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“Not So New” New World Order. Conspiracy Theories


Conspiracy theories have been around for as long as humans have had the ability to question authority. They are generally associated with events of such a sheer magnitude that seemingly have to be part of a secret plot. Conspiracy theorists usually stick together in the fact that they associate themselves with others sharing the same beliefs (Shrira, 2008). Some recent commonly known theories include; the JFK assassination, the 9/11 attack on the twin towers, waging war for profit, and the New World Order. The New World Order, or the NWO, is probably the most common. This theory has been around a very long time, and is regarded by many as the most important one. Some people are even equating the NWO with the end of times. Skeptics have been trying to debunk this theory numerous times to no avail. It seems as if every time people begin to get comfortable with this only being a theory, new information or events occur, that adds fuel to the conspiracy. With virtually no information disproving the theory, the NWO could be much more than a conspiracy theorist’s dreams come true. It could soon become a reality.

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New World Order

The idea of the New World Order is to abolish all current governments and establish one centralized world government ruled by a select few social elites. It is obvious that control is necessary, as the human race will self destruct being left unchecked. Therefore it only makes sense that someone somewhere, would begin an organized leadership in an effort to take complete control of the entire world. The most likely beginning of this alliance falls in the hands of Mayer Amschel Rothschild. In 1773, he assembled twelve of his most prominent associates and convinced them to pool their resources together and begin the process of taking over the world (Michael journal, 2010). This appears to mark the beginning of what is now deemed the New World Order.


The beginning of the NWO is associated with the term illuminati. Illuminati are defined as “any of various groups claiming special religious enlightenment” (Merriam-Webster, 2010). Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s candidate to lead the organization was Dr. Adam Weishaupt (Michael journal, 2010). “His perspective was that human society had grown hopelessly corrupt and could not be saved by anything less than a complete overhaul” (Lamb, 2007)l. Adam, in essence, is credited with being the first Utopian to think on a global scale. In 1776 he formed a group in order to bring about “Novus Ordo Seclorum (new order of the ages)” (Lamb, 2007). This was the secret society that became known as the Illuminati. The five main goals were to; abolish all governments and monarchies, abolish all private property, abolish nationalism, abolish family and education, and abolish faith. Adam went as far as possible to urge his followers not to refrain from committing acts of violence in order complete Illuminati goals (Trainor, 2005). They intended to take all the riches, influence, and power in order to overturn all the European governments. They would then extend forward to conquer the whole globe until they have weakened mankind to utter pandemonium (Barruel, 2006). At which point they could institute an unchecked power to rule the world.

During the many centuries that the Illuminati have been with form, there is yet to be a single defector. This can be accredited to the fact they actually operate undetected within other “secret” societies. An example being the Illuminati could be considered the hand while the Freemasons are the glove. History has, however, given the world one glimpse into some Illuminati secret plans. “In 1785 a courier for the Illuminati was struck by lightning and killed” Lamb, 2007). After Bavarian officials examined the contents of his bag, they found plans detailing the upcoming French Revolution (Michael journal, 2010). No one has ever opened their mouth regarding their involvement with the organization. This may be attributed to the perversities that have been alleged the society engages in. Brice Taylor is one woman that has stepped forward to expose the bond that holds the Illuminati secret. She claims to have been used, from when she was a child, to fulfill sexual needs for countless world leaders. This plot was used by the Illuminati to blackmail leaders after engaging in compromising situations. Although more importantly, bonding members together under a blanket of pedophilia, mind control, rape, and torture, to assure their union remains a solid one (Makow, 2007).


The Freemasons are an organization prominent in the United States today and have long been associated with several conspiracy theories. They are an extremely secretive organization making it easy for people on the outside to tie them to conspiracies. “Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternal organization” (Ask A Freemason, 2010). The goal of freemasonry is to promote brotherly love, achieve higher learning and to “make good men better” (Ask A Freemason, 2010). There is a lot of controversy surrounding the creation of Free Masonry, however some scholars believe the organization can be traced to the construction of King Solomon’s Temple. At that time, there were only rough-masons who worked with hard stone. It wasn’t until the eighteenth century the “modern” Freemasons arrived on the scene. The term “free mason” was derived from freestone mason. Freestone masons differ from rough-masons in that they used softer materials and created more intricate designs. This skill set was highly valuable and in order to keep it that way, the free masons established their own guild to separate them from the rough masons. They created lodges so they could socialize, store their tools, and eat, and discuss their trade.

