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Movie About the Us Food Industry

The movie in question dwells upon the US food industry. It unveils the secrets of the contemporary producers of food and the way food affects Americans. The movie reveals the downsides of the industry that has many negative effects on the environment as well as people’s health (Kenner, 2008). Clearly, for a nurse, the major focus is the effects of the food industry on people’s health. The movie also helps understand some trends existing in society, which can be utilized in nursing.

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Of course, the harms of the fast-food industry have received a lot of attention and people know that eating junk food leads to various health problems. However, the movie also shows that people are unready to change their dietary habits. For instance, the family who often buys fast food, as well as junk food, is an illustration of this trend. These people find junk food cheaper and more convenient. Thus, a mother buys hamburgers for her children (feeling uncomfortable about it) as she says she does not have time to cook and the products in the market are more expensive (Kenner, 2008).

Therefore, nurses should educate people. Of course, it is not enough to say that junk food is harmful but it is necessary to persuade people that they can afford eating healthy food. It is quite surprising that the mother in the movie says that chips and hamburgers are cheaper than vegetables in the market. It is less time-consuming to eat junk food, as it is already prepared. However, it is necessary to promote benefits of eating healthy food even though it needs time for cooking. Hence, the movie helps understand the way people think and the way they should be educated in hospitals where nurses often treat people with food-related diseases.

Another important insight the movie provides is the way food industry is regulated (or rather not regulated). Nursing professionals (as well as all consumers) should be quite cautious as they are exposed to many threats associated with contaminated food. However, a nurse may also draw people’s attention to hazards related to the so-called organic food. Many Americans believe that farmers produce safer ‘organic’ products as they do not employ the same strategies mass producers utilize.

However, the lack of control over these farms can also result in the consumption of contaminated food. For instance, the farmer who cuts chickens states that the average of contamination is lower compared to one of mass producers. Nonetheless, it still exists and the way chickens are cut and processed on that farm is not flawless (some sanitary norms are rather violated). Hence, nurses should educate people about hazards associated with the use of the so-called organic food. People should not rely on it completely. Of course, ideally, the government should make sure that all food producers are supervised and all products are properly inspected.

On balance, it is possible to note that the movie provides helpful insights into such important topics as consumption of junk food and insufficient food industry regulation. Nurses should definitely watch the movie and develop their educational strategies to make people more responsible. Of course, nursing professionals can also start a larger debate that would involve the entire staff and the entire community. It is clear that nurses do not simply care about the physical and emotional conditions of patients, as they should also teach patients to avoid the same health problems in the future.


Kenner, R. (Director). (2008). Food, Inc. New York, NY: Magnolia Pictures.

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