59 Othello Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Othello

  1. Othello and Paradise Lost Literary Analysis
    Desdemona was devoted to her husband until the end and treated him with patience even after all the mistreatment that was done to her.
  2. “Othello” a Tragedy by William Shakespeare
    In essence, there are several instances of conflict in the play. Conflict among men is more dominant than conflict between the two genders. The play contains more scenes of conflict than love.
  3. Women Role in Shakespeare’s Othello and Hamlet
    The villain role of women in the Shakespeare’s plays Othello and Hamlet seems to have inspired the themes in both literary works.
  4. From a Villain to a Victim and Back: Othello and Iago
    Despite the fact that Othello does turn into a beast at a certain point, the splendor of his character and the misery that seizes him completely do not allow him to choose him as the main villain.
  5. Othello’s Image in Shakespeare’s Tragedy
    The purpose of this work is to analyze how Othello’s difference influences his image in the enemies’ eyes and how he starts to evaluate himself once he has killed his wife.
  6. Mustafa Sa’eed from Season of Migration to the North Compared to Shakespeare’s Caliban & Othello
    Mustafa Sa’eed is uniquely similar to Caliban from William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” in his resistance to invading cultures of colonialism through the context of sexual revenge.
  7. Shakespeare’s “Othello” Play Exploration
    The current essay deals with a difficult but quite important topic tied with the role of race in Shakespeare’s Othello.
  8. Emilia’s Role in the Play Othello by Shakespeare
    This article is an attempt to analyze the image of Emilia, Iago’s wife, and her role in the death of Desdemona in the tragic play Othello by William Shakespeare.
  9. Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex and Shakespeare’s Othello
    The entire implementation of values needful to a man in every epoch and under any circumstances is displayed on the examples of Othello and Oedipus Rex for further generations of people.
  10. Othello and Antigone: Compare & Contrast
    There can be little doubt as to the fact that Sophocles’ “Antigone” and Shakespeare’s “Othello” are highly emotional dramaturgic pieces.
  11. William Shakespeare’s “Othello”: Analysis the Play
    The paper begins with a brief note about the character of Iago in William Shakespeare’s play Othello. Causes of Iago’s revenge.
  12. Negativism in “Othello” by William Shakespeare
    Othello is one of the most popular plays by William Shakespeare. It has a lot of themes that intricate the mind of a viewer and a reader as well.
  13. Analysis of the Character ‘Othello’
    Othello is perceived as a man of contradicting personalities. First, he is an outcast – culturally and racially – in his own country, but his skills as a soldier and his leadership skills are vary important to the state.
  14. Shakespeare’s “Othello”: Iago’s Honesty
    As the play progresses we see how Iago changes from an honest and sincere person to become evil, by introducing Iago’s character the evils in society are brought to light.
  15. “Othello” by William Shakespeare
    In his play, Shakespeare portrays a very jealous character named Lago, who got disappointed with his friend Othello for denying him the chance of becoming a lieutenant.
  16. Shakespeare’s Othello’s and O. J. Simpson’s Tragedies
    This article compares and contrasts Shakespeare’s Othello and O.J. Simpson in the context of racism and class inequality.
  17. A Worldwide Famous Tragedy: Othello by Shakespeare
    Othello is a worldwide famous tragedy written by Shakespeare that has always been popular among theater directors interpreting it in different styles.
  18. Examining the Role of Desdemona in Shakespeare’s “Othello”
    This essay discusses Desdemona’s role and its specific features that support the idea of her being a powerful woman behind the drama of the mighty men.
  19. Othello Versus Shakuntala: Ultimate Lessons
    Both Shakuntala and Othello explore the notions of love and conflict, but the ultimate lessons learned differ significantly because of the main characters’ actions.
  20. Othello, Cassio and Iago in the Play “Othello” by William Shakespeare
    Othello, Cassio and Iago are very different people with their own life experiences and this plays a very important role in the play “Othello” by William Shakespeare.
  21. Character Analysis of “Othello” by Shakespeare
    At first glance, Othello seems simply a tragedy of jealousy. However, the ideas ingrained in the play seem to be broader and more complicated from the very first acts.
  22. “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu vs. “Othello” by Shakespeare
    “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu is an example of a Non-Western work of literature that qualifies as classics. “Othello” by William Shakespeare is an example of Western classics.
  23. William Shakespeare’s “Othello, the Moor of Venice”: An Aristotelian Tragedy
    The experiences that Othello went through – from prominence to downfall are sufficient to label him as a tragic hero; hence, the play can be classified as an Aristotelian tragedy.
  24. “The Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice” by Shakespeare
    Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice” is a play about secrets, plotting and revenge telling the tragic story of Othello, who is secretly married to Desdemona.
  25. Domestic Violence in “Othello” by W. Shakespeare
    The Othello tragedy reflects the current domestic violence incidences in society, hence the need to formulate authentic ways to overcome them.
  26. “Othello” by Shakespeare: Desdemona as a Strong Character
    In his tragedy “Othello” Shakespeare describes Desdemona as a strong woman who can resist oppression and protect her values and ideas.
  27. Shakespeare’s Othello Movie Adaptation
    William Shakespeare’s “Othello” has been adapted to a variety of media forms, and among the most contemporary versions is Olive Parker’s movie with the same name.
  28. Othello as Aristotelian Tragic Hero
    This paper presents that Long before Shakespeare, the Greek philosopher Aristotle formulated specific attributes or principles of a tragic hero.
  29. The Play “Othello” by William Shakespeare
    It is worth noting that the play “Othello,” written by William Shakespeare, is a rather complicated story that can be explored at different levels.