In the beginning of Freemasonry, only men within the trade could join the guild, but as time passed it was no longer necessary to be an actual mason. This is when then Freemason guild began turning into a social gentleman’s club that began practicing religious tolerance due to the strict rules of the Catholic Church. When Freemasonry opened its doors to all men, the organization saw a rapid growth in members. This growth in turn created a need for more lodges and a governing body for those extra lodges. This governing body was called the grand lodge. The first official grand lodge of freemasonry was established in England, but several countries soon followed. Since the Freemasons were so secretive and liberal in their religious views, the Catholic Church became very suspicious of the organization and threatened the church’s members with excommunication, if they were to join. Facing intense persecution from the church and government, a group of colonists eventually journeyed to America in order to set up lodges and continue their work. These lodges remained underneath of the English grand lodge until after the American Revolution when they separated to form their own “state” grand lodges (Watson, 2008). This separation brought about two forms of freemasonry in the United States, the Scottish Rite and the York Rite. Both are very similar organizations, but the Scottish Rite has 33 degrees while the York Rite only has 13 and tends to follow French traditions.

Freemasons in the New World Order

The involvement of the Freemasons in the New World Order can be as vast as one’s imagination will allow it to be. Freemasonry and Illuminati symbols can be found on almost all of Washington D.C.’s original architectures and in its history. These symbols include the All Seeing Eye (Eye of Horus), the compass, the pentagram, and the square to name a few. It is said that every corner of the nation’s capitol has a Masonic sign where a ritual took place. Along with the architecture, the country’s leaders also have Masonic roots.

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Out of the countries presidents, 16 of them were masons. Out of all the symbolism that can be linked to the Masons, the one dollar bill is by far the most controversial. President Franklin Roosevelt, a 32nd degree Freemason, was the one who approved the current U.S. Dollar design. The designs on the reverse side of the dollar are Masonic and Illuminati. There are several locations where the number thirteen appears. Originally the number was said to represent the thirteen original colonies but, evidence of Masonic symbolism proves otherwise. The unfinished pyramid has thirteen levels and an all-seeing eye (Eye of Horus), the same number of levels in the York Rite. The number 13 has been referenced to the thirteen bloodlines of the Illuminati and the thirteen Tribes of Israel.

There are also thirteen stripes in the shield, leaves on the olive branch, arrows in the claw, stars within the Star of David (Seal of Solomon), and pearls to the left of the seal. “The Great Unfinished Pyramid of Egypt is also known as ‘Eretz Israel’ or Greater Israel” (Lamb, 2007). Greater Israel is the land that is to be split up between the thirteen Tribes of Israel (The Masonic foundations Of The United States). Interestingly enough, the bible states that the end of days will come when a false prophet from Israel arises. This prophet is known to be a descendant from King Solomon.

The Roman numerals on the base of the pyramid stand for 1776, the year the United States declared independence from Great Britain, also the year the Illuminati was formed” (Lamb, 2007). However, the most important item on the dollar is without a doubt the saying, “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM” (Lamb, 2007). For many years the Illuminati are said to have been operating within the Freemasons. Dr. Adam Weishaupt was actually operating as a Freemason until the lodge discovered his plot to create the New World Order. With all of this information it would be hard to argue against the Illuminati’s presence in Freemasonry.

Order of the Knights Templar

The Order of the Knights Templar is a very interesting group within the Freemasons hierarchy. It is the highest level one can achieve in the York Rite. The original Knights Templar was a group of French monks armed with the purpose of defending Christians making the journey to the holy land, Jerusalem. The organization was said to have been created around 1118 following the first crusade (Snell, 2009). The Knights Templar started with nine original members but grew to 13 in 1126. They were required to take an oath of poverty and relinquish all personal property upon joining the group. Because they were so poor and could not afford their own property, they lived in King Solomon’s Temple (Middle Ages, 2006). Many people believe that the Templars found a great deal of treasure in Solomon’s Temple which later led to their arrest. In the book Solomon’s Treasure, author Tracy R. Twyman proposes a different theory. She explains that what the Templars found was most likely not gold, but a formula to create money. This formula was passed on to Freemasons somewhere down the line which initiated the creation of the United States banking system (Twyman, 2007). The Knights Templar ended up becoming extremely wealthy due to donations from nobles and privileges from the Pope.

