54 Equity Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Equity

  1. Effective Compensation Program: Competitiveness and Equity
    Аn organization must fairly compensate its workers by providing incentives that reward their effort, expertise, competence, determination, and skill.
  2. Social Equity and Public Administration
    The analysis of social equity and public administration help in the tax redistribution as the fiscal space will administer equity by lowering taxes on the property.
  3. Lachlin Corporation: Stockholders’ Equity Analysis
    The paper will use the balance sheet for Lachlin Corporation to discuss the items that are recorded in the stockholders’ equity section.
  4. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Equity Theory
    The paper reviews 2 motivational theories: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (needs motivate actions), the equity theory (sense of fairness leads to staff’s motivation).
  5. Global Sense: Female Leadership and Gender Equity
    The case “Global Sense” outlines a unique predicament that continues to affect many working environments. The recruitment of more women is a move that has been met with numerous obstacles.
  6. Gender Equity and Social Justice in Schoolchildren
    Gender inequality can easily be identified in schools by observing how students tend to micro-interact and aggregate in particular activities or groups.
  7. Apple Inc.’s Brand Equity on the Website
    Apple’s website indicates that the marketing strategy focuses more on future endeavors. The company relies on the existing market demands for technologically advancing products.
  8. Equity as Important Consideration in Compensation
    Equity refers to fairness, or using the same yardstick to ensure that two or more individuals are treated in the same manner.
  9. Capital, Debt and Equity
    The finance managers need to assess the availability of funds and carefully plan business activities to generate a profit.
  10. Public Administration: Employment Equity
    The paper will examine responsibilities of employers to accommodate designated groups in workplace settings. Additionally, the paper will discuss employment equity.
  11. Compensation and Pay Equity at a Local Hospital
    This paper explains the influence of total compensation strategy on the organization’s ability to attract, retain, and motivate top talent.
  12. Healthcare Policy Issues: Health Equity
    One of the main healthcare policy issues that are currently in need of addressing is health equity (HE) (American Public Health Association).
  13. Apple Inc.’s Stockholders’ Equity Analysis
    The given memo will analyze Apple’s stockholders’ equity and make recommendations on whether the company should issue the common stock and convertible bonds.
  14. Marks & Spencer: Detailed Equity Report
    The report focuses on Marks & Spencer’s economic condition and sales and deals with financial statements, cash flow, balance sheet, and P&L accounts.
  15. INTEC: Strategic Skills Analysis and Pay Equity
    This paper analyzes relationships among KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities), job analysis, organizational strategy, and HR activities.
  16. “Health Care Reform and Equity” by Fiscella
    The given article review will primarily focus on two main domains, which are access and national quality strategy informed by research.
  17. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Debt and Equity
    To start and develop a business, people need to have specific financial resources. There are different ways to get them: borrowing from a bank or cooperating with investors.
  18. Is National Health Service Implementing Job Evaluation to Assist Pay Equity?
    The study aims to gauge the extent of the influence of the job criteria and job skills on the quality of the healthcare services and the safety of the patients in the hospital.
  19. Reasons Behind Creation of Equity
    Equity was developed more than hundred years ago to settle the claim of the dissatisfied litigants which arised from the harsh inflexible rules of law.
  20. Concepts of Debt and Equity Relations
    Financing decisions are significant decisions that a company’s management must make. There are two sources of capital for any company: debt and equity financing.
  21. Issue of Social Equity in Public Administration and Criminal Justice
    The concept of social equity in public administration is based on race and gender issues in terms of employment, democratic participation, and service delivery.
  22. Importance of Health Equity
    It is efficient if everyone who needs assistance receives adequate care, which is possible because of Health Equity.
  23. Enacting Stronger Employment Equity Laws in Canada
    In Canada, laws have been enacted to guide the labor market. The following paper seeks to investigate the need to enact stronger employment equity laws in Canada.
  24. Equity and Debt in Economy
    The fact that the domestic economy is recovering from the recession means has put a strain on the company’s ability to fully meet the demand of the products among the customers.

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  1. Accounts Receivable and Debt-To-Equity Ratio
  2. Brand Equity and Corporate Social Responsibility
  3. Capital Inflows, Equity Issuance Activity, and Corporate Investment
  4. Allowances for Corporate Equity in Practice
  5. Combination Notes: Market Segmentation and Equity Transfer
  6. Brand Equity and Shareholder Value
  7. Brand Imitation and Its Effects on Innovation, Competition, and Brand Equity
  8. Business Development and Evaluation of Debt and Equity
  9. International Equity Diversification Between the United States and Brics Countries
  10. Equity Capital, Bankruptcy Risk, and the Liquidity Trap
  11. Decentralization, Duplicity, and Minimal Equity
  12. Book Values and Market Values of Equity and Debt
  13. Low Fertility, Socioeconomic Development, and Gender Equity
  14. Define Brand Equity and Describe the Four Major Factors
  15. Australia’s Equity Home Bias

💡 Simple Equity Essay Ideas

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  1. Audit Quality and Cost of Equity Capital
  2. Dividend Policy, Agency Costs, and Earned Equity
  3. Country Risk and the Cost of Equity in Emerging Markets
  4. Dispersive Equity and Social Risk
  5. Management Control, Employment Equity and Skills Development
  6. Connecting Optimal Capital Investment and Equity Returns
  7. Consumption Risk and the Cost of Equity Capital
  8. Bank Equity and Macroprudential Policy
  9. Crowdfunding for Equity Law in the United States
  10. Longevity, Retirement and Intra-Generational Equity
  11. Dividend Yield and Common Equity
  12. National Culture and International Differences in the Cost of Equity Capital
  13. Brand Equity and Country of Origin Relationship
  14. Circuit Breakers and the Tail Index of Equity Returns
  15. Brand Key Performance Indicators as a Force for Brand Equity Management
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