estimate the influences of Europe as a force in world events, it is important to consider social, political, cultural, economic, and ideological aspects.
  5. Egyptian Civilization, Culture, and Society
    This paper discusses the Ancient Egyptian culture, social structure and the position of women, religion, economy, famous people, and contribution to the world culture.
  6. Renaissance as a Rebirth in European Civilization
    Renaissance is a rebirth of the things that happened within the three decades. During this period, people revisited the ideas which were forgotten for a long period.
  7. Confucianism as Foundation of Chinese Civilization
    Confucianism is considered the foundation of Chinese civilization as it provided a system of both ethical and social philosophy that people could use on an everyday basis.
  8. Western Civilization: Beowulf as a Hero
    Beowulf is a poem that was written in Old English by an unknown author somewhere around the seventh or the eighth century.
  9. Greatest Challenge Facing Western Civilization
    The greatest challenge facing Western Civilization today is gender inequalities and the low position of women in society.
  10. Western Civilization: Brief Overview
    Changes that took place in western civilization were clear indication that with changes that is the industrial revolution then there was need for people to have another view to what ever they held on.
  11. Western Civilization: Brief Retrospective
    Persian wars were considered to be crucial in western history because they brought change, in that, a peace treaty was signed.
  12. The Minotaur Islands: Civilization that Collapsed
    The Minotaur Island came as a result of a myth, that is, according to archaeologists, there used to be a famous King named Minos and his creature Minotaur.
  13. Ancient Maya Civilization’s Authority and Control
    Ancient Maya civilization takes an important place among Central American topics. The secrets of the Maya epoch cover the aspect of their control system and Maya elite order.
  14. Golden Age of Islamic Civilization
    Muslims were very ready to protect their language, law and religion from external influence and would only allow other religious groups to their territories only if they recognized Muslim faith.
  15. Western Civilization: Christian Heresies
    Establishment of the orthodox Christianity result from the emergency of the danger of new converts following teachings that differed from those widely accepted by Christianity.
  16. Western Civilization: Renaissance Art and Architecture
    Most people today recognize the term ‘Renaissance’ as meaning a specific time period in Western European culture.
  17. Civilization in Mesopotamia During the Bronze Age
    The Bronze Age refers to a period in history, during which many cultural development occurred. It is noted as the era during which bronze and copper were used extensively to make weapons and other important tools.
  18. Civilization Concepts: Religion and History
    Civilization comes as change is made in the political social, economic and religious doing. Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, and Blaise Pascal contributed a lot in the western civilization.
  19. “Columbus and Western Civilization” by Howard Zinn
    In “Columbus and Western Civilization,” Zinn creates a bridge between American history and ideology and declares that it is only the viewpoint that matters to the historian.
  20. Eruption at Thera and Minoan Civilization’s Downfall
    There can be an assumption about the fact that the volcanic event could have weakened the Minoans on Crete for assault, but this cannot be confirmed today.
  21. What Is the Criteria for a Great Civilization?
    Civilization is defined as process through which societies advance in development and technology. It a way of life for people and religion is its defining aspect.
  22. Early Civilization Interaction With Their Environment
    This paper discusses how and why early civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus valley, and China were able to successfully interact with their particular environments.
  23. British Civilization: Queen Victoria
    The evolvement of monarchy is important to understanding British civilization because the monarchical system has been defining the sociological life in the country.
  24. Ancient Mesopotamian Civilization: Babylon
    Babylon’s science was very advanced during King Nebuchadnezzar’s time. They already had astronomers amongst themselves.
  25. Women in the Ancient Maya Civilization
    According to the book ‘Ancient Maya women’ by Traci Arden that the civilization put much tension on women’s social representation.
  26. The Development of a Unique American Civilization
    In spite of a significant number of challenges and thanks to the Americans’ bravery and desire for freedom, the U.S. became one of the most influential nations in the whole world.
  27. Ancient Rome Civilization Accomplishments
    The accomplishments of ancient Roman civilization are exceptionally remarkable deserving much attention and praise.
  28. Ian Curtis and the Decline of Western Civilization
    Ian Curtis’ words, “No language, just sound, that’s all we need to know,” do not correspond as much to the fact that the general public in the U.S. lacks scientific knowledge.

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  1. Ancient Egypt and Greek Civilization
  2. African Civilization and What It Means to Have an African Outlook
  3. Climate and Its Role in the Decline of the Maya Civilization
  4. Civilization and the Importance of Iron and Oxygen
  5. Modernization and the Mainstream of Human Civilization
  6. Art, Literature, and the Carriers of Civilization
  7. Malaria and Its Effects on Human Civilization
  8. Ancient Greek and Modern Western Civilization
  9. Ancient Egyptian Civilization and the Creation of the Universe
  10. Ancient Egypt’s Religious Contributions to Western Civilization Assignment
  11. The Ancient African Civilization Aksum
  12. China Was the Worlds Most Advanced Preindustrial Civilization
  13. Ancient Greek: The Birthplace of Western Civilization
  14. Technology and Its Effects on Human Civilization
  15. Islamic Civilization and Its Impact on Western Civilization
  16. Egyptian Civilization and Greek Civilization
  17. Religious Extremism, Drug Addiction: Two of the Greatest Threats to Civilization
  18. The Aztec Civilization and the Mayan Civilization
  19. Ancient Mesopotamian Civilization Characteristics
  20. The Great Sparta Civilization
  21. Ancient Chinese Civilization, East Asia, and the Spread of Buddhism
  22. Hinduism and Its Relation to the Indus Valley Civilization
  23. Greek, Mycenaean and Minoan Civilization
  24. Global Civilization and Muslim Contributions
  25. Advanced Cities, Record Keeping, and Technology as Important Characteristics of a Civilization
  26. Cultural and Civilization Aspects of the Higher Education Development in Kazakhstan
  27. Gerontology and the Relationship to the Human Civilization
  28. The Catholic Church and the Western Civilization
  29. Aztec and Inca Civilization
  30. Early and Classical Civilization Periods

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  1. The Greek Civilization and the Han Dynasty in the History of China
  2. Civilization and Barbarism Cruelty
  3. French Civilization Seen Through Art
  4. The Ancient Incas Civilization in Latin America
  5. Greek and Roman Ancient Civilization
  6. Cultural Differences Between Indian Civilization and Western Civilization
  7. Freud Civilization and Its Discontents
  8. Civilization and Human Nature
  9. Alexander the Great and His Impact on Greek Civilization
  10. Ancient Chinese Compass and Its Effects on Civilization
  11. Famine and Anasazi Civilization
  12. Political Institutions and the Foundation of Civilization
  13. Rebuilding the Societal Structure of Modern Civilization
  14. Ancient Egypt and Judaic Civilization
  15. Learning About Ancient Civilization From the Indian Mahabharata
  16. Culture and Civilization Arab World Museum
  17. Ancient Aztec Civilization and Culture
  18. Ancient Civilizations and the Egyptian Civilization
  19. Human Rights Form the Crux of Human Civilization
  20. The Ancient Egyptian Civilization and the Egyptian Pyramids
  21. Conflict Between Civilization and the Individual
  22. Chinese Civilization and Ancient China
  23. Minoan Civilization During the Bronze Age
  24. Incas Mayas Aztec Ancient Civilization of the New World
  25. Jacob Burckhardt’s The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
  26. Mesopotamia and Its Impact on Ancient Civilization
  27. Aristotle’s Life and Contributions to Western Civilization
  28. Asian Civilizations: Comparison Between China and European Civilization
  29. Ancient Egypt and Ancient Egyptian Civilization
  30. Ancient and Medieval Western Civilization
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