They eventually took part in Usury which was an early form of money lending. This form of banking only added to the wealth of the Templars. King Phillip IV frequently borrowed money from the Templars and acquired a huge amount of debt. When he asked for another loan and was denied, he simply ordered the arrest of the Templars. On Friday the 13th, October 1307, the Templars were arrested in Paris coining Friday the 13th the title of “unluckiest day” (Middle Ages, 2006). The order was dissolved and anyone found sheltering a Templar was threatened with of excommunication. At this point the Templars are said to have gone underground (Middle Ages, 2006).

Many subject matter experts believe that the Templars still remain behind the scenes and operate through the Freemasons. This is evident in that the Freemasons of the York Rite have taken a lot of their French traditions from the Templars. The fact that the highest degree Mason is a Master Mason in the Order of The Knights Templar should be enough to convince anyone of the connection. Even some historians state that the Freemasons and the Illuminati played a big role in the French Revolution stemming from the burning of the Templars Grand Master Jacques de Molay.


The origin of the Freemasons is still obscure but they still exist in various parts of the world. Current estimates show that the Freemasons have a total membership of 6 million, with the majority of them existing in Scotland and Ireland. Other important strong holds of the Freemasons are England and United States where more than two million people are registered as Freemasons. There are also a number of groups of the community and all of them have their own independent form of administration. Their system is dubbed as a system that is based on morality which is covered in allegories and the foundation of the system can be illustrated by symbols of different kinds (Basham, 2001).

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Basically, men can be members of the coveted society but in some exclusive cases women became members of the Freemason’s cult. In the pages of history we have the name of Elizabeth Aldworth who was a member of the society. But some mainstream direct Masonic bodies offer membership to both the sexes. There is a group called “Anti-Masonry” who opposes the concepts of the Freemasons and consists of many diverse groups who are directly hostile to any form of free masons. The group consists of people ranged from politicians to diverse cultural people who have only one aim, to stop the occult of the Freemasons (Räikkä, 2009).

Knights Templar is one of the most important of the Freemasons. By the power of the Papal Decree, all the property belonging to the Templar organization was transferred to the Order of Hospitallers (Sunstein, 2009). The Order of Hospitallers brotherhood also took many members of the Templar’s into their brotherhood as a part of the Papal decree. Two rival orders got merged only due to the dissolution of the Templar’s. Many other groups have used the image of the Templar’s only to enhance their image in the world. There is no historical link between them in any case. The Templar knights have always been linked with the popular culture in many aspects (Fenster, 2008).

Illuminati, on the other hand can be referred to as not a single but several groups and many of them are even fictional too. In the pages of history it directly refers to the Bavarian Illuminati formed in 1776. In recent cases some times the group is believed to be secretly working as a shadowy power behind the governmental rules and thus directly controlling the order of the world with the help of the political leaders who are directly involved with the brotherhood. According to the conspiracy theorists, members of Illuminati are behind most of the events that will finally complete the New World Order. Dr. John Coleman, a research scholar, in his book dealing with the players in the Illuminati circle talks about the real agenda of the society, “A One World Government and one-unit monetary system, under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchists who self-select from among their numbers in the … Privately owned firearms or weapons of any kind will be prohibited” (Sunstein, 2009).

Apart from these two very important concepts we have also a number of concepts that are available in recent times which deal with the aspect of “New World Order” (Sunstein, 2009). Another division of New World order conspirators were vehemently believed in the end time and due to their belief in the theory, they were popularly known as “End Time”. Basically the theorists of the concept always feared of a worldwide conspiracy that will ultimately prove the apocalyptic prophecy in The Bible, especially found in “the Book of Daniel” and “the Book of Ezekiel” (Sunstein, 2009). The concept says that in the end time there will a reunion between human and the agents of demon (Coady, 2006).

The books mentioned that the alliance will ultimately lead the human world to a Satanic ideology and it will form the ultimate “unholy trinity” which is between the Satan, the Antichrist and the false prophet. Antichrist is the leader of the “End Time”. The biggest power of Anti Christ is that he is quite same like Christ and he also provides the people with all their needs. But, as Jesus will provide the ultimate salvation if one follows the path of Jesus while Anti-Christ will not provide salvation but finally deceit his followers (Räikkä, 2009).

