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Artistic Works: Genres and Examples

The division of artistic works into genres is a widespread classification applicable to any piece, and it covers all the possible forms of portraying reality. Its use facilitates the assessment of cultural products and the transmittance of the intended message through the means inherent in it. Hence, the analysis of any text with its plot and elements allows attributing it to one or another type.

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The movie “The Eye” is an example of the horror genre, and its specificities reflect the correspondence to it. The story has a particular plot presenting a mysterious case of a blind girl who starts seeing strange phenomena after surgery typical for such movies (“The Eye”). As for the elements, scary sounds and sudden moves add to the belonging of this work to the genre.

The book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” written by Douglas Adams is a typical science-fiction work. Its plot is set in space, and the common elements are the presence of various races and the frequent change of scenery throughout the book (Adams). However, the author’s style allows classifying the work not only as science fiction but also as a comedy due to numerous jokes.

The song by Beyoncé, “If I Were a Boy,” is a romantic piece characterized by the story of one’s relationship and thoughts of the author on the topic. The plot is a girl’s reflection on gender roles and injustice they produce in communication, which corresponds to the genre (Beyoncé). Such elements as the details of living together and the feelings and attitudes complete the picture.

The examples of artistic works given above clarify the method of their classification according to the plot and particular elements inherent in them. The difference between these features is conditional upon the techniques typical for transmitting a specific message within genres. Thus, a genre is a primary characteristic of any text, and its consideration contributes to a better understanding of the initial idea of the author.

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The Eye. Directed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud, performance by Jessica Alba, Cruise/Wagner Productions and Vertigo Entertainment, 2008.

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