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  1. Iago: Black Man in “Othello” by Shakespeare
  2. Honesty, Dishonesty, and Manipulation in “Othello”
  3. Dramatic Poetry and Direct Prose in Shakespeare’s “Othello”
  4. Hatred and Harsh Trickery With Extreme Consequences in the Play “Othello” by William Shakespeare
  5. Gender Roles and Racism in “Othello”
  6. Differences and Similarities Between “Othello” and “Things Fall Apart”
  7. Friendship Between Othello and Iago According to Friedrich Nietzsche
  8. Can Pathos and Ethos Compel “Othello” Out of Logic?
  9. Iago’s Cunning Character Exposed Othello’s Vulnerability in Jealousy
  10. Desdemona and the “Jewel” Motif Recurrence in William Shakespeare’s “Othello”
  11. Desdemona and the Patriarchy in “Othello”
  12. Iago’s Motive for Power and Revenge in “Othello”
  13. Brabantio, the Protective Father in Shakespeare’s “Othello”
  14. Honesty and Trust Throughout “Othello” Play
  15. Did Othello Truly Love Desdemona?

💡 Simple Othello Essay Ideas

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  1. Explain How Iago Manipulates the Other Characters in the Play “Othello”
  2. Does Iago Cause the Tragedy of Othello?
  3. The Reasons Why Othello Orders the Death of Desdemona
  4. Discuss How Lago From “Othello” Exploits Others to Achieve His Goal
  5. Honorable Admirable and Unchanged Character of Othello
  6. Desdemona and the Norms of Sexual Morality in Shakespeare’s “Othello”
  7. Examining Othello’s Character, Flaws, and Changes Throughout the Play
  8. Challenges and Prejudices Faced by Othello Shaped His Character
  9. Contrasting the Characters Desdemona and Emilia in the Play “Othello”
  10. Describing the Courage and Heroism of Othello in Shakespeare’s “Othello”
  11. Critically Exploring William Shakespeare’s “Othello” From a Marxist Perspective
  12. Gender Equality and the Status of Women in the Play “Othello” by William Shakespeare
  13. Analyzing the Tragic Hero in Shakespeare “Othello”
  14. Evil and Immoral Characters in the Play “Othello” by William Shakespeare
  15. Feminist and Psychoanalytical Interpretations of Shakespeare’s “Othello”
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