According to popular beliefs the false prophet will be the last Pope of The Christian World (descendant of Solomon). In recent times all the players in the trinity have been deciphered into different names as the world has been changed. Believers of End Time say that he can be a guru from any religion; they even say that any head of fundamental Christian based organizations can be changed into the false prophet. It is interesting to know who according to them can be the Antichrist. According to the theorists who are the believers of End Time, the Anti-Christ will be either the leader of the European Union or a Supercomputer existing in the world (Sunstein, 2009).

Other concepts like “Open Conspiracy” and “Alien Invasion” have also dominated the theory in recent times. Open Conspiracy theory was promoted by the great writer and philosopher H. G. Wells. He tried to develop an aspect of cosmopolitanism and even he thought about the blue print of a revolution that will go on to establish a scientifically managed world of political stability and subsequent development of socialist economy. The “Alien Invasion” concept is a relatively new concept in the field. The theorists believe that alien invaders are living among people for a very long time and they are manipulating the system in a very secretive way. They believe that given a chance the aliens who have taken human form will control the Earth (Basham, 2001).

James Dean, dedicated conspiracy historian of Kolkata University, India, mentioned that New World order is one of the most fascinating concepts and discussions in recent times. There are a number of dimensions that are associated with the concept. He earlier mentioned all of the recent historical happenings, it may be the assassination of JFK, or the attacks on the Twin Towers, all can be attributed on the New World Concept in many ways (J. Dean, personal communication, August 27, 2010). The New World conspirators try to manifest their action only by controlling humans in an effective way. In the aspect fear plays the most powerful factor in their favor. With a lot of corporate backings in their favor, the conspirators are getting more active in recent times and this can provide some sort of direct headache to the World Leaders (Fenster, 2008).

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There are been past references that if a political leader is not a player in the aspect he or she should be taken out by any means even like assassination. The list of assassinated world leaders is not short either. The two most recent assassinations were of William Colby and Admiral Borda, who were on the issue that they are not willing to help along the conspiracy to destroy America. JFK and Abraham Lincoln both tried to make America debt-free and were coincidently both assassinated. It is also said that most wars and other important aspects that shook the world in the last 100 years are carefully backed by these exclusive forces only to prevent the reigning order of the world. The power machinery of the groups is not resting and they are surely planning some new plots to destroy the balance of the human race (Coady, 2006).


Current New World Order strategists create problems in order to ascertain more power. This is accomplished by leveraging NWO power prior to creating turmoil. The solution then resides in sending peace keepers to fight wars with no end and search for stuff that is never found (Three World Wars, 2010). This resembles the systematic procedure for eventually procuring complete totalitarianism. Interviews from all over the country have found that people will rapidly abandon freedoms in exchange for more security. Surveys have even found that citizens under thirty have little to no understanding of the key that freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution (Weyrich, 2002). The Federal Emergency Management Agency is an organization not created under constitutional law, but through a Presidential Executive Order. Its sole purpose when created was to assist the United States government in the event of a nuclear attack. It has since been added with the task of coordinating additional emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. FEMA is unchecked by Congress and has crept into the private citizen lives. In addition to being given control of state defense forces, it has become the most powerful organization in the US (Martin, 1995). The control FEMA possesses is necessary to the survival of the country, but it makes a conspiracy theorist to question.

The Federal Reserve has long been a topic of controversy in the United States. From the creation to the execution it has been fundamentally flawed. “The United States Federal Reserve Act was established in 1913 and approved by President Woodrow Wilson” (Lamb, 2007). The idea of the Federal Reserve came to be after the national money panic in 1908 which was supposedly created by J.P. Morgan. In 1910 a small group of extremely powerful bankers led by Senator Nelson Aldrich met on Jekyll Island to discuss what would become the Federal Reserve (Pounders, 1996). Article 1, section 8, of the Constitution states: The Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof. It does not give congress the authority to allow private bankers to do so. Even though the FED was approved unconstitutionally by congress it is entirely owned privately and cannot be ratified by the President of The United States. The current ten banks that make up the FED are;

Rothschild Bank of London, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy, Goldman, Sachs of New York, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, and Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (Bagwell, 2004).

All of these banks are owned by the Rothschilds. Interesting enough, the Rothschilds had made an attempt control the monetary system once before with The Bank of United States. This bank was abolished by President Andrew Jackson because he thought it was trying to control the government (Pounders, 1996). This can be seen in the famous statement by Mayer Amschel Rothschild, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws” (Lamb, 2007).

Another secretive organization stemming from Woodrow Wilson’s tenure was the Council on Foreign Relations. At the end of WWI the several countries attempted to form the League of Nations, of which the United States did not wish to take part in. Displeased with the lack of involvement in the League of Nations and understanding the need for an international organization, a group of prominent Americans formed their own “private” club in 1921. The international organization that emerged was called the Council on Foreign Relations (Hutchings, 2003). It served as a forum for very powerful world leaders to discuss issues and agendas. The founding members soon wanted to expand so they began printing a quarterly magazine to extend to a much larger audience. Realizing the foreign policies that lay in the hands of the current President, it became obvious to the CFR that there was a need for a consistency in foreign policy. A more controlled approach was what they were looking for. Even though the CFR started predominately as a magazine publication until the late 1930s, it grew into something much more (Bundy, 1994). The directors began to sway towards setting up smaller cells around the country to infiltrate government organizations more easily.

Each independently run group quietly became forces within their communities to gain a better understanding of international affairs. This structure began working very well. The original 13 cells soon became 37. The war and peace project was initiated in September of 1939. Within a week of the war outbreak, the CFR were in Washington offering their skills to place their people in jobs helping the government. This intensified the role of the CFR when the United States went to war two years later (Bundy, 1994). The CFR inadvertently have strategically placed themselves as an important assistant of the government. There are well documented statements by prominent members of the CFR, proposing the surrender of nationalism and the constitution to a New World Order when convenient. This is deemed necessary to ensure mankind’s future. The means become justified as long as a utopian existence is realized (Hutchings, 2003). One notable member of the CFR is Vice President Dick Cheney. He has been a long time member of the CFR and has even held the title of director. James Warburg, former chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations is quoted as saying, “We shall have a world government whether or not you like it. By conquest or consent” (Watterson, 2008). This quote was taken while he was speaking before the Senate. In addition to his duties within the United States Government he was also a banker for the German government.

There are a couple ways to look at all of this; the religious way, and the common sense way. It is very interesting when one thinks about how all of this ties together using common sense. It started with money and banking, but it wasn’t to create wealth, it was to gain control. When there is one government, money will be absolutely useless. Interestingly enough, all of the organizations that everyone knows very little about seem to use the number 13 quite frequently like the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati, Tribes of Israel, Knights Templar and levels of Freemasonry in the York Rite. Could it be a coincidence? Sure but given all of the information, it would be highly unlikely. The idea is the New World Order will be run by a few social elites. How do the 6 million Freemasons fit into this plan? It has been said by the Illuminati that the world with only 6 million people in it would be ideal. Remember that there will be no more privately owned firearms when the plan is in place. This should be no surprise. The European Union was either the testing ground or the first major step in this process. No weapons and one money system. Who is behind this money system? The Rothschilds come up quite often when talking about money. They have an enormous amount of it and their name is practically on every piece of this conspiracy pie. Even the current generation of Rothschilds is involved in the cap and trade. The concept is, keep everyone in debt to you and you control them. Remember JFK and honest Abe? Many believe that the Illuminati fund wars on both sides to further gain power. The Iran-Iraq war can be a good example of such a war as per conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theories will be around as long as people have the ability to think and question authority. However, this theory has quite a bit of substantial backing to it. If one were to look just a couple of decades back they would notice some huge changes promoting a one world government. The North American Free Trade Agreement is a huge catalyst in America. While some states are trying to shut down their borders the government is opening them up. This is basically how the European Union was created. Pretty soon the good old American dollar with its crazy Masonic designs will be the currency of all North America.


If one were to look at this from a religious standpoint, they might reach a similar conclusion as the common sense people. The earliest form of lending was called Usury. When the Catholic Church ruled everything, they did not allow anyone to collect interest on a loan. The Jewish people however did not fall under the Catholic Church. Usury allowed the Jews to amass an enormous amount of money which in turn created power. Believe it or not, the Rothschilds are Jewish. Jerusalem is the home of Solomon’s Temple which was also the home of the Templar. The End Times will come when a false prophet arises. That prophet is said to be a descendant of King Solomon